Advanced Hoonoponpono

  • 2019

Since a form of unconditional love and light materialized in the patterns and structures of the Ho'oponopono, it has been personalized in different beings that have felt their call, from the frequency in which they were vibrating at that time.

This reveals a first learning that, n or all the interpretations can be considered the same nor the system and guidelines with which this technique is applied serve in the same way or form, so the results are variable.

The first guideline we feel when we really have the Ho'oponopono is that its main function is to create moments of light, if we are clearly integrated with these frequencies. We know that because we are learning to distinguish or at least to glimpse the differences between frequencies. Types of emotions that abound in one or the other, classification about our relationship with our own or other people's thoughts etc.

We know that since we have passed through different consciousnesses and oscillated through their vibrations long enough to integrate what has resonated, then we realize that from one frequency to another, the "norms" or "laws" that work in a, do not necessarily work in others.

In each frequency the patterns that work are different.

In each of them, we know that a way of materializing, feeling or believing corresponds and all the truths of a frequency are undone when we access the next one . In the same way as the previous beliefs that we went through as we grew and evolved until we got to our being in the present state, I am that each one of us is at this moment.

If changing beliefs has brought us to this moment, why stick to our current beliefs as something absolute that can limit us?

If we apply this feeling to the field we share today, we can quickly detect the amount of Ho'oponoponos that are currently in circulation and that is why we can learn in a few moments to differentiate which one really serves my being in the present state I am.

In the first phase we do not know the intensity of the feeling of each word we express. And these, over time, will give us the necessary information through their feelings as we begin to use them consciously.

Usually we get the information to repeat like parrots, sorry, sorry, I love you, thank you, being in the process of discovering this wonderful evolution. We will contact people who take more hours of dedication to this technique and will advise us to repeat, 300, 500, 10, 000 times the same words, again and again daily and without rest, constant and disciplined to achieve our purpose.

It should also be said that we will enjoy the initial learning more intensely since in the first jumps we will travel more distance, the emotions will flourish and wake up with more impressive feelings. As we go from waking up to learning and integrating, we will enter a process of tuning and instead of huge jumps, well-being will be given by shorter but more precise and intense jumps.

As I shared a moment ago, the repetition as parrots is the first door we opened when we discovered the Ho'oponopono. We can imagine a block of many floors without an elevator and through which we go up floor to floor, without hurry, savoring everything we find in each one, the decoration, the neighbors of that plant, the smells ...

When we discover that Ho'oponopono goes beyond the first floor, we go to the second and the first thing we observe is that the constant repetition of the same words is reduced to a much smaller amount but we increase the quality of those repetitions We begin to feel the emotions of each of those words, we begin to vibrate with them and we accompany them with slight feelings of love from our being. Start learning about the selection of emotions that are born to us. This process that appears for the first time when ascending to the second floor is not exclusive to this plant but it is being refined in the next ten or twelve plants. This progress of our knowledge and wisdom of ourselves in being I am in the present state will vary for each and the resistances, decisions and limits that we establish.

Repeating like a parrot without the emotional intensity of the present moment of light reduces the results

After going through these plants, our whole being will be another, lighter, more conscious, more present, happier and more integrated in oneself from love. This love that can hardly be expressed in words and expects nothing, neither prizes nor rewards, this love that we call unconditional to know what kind of love we mean.

In this second phase of stages, our temporary spaces of dedication mark a trend, a direction, indicate and define the path we are following and towards which we are going. At this point another vital plant appears, the plant of understanding, the plant that opens a door to the following plants. And here, in the plant of understanding, where everything takes an almost unexpected turn, here the meanings vary, that's why we call it the plant of understanding. We can learn something, but when we understand it, we enter another dimensional plane. In fact, this is where we realize the great leap between learning or understanding. Here our whole being jumps and is filled with fullness to feel that new emotion.

There is a difference between learning and understanding very latent.

To look for an example that we can associate; we spend the first temporary spaces in relation to Ho'oponopono looking for a way to forgive actions or situations that have surrounded us, they may have attacked us, that they have intoxicated us, that they have left us some trace in our emotional world, and we repeat a hundred And a thousand times these wonderful words of love.

One day, we began to feel different things and we realized that the magnitude surrounding that situation that disturbs us goes far beyond the simple situation that occurred. Or give us. We began to feel that this being who crossed our path was the victim of a process, that his way of life goes far beyond what we can imagine, that is when we open our field of vision and where our understanding really begins, in integrating and internalizing a reality that we were not assessing, that we were really judging without being aware of infinite factors. That feeding the fire with fire makes it burn more. Because our emotions are the wood that creates and grows what we are feeding.

This is where we really finish our learning process to become Hooponopono, this is where we become aware that we have put ourselves at the service and are creating moments of light. Where we feel why we are all one and each one is part of the others.

That if one hurts we all hurt. That if one jumps, we all jump. That if one grows, we all grow . That is why he who materialized the Hooponopono healed the entire pavilion, because it came to the understanding from the heart that we are all one in the present state and from That space is where these wonderful moments of light are created.

From here I want to invite you not to stay in the room of the parrots and walk through the other rooms and floors of this impressive building that has reached us from the hand of the Hooponopono. Advance in the discovery, that you do not ask for any external divinity, if not you as being I am who you are, feel the awakening of the unlimited creative being that you are and immerse yourself in each of the words observing all the emotions that you wake up now and the ones that will wake you up after having observed the emotions that are being born to you, because they will show you the path of your progression.

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