Star Family Galea: Our Meeting Is Close

  • 2019

Channeled by Linda Dillon, March 16, 2019

We are eager to reconnect in the form, on the planet and share, not only our technology and our wisdom but our hearts.


Greetings, I AM Galea, Communications Officer II, Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxy, aboard the Neptune ... as you well know, my brothers and sisters, the primary mothership, what you call, the UFOG . And I am very happy to be welcome again this day, because I knocked on the door and this channel has responded.

I have missed you, beloved, even though we are always present in your reality and have been for hundreds and thousands of years. But as we have said so many times, it is time for them to be aware of our presence, it is time for the physical, mental, astral and spiritual conscious meeting between all of us.

More than a decade ago, their representatives of the Earth have taken a seat at the table as Representatives of Gaia in it and their full participation in the Intergalactic Council. And that participation has been useful and vigorous, as its representatives have shown, not merely an interest in the affairs of the galaxy and galaxies, and the universe and universes, and they have helped us and helped them in this development of our meeting, our meeting that is very close.

It is time for the physical, mental, astral and spiritual conscious meeting between all of us.

I have spoken many times about communication and many times we have talked about the true value of communication, which is to speak with the heart and listen with the heart, it is communication based on the heart. That is the paradigm, that is the design, that is the mechanism by which we enter into communication.

Our mode of communication through galaxies is mainly telepathic . Dear hearts, it is much easier, nothing is lost in translation and the purity of that communication is crystal clear .

Very often human communication, and particularly in this phase of great chaos on your planet, is full of insinuations and implied meanings and frankly falsehoods and lies . The falsehoods that are being perpetrated on your planet, particularly in the community of lightworkers, are abhorrent. And we have hesitated and hesitated and we did not correct what is said because that would be to annul and literally interfere with its evolution and its progress.

True communication comes from the heart.

A large part of what they are learning right now is refined discernment . And it is to be able to discern and then from there to truly know what is real and what is not, what is useful, what builds the collective, the collective knowledge, the collective heart, the movement collective, not simply towards ascension, because you are good, many of you in that process. It is the movement towards the Nova Land .

There is much discussion about the vibrational rate, not only of the community of lightworkers, bearers of love, but also of the planet's collective. And there are diligent and courageous efforts that are well on track to raise that vibratory rate.

There is something we refer to as a compatibility factor and it is not exclusive to Gaia or Earth, or humans, or hybrids, it is a compatibility factor used in all galaxies. And the compatibility factor is not only about the choice of words, it is about communication and the vibrational rate, not only of purity, but also of love, and of the many phases of love, be it peace, or joy, compassion, truth.

They are learning to discern what is real from what is not.

And when there is a compatibility factor then we can enter, say, in a more robust and complete communication with the species, with the inhabitants of any planet, galaxy or constellation. And this is what we have been working on very diligently with you, and when we say with you, we refer to all of you on this beautiful planet of such incredible diversity, of such magnificence, of such potential.

When that compatibility factor is truly, not only achieved and achieved but maintained, then we are able to enter into full communion, full meeting, mutuality and community…. Cities of Light and Nova Tierra, new technology, expanded awareness with all of you. That is when his telepathic skills are put online. No, it is not that we do not choose to speak in different languages, simultaneously, by the way, with the entire Earth, but that the exchanges, say, will also be totally telepathic.

There is already what you call a delegation, such as a delegation from the Gaia Land, which has been selected and is very advanced in its acclimatization, its vibratory adjustments ... it is being done with them because it is their mission and purpose and the greatest wishes of their heart. And they are willing to do the work to let go of chaos, set aside lies and truly seek and know the truth.

We are currently working with them so that we can have what you have called outreach and contact. The revelation does not come, my dear friends, from the political platforms, especially from the political platforms that exist on Earth with what are considered superpowers .... and the only thing that is super about them is their arrogance and conceit and their abuse of power

They would try to usurp what we bring in peace, in love, for their own purposes. So, no, this is not going to what you consider as the state, as elected officials ... although, within our delegation and yours, there are those who have held or even hold political positions, but they are stellar beings who have been positioned for long time.

The policies of the super powers would try to usurp the peace and love we bring to them.

I said more than I expected this day ... but I also wanted to let you know that it's not like there's nothing going on ... quite the opposite. And even this day, tonight, I have received a statement, a directive, I must say, from our beloved Commander Ashira, that the intensity of our Porlana C that is being directed, not only to your heart but to every cell in your body ... Yes, this is exactly what a large amount of toxins is forcing because that vibratory compatibility does not allow poisons ... and that is good news. Therefore, we are intensifying our Porlana C to coincide and be in concert, working in harmonious interaction, with the final intensified wave of the Mother, the Tsunami of Love .

The Mother's love tsunami intensifies.

It's been seven long years, hasn't it? And yet, they also know how life cycles often work in sevens. It is nothing more than a blink in time . But we know, and let me be very clear, I as your star sister know that when they are anxious, anxious in terms of excited, excited, eager to move on, that even a year feels like an eternity.

So, I come this day, first of all, yes, to talk about this compatibility factor that we are very close to reaching, and that we have already reached with many of you, but also to encourage you ... to all of you, not only to those who you are doing the vibratory and stellar work, but to all of you ... think of raising your vibration for you, for your home, for your community, for your state, for your city, for your country, for this planet.

They are much, much more powerful than they are assuming.

And in this elevation of your vibration look around, not only to discern what is not really and what it is, but not to remain silent because silence is a tacit agreement and that is no longer enough ... not to you, not for us… by uniting as brothers and sisters and colleagues, as friends, as family.

The truth is known in the heart and the Mother has guided them, as she has guided us, again and again.

These words…? This attitude ...? Does this scenario feel like love? It is so simple. And, if it isn't, if it is supported by exclusion, arrogance, hatred, greed and abuse of power, then they reject ... they don't belong on that side of the fence .

Many of you are portals and guides of the way ... you are shepherding many to the place of love . Do not be distracted, my beloved. We are eager to reconnect in form, on the planet and share, not only our technology and our wisdom, but also our hearts . We are waiting! I'm waiting!

Go with my love and in peace, go in clarity, go in truth. Goodbye.


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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2019) Galea of ​​our star family our reunion is close at hand

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