The Wave of Union that brings the Divine Feminine, by Lady Quan Yin

  • 2018

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, July 6, 2018

Quan Yin:

The most beautiful and delicious pink, white and yellow light is anchoring on Earth now from the inner planes and Cosmic Levels. This wave of light is appearing to many as a frequency of light filaments very similar to DNA, turning and curling, wrapping around each other in a union dance.

The pink, white and yellow light is a surge of energy and consciousness born of the Divine Feminine aspects of the Creator and of the Goddess realms of the inner planes. There is a significant and vital purpose in this expression, which I, Lady Quan Yin, wish to share with you.

The frequencies and patterns of light born from the Divine Feminine sustain the vibration and intention of union, harmony and being together . While all souls can benefit from these high vibratory energies that help them connect and link with their inner truth and with the Creator, the purpose of the Divine Feminine is to grant energy to the Divine Masculine in manifestation throughout the Creator's Universe and of the Earth. The Divine Masculine within each soul and especially on Earth is a little separated. Although separation is an illusion, and unity is a constant presence, the power of the Divine Masculine has been somewhat weakened with illusions that create confusion and disempowerment.

The illusion of separation on Earth has weakened the Divine Masculine.

You are composed of the Creator's energy that on some level can be represented by the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine co-creating in unison. When you deny or disempower any aspect of your being, be it the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine or another, you create an imbalance, perceiving yourself and reality from a space of illusion and separation from the Creator.

History after history, perception after perception and illusion after illusion create a reality that seems true and real . It is true that the Divine Masculine disempowered the Divine Feminine at the Earthly level. Also, that the Divine Feminine is rising to claim her power within many souls and the collective consciousness of the Earth.

The Divine Feminine is rising to claim her power.

However, it is necessary to understand that everything happens for a reason and a divine purpose. Every circumstance and experience are chosen and created by the soul . Whatever the way you feel you have experienced the disempowerment of the Divine Feminine, whether within your being, abilities, thought processes, reality or through collective experiences of generations on Earth, you have been a source of creation and acceptance of this experience. And for good reason, strengthen the alignment and bonding of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine at the highest point of purity, to help evolution and ascension, allowing blessings of unity and truth cascade over all.

An imbalance in the alignment of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine occurred, this was no one's fault, it was simply a wound that required healing or an expression of the Creator that required empowerment There are many explanations for the moment in which a vast realignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are triggered, each is acceptable. However, the key is the journey back to the truth and in unison.

The Empowerment of the Divine Masculine

With the disempowerment of the Divine Feminine and then the lifting of the Divine Feminine, many have forgotten that the Divine Masculine requires healing, forgiveness, empowerment and acceptance. This can be explained by the liberation of the illusions connected to the Divine Masculine and the acceptance of the Divine Masculine as a sacred, holy and dignified aspect of the Creator.

In many ways, the Divine Feminine went forward to claim her dignity and her sacred place as an aspect of the Creator. Now it is necessary that the Divine Masculine proceed to claim his dignity and his sacred place as an aspect of the Creator. Many have within themselves a tremendous fear that the Divine Masculine will recover and accept his power . Such an experience feels dangerous and insecure for many.

It is necessary for the Divine Masculine to claim his dignity.

When empowered, the Divine Feminine is opening to heal wounds, now the Divine Masculine requires support, tenderness and love to open and heal wounds of distrust in himself and in power, as well as the feeling that the danger and chaos were the creation and guilt of the Divine Masculine . The Divine Feminine in claiming her power will understand the fine line that allows trust and use the power to serve love and peace. This is something that every aspect, manifestation and incarnation of the Creator must balance and accept.

The process of returning to the Union

The Divine Masculine is ready to claim his power and express the truth, the constant nature and the love of the Creator. To do so, the Divine Feminine that is inside everyone needs to accept the Divine Masculine, seeing, feeling and recognizing the Divine Masculine in and as their truth and purest vibration.

Therefore, be willing to see, feel and recognize the Divine Masculine without illusion and beyond it. If this does not happen, then the Divine Masculine will continue to experience disempowerment and remain in a state of separation from the Creator that is within each being. The transition that is needed will occur within your being, creating transitions in reality, the world around you and the collective consciousness of humanity. A transition that creates unity and harmony not only between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within their being but between each and every one of the Creator's souls and aspects on Earth, dissolving the illusion of separation.

We must be willing to see, feel and recognize the Divine Masculine in every aspect of creation. Quan yin

The frequencies of the strands of light very similar to DNA, turning and curling, wrapping around each other in a union dance that emanates from the Cosmic Level is to instigate the Divine Feminine to embrace and accept the Divine Masculine . The energies activate something so deep within the Divine Feminine that it reaches the Divine Masculine, accepting, releasing illusions and creating a harmony that has always been present.

A change is waiting for you to happen within you, the greater surge and elevation of the Divine Masculine within the energies of your sacred soul will allow you to further accept its power and affirm its presence as a sacred expression of the Creator. Remember that within your being, whether you are in a male or female body, there is the unison of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine . Witnessing the conversation and communication that takes place between these two aspects of your being and the aspects of the Creator is a joy and a blessing of the realization of the truth and essence of your being.

Recognize the Activation of the Divine Feminine

The frequencies of light of the Divine Feminine that promote union, harmony and being together are being anchored in each person on Earth to create the necessary changes, awakening and acceptance. It is valuable to be aware of this process to more fully understand your own spiritual journey and that of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine interior.

“I invoke Lady Quan Yin and the Community of the Goddess to serve me now. I wish to receive the wave of energy delivered by the Goddess community from the Cosmic Level. As I receive frequencies of filaments of light very similar to DNA, which swirl and curl, wrapping myself in a union dance of the Divine Feminine, that these sacred energies, consciousness and intentions anchor deeply within my being, soul and essence . Help me to experience the most appropriate activation of my inner Divine Feminine now to support, facilitate and empower my Divine Masculine, to dissolve illusions and be fully accepted.

In the embrace of my Divine Masculine on behalf of my Divine Feminine, separation and disempowerment can dissolve, as such a profound union of my Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine reveals itself to me, instigates me and inspires me to the next stage of my ascension and spiritual growth .

Lady Quan Yin, my activation and path to empower the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in unison is unknown to me, please guide me and help me to meet my needs and rise above the earth. Thank you.

Take time to rest in peace, observe any transition that takes place within your being and recognize the growing presence and union of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

With eternal love and peace,

Lady Quan Yin

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled through Natalie Glasson July 6, 2018 Original source: OmNa Sacred School

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