I'm awake, for Mother Mary

  • 2019

"I'm Awake", message from our Mother Mary, Channeled through Natalie Glasson, what are you waiting for to know this extraordinary message of peace, transcendence, awakening and love?

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I'm awake, for Mother Mary

In truth, you are becoming more awake, alert and aware of yourself as a sacred soul in a physical body and in reality. ("I'm Awake", message from Mother Mary)

Beloved beings of light from the heart of the Creator, Mother Mary, I extend my love and tender blessings to you as we all move through beautiful stages of inner spiritual growth reflected with greater abundance in external reality.

It is my feeling and a deep knowledge within my being that every moment of life on Earth is precious, every moment is an opportunity that is presented to allow and encourage your spiritual growth .

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have tools to help your spiritual evolution that support your understanding of the value of each moment in your reality.

Awakening moment of awakening

Now is a time of tremendous awakening, since powerful vibrations of light are available to anchor in your being.

His sensitivity is increasing, his powerful improvement and his self-awareness and soul development.

In truth, you are becoming more awake, alert and aware of yourself as a sacred soul in a physical body and in reality. (" I'm Awake", message from Mother Mary )

Waking up is allowing the light, love and divine consciousness of your being to stir, stimulate and blend as one accelerates the vibration of light.

There is the potential for you to awaken in all aspects of your being, therefore, manifesting yourself in the powerful light and understanding that you are.

It is in his spiritual practices, meditation, focus and intentions that agitate, change and revive his being, helping him to become one with the Creator .

With every moment on Earth as a sacred opportunity for growth, I want to encourage you to focus on the vigil of your whole being, but especially by waking up in the morning after sleeping.

The process of the body that wakes up, begins to move, the eyes open and the focus re-enters the physical reality is a powerful symbol, which represents a process of awakening, connection to earth, Incarnation and existence as the Creator, I am awake .

This opportunity is given to you daily and I feel that it could become a powerful ritual of embodying your soul and the Creator within your physical being and your reality .

With this in mind, I have created an invoking and affirmative passage of words that will help you awaken your whole being, especially on a spiritual level by rising from your dream state.

Do not allow yourself to adopt the state of sleepiness within your physical reality, go ahead and be inspired to be awake, alert, conscious and spiritually stimulated with every moment of your reality.

This is also a symbol of the awakening of the old lower energies of manipulation, lack of power and lack of faith in oneself.

I'm awake

Start by invoking my energies, Mother Mary or any other feminine vibration that is light to work with you energetically, supporting the words you are now about to enable.

I bless this beautiful and holy day with the universal love, light, abundance and happiness of the Creator .

Upon awakening from the healing and rejuvenating comfort of my dream state, I allow all the new realizations, the understanding and the understanding that I shared with myself during my time in the internal planes to flow like a beautiful stream of light deep within My physical being, cells, energy bodies. and the reality ( I'm Awake, message from Mother Mary )

I wake up with a deeper sense and the experience of being healed, sacredly loved and energetically elevated throughout my being.

In this present and forever moment, I am loved unconditionally, I am love and I accept the love of the Creator with an open heart and mind. Now I love myself, I send love to my past self and I love myself every moment on my current day. ( I'm Awake, message from Mother Mary )

When my eyes and my third eye wake up, I access my natural ability to see physically and spiritually with tremendous clarity and clarity, I easily see the truth of the Creator, absorbing beauty, light through my physical eyes and the third eye, the consciousness and wisdom that is the Creator and the internal planes on Earth and in the heavens.

With the awakening of my mind, I pour the presence of peace, love and harmony in my thoughts from my soul, heart and the Creator, creating a peaceful mind that accompanies me throughout my day.

I choose to create through my heart mind the sacred divine manifestations that serve my soul and the spiritual path in my reality.

Dear Heart, I awake your pure love vibration and your immense source of truth

My body is energized, full of vitality, restored, rejuvenated and activated. I am full of the enthusiasm of and for life. (I'm Awake, message from Mother Mary)

I ask the angelic kingdom to bless my heart and my whole being with an active and selfless angelic love, to consecrate my heart in pure love and high vibration, while I ask my heart to awaken and deliver love to each cell, chakra and energy system of my physical body and energy being.

The vibration of my heart and my souls pumps my physical body, sending messages of awakening to my physical body.

My body is energized, full of vitality, restored, rejuvenated and activated. I am full of the enthusiasm of and for life. ( I'm Awake, message from Mother Mary )

I wake up my soul, my soul now channels with ease and perfection through my heart in every aspect of my being, especially energizing, balancing and clearing my auric field.

Dear soul, I encourage you to make your presence known to me today, let me walk consciously as one with your energy, vibration, guidance, awareness, presence and divine will.

Today I experience a deeper and deeper incarnation with and understanding of my soul.

Creatively with joy I express my soul in a beautiful and loving way through every moment of my reality.

I wake up my alignment with the Creator

I wake up and intensify my bond with my guides and the beings of light who support me .

I ask you to come and bless me with your pure vibration of light and divine wisdom.

I accept you deeply in my heart, being and reality. I am grateful and grateful for all the guidance and love they gave me.

I consciously awake my alignment with the Creator and all that is the love of the Creator .

I am one with the Creator, perfectly united, integrated and merged with the Creator, my soul group and my soul.

I open my energies and I am unlimited to receive all that the Creator provides me.

I wake up to the realizations of blessings, miracles, abundance and truth within my being and reality, because I trust in the loving presence, support and vibration of the Creator, eternally intertwined with my being and reality.

I accept the divine will of the Creator for my day; I accept and promulgate the divine plan of my soul, the group of souls and the Creator . ( I'm Awake, message from Mother Mary )

I am the love, the truth, the purity, the power, the harmony, the light, the conscience, the expansion and the wisdom of the Creator incarnated on Earth in this present and eternal moment.

Beloved Creator, group of souls, soul and guides, bless me with beautiful happy experiences of growth, spiritual development and enlightenment today, I choose to create love, harmony, joy and light in everything What I do, say, see, think, express and experience.

I released and healed all the stress, tension, imbalances, negativity, fear, anger and lack stored within me and projected into my reality. I'm cured

I wake up everything that I am, my truth and the aspect of the Creator, awake and activate everything I need from within my being to create and manifest.

I wake up, I wake up, I wake up, I'm awake.

I am consciously awakening as a soul and sacred aspect Creator on Earth;

Now I choose to exist as a conscious, awake, light and love being. I am awake, activated and ready for my day and every present moment.

Thank you!

I hope this acts as a tool to serve your divine awakening in every beautiful moment of your reality on Earth.

With divine blessings,

Mother Mary

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How did you think of this extraordinary message from our Mother Mary ? I 'm awake too, y yt ? We wish you abundant successes and blessings, a Hug of Light!

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I accept the divine will of the Creator for my day; I accept and promulgate the divine plan of my soul, the group of souls and the Creator. (I'm Awake, message from Mother Mary)

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

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