The balance is the union with the universe

  • 2013

Balance is a manifestation of Divinity in our lives.
Proof that the Great Spirit is always present. Everything tends towards balance, all the time. The balance is the perfect harmony. It allows us to be more aware of our perfect union with God, with nature and with our brothers. It facilitates communication with higher spheres. On the material level it gives us health, happiness and abundance. The balance is the union with the universe.

We all need balance, but not everyone gets it the same way.

The balance is found by walking a little to the left those who went too far to the right; and walking a little to the right those who went too far to the left. A man in the snow needs a blanket and a child with a fever needs an ice bath.

The Universe follows natural laws and our brothers follow their own wishes with their own will. Our thoughts are almost always mental fabrications that only concern us. Therefore, it is difficult for us to obtain balance by appealing to the coincidence of external events with our personal desires.

The world is different from what we think of him, that's why we are discovering it.

No one will understand us how we would like them to understand us.

Not everything will happen as we expect.

Not even we fully agree with our beliefs about ourselves.

Life is a bit like what we have been told or have read, but it unfolds and is almost always new and original, because the Spirit that Creates it is always greater than our previous descriptions. Our life teaches us about life, and it also tells us a lot about ourselves; because we are the cause of the effects it gives us, the seed of the trees that grow in our garden. And we are also the ones who interpret the things that happen, so that our perception (the value that we assign to things) will be the ones that determine what life knows us.

What does life know about us? Answering this question will give us a rough idea of ​​what we know about the Universe.

Do we want a different taste on our palate? Do we want a different flavor in our world?

How can we find the balance?

Guiding ourselves. Being as we want to be. Living our own lives. Listening to our own heart ... and our
own body, and the teachings that life has given us in the form of experiences. ... Finding that Balance inside.

With the outside world we can agree or disagree, approve or get angry with him, but we cannot make it an exact copy of our wishes.

What we can do is take care of our life, the only one we have in charge. First, being aware of our actions. Second,
taking care of our interpretations of the facts. These two lessons have been repeated innumerable times, because innumerable times have been
You need to remember that they work. Only with the awareness and observance of these two lessons can our life become a manifestation of the Sacred ... And an Altar to Perfect Balance.

Do we want extra help? We only remember that everything in the Universe is Perfection although we do not always realize it, and that everything is oriented to Balance. So the extra help is simple: Remembering this perfection, let's listen to it, let's not fight against the order of things and the Spirit that created them. Let us participate in Well-being that the Universe invites us. Let's accept it. And let's enjoy it.

This does not mean that we will go like mollusks for life. Some of the lessons need effort (as a body that exercises enjoys more harmony). It only means that we give their place to work and rest as part of Life and the Spiritual Path. It means accepting that there is a Wisdom and Love greater than ourselves, and that they want our well-being more than we want it.

Brother, sister: look for your own balance, because in this way you will contribute to transforming your plot into the Universe. And because you will feel great.

Brother, sister: trust you. Remember that the Wisdom of the Universe and the Love of Divinity are within you . So
that, inside you, you are in excellent hands: protected and protected, loved and encouraged with infinite tenderness.

Brother, sister: You know how to do it. You also know that your heart craves it. You know your brothers expect it ... And that the Universe only awaits your decision.

Many blessings

And a fraternal hug.


The balance is the union with the universe


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