Gabriel Gabriel: Expansion

  • 2015

Let's make a speech about the quality of Love known as Expansion. When one's consciousness expands, one's own experience of life becomes richer, deeper and more real. Without the limitations one used to put on, life opens up and becomes joyful . One begins to see people as friends instead of as enemies; and see challenges instead of impossibilities. There is more clarity in everything you do and life radiates vitality and unlimited possibilities. When one expands his consciousness, he begins to merge with reality and flow with life, instead of going against it. You realize that you don't need to do or get anything to be yourself. You know everything about yourself and what makes you happy, cheerful and confident; and because of this knowledge, in the choices one makes there is freedom and vivid clarity, rather than confusion. One experiences in everyday life more easily instead of struggles. You manage to do more and feel better; and live a more authentic life.

An expansion of consciousness takes place in one's life, which is part of the Essence of one's entire life experience. The process of expansion of Consciousness brings a sense of connection with all life . With the expansion of consciousness come new ways of seeing reality. This changes everything. You see things that you could never have conceived before. Old philosophies and religions seem candid; and give way to a much deeper understanding. There is a profound transformation in one's consciousness, in the way one understands and interacts with reality. When this occurs, expansion is the inevitable result, because that is the direction where all Human Consciousness is currently going as a collective. Every Human is beginning to love and accept himself; and accept and love others, in ways that were previously thought not possible. Humans are freeing you from fear; and you are experiencing a return to a full awareness of your eternal Being. You are beginning to live in a full vibration of Love and self-acceptance; and you understood that there are no limitations except those that you put on yourself.

All individuals become aware of their creative abilities and their radiant potential. They become aware that they are Humans with finite identities that relate to their infinite identities and their Divine Essence. They become aware of the energy of consciousness. They seek to incorporate the Consciousness of their Higher Self, which is the energy of the Cosmos in each individual and is the sleeping energy in him that expands his consciousness. A new clarity expands your perceptions. They understand the effect of the impact of an action before carrying it out. They see that they have the option of acting or not acting. His mind wakes up from his long nap and they stop living in imaginary realities. They commit to their purpose and their service to the World. Come, feel and enjoy the abundant pleasure of life that has always been available to them. They begin to understand the reality of the unlimited power that is the essence of their Soul. Your gifts are integrated into your daily behavior and activity; and their talents become a practical part of their human life as they awaken to their potential to create well in the world around them.

All individuals are empowered to make bolder decisions; and everyone has the energy to create an abundant and exciting life. They go beyond the perceived limits of their consciousness, towards the expansion of their capacity to realize their Divine origins and identity. They take all aspects of their Being, their mental faculties, their emotional energy and their physical structure, to balance and alignment . They expand their ability to express, experience and share their Infinite Self. They begin to realize their attachments to family things and the past, to fear of change towards the unknown, to limited and restrictive beliefs; and to self-destructive habits. They let go of old feelings and old wounds; and the feeling that something is missing or wrong with them. They heal their wounds with the power of Love, which gives them the experience that they are complete and total. Their expanded integrity and physical foundation help them calmly and gracefully manage the mental, emotional and spiritual facets of their lives. They recognize what is real and discover what is important to them. Your inner compass leads you to your goals to live your life with skill and passion.

The expansion of knowledge becomes real wisdom only when each individual has experienced it in their own heart, in their mind, in their body and in their entire Being. It is the experience of this integrated wisdom that sustains and supports it permanently. It is through experience that positive habits are formed. It is through consciousness that its cognitive horizon is broadened. It is through experience that radiates joy, expresses creativity and incorporates the Spirit into his daily human life. When he discerns this truth at the core of his Being, he acquires the ability to follow the path of his heart. When he is able to act from the truth he feels in his heart, he experiences satisfaction with himself, success in his life and joy in his existence. The joy of acting from its truth is one of the sacred gifts of being Human; and he realizes that there is nothing more wonderful than feeling good in all aspects of his life. The establishment and expansion of a conscious relationship between your personality and your infinite Soul, strengthens your radiance, which gives you greater capacity and greater impact to live a rich and satisfying life.

While I say goodbye, may these words bring expansion and understanding to your mind and your heart.

I AM Archangel Gabriel.

channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

Translated : Jairo Rodríguez R.

Source :

Archangel Gabriel: Expansion

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