Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi to attract abundance

  • 2018

The mantra of Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of good fortune and abundance, is sung to attract prosperity . Singing mantras is a way of meditating and developing, in this case, the ability to attract abundance and prosperity to our lives.

Lakshmi is a goddess who shapes the riches in our life, be they material or spiritual. This beautiful goddess is attracted when you value and respect the body, beauty, work and how beautiful you have. But that connection with Lakshmi's mantra can also be strengthened.

Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi to attract abundance to our lives

Lakshmi is the Goddess of all material wealth (money, good luck, beauty, abundance, health, prestige) and also of spiritual wealth (love, vitality, well-being, detachment, generosity, humility, light).

The myth of this goddess says she was born already grown on a pink lotus flower that rose from the sea. It was instantly that she was covered with precious stones and was worshiped by wise men and gods. Everyone wanted the goddess to visit them, because they believed that wherever she was, she went to fortune.

Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu (Narayana, the God of conservation), and also represents the balance and power to open and close the doors of good fortune.

It is about giving and receiving in a fair measure, that is why the intention of sharing wealth to benefit others is important, in an exchange of energy and love. Goddess Lakshmi embodies wealth, but good and noble qualities are the only wealth we can always maintain.

She is the Goddess of beauty and embodies Sublime Beauty. It also represents the conventional, innocent and sweet wife, the happy union of the feminine and the masculine .

When her skin is pink, she is the Divine Mother; if her skin is golden, it is Adi- Shakti, and when her skin is white, it is Mother Earth.

It is said that Lakshmi only enters clean homes, where there is purity. If we want to obtain abundance, the goddess must be venerated, but we must respect and value it, just as we take care of other goddess blessings, such as beauty and health.

Mantra of Goddess Lakshmi (Gayatri Mantra)

Mahalakshmi Cha Vidmahi

Vishnu patnyai cha dhimahi

Tanno Lakshmi prachodayat

While you sing the mantra, visualize the color of the goddess, the pink, and visualize Lakshmi within you. You can also light a green candle, the color of good fortune. Remember to thank all you have, so you never lack money, health and love, or whatever you appreciate in your life.

Prayers to Goddess Lakshmi

I offer my obeisances to the Goddess who has the lotus flower, who lives in the abode of the Lotus, whose eyes match the petals of a lotus flower, whose face resembles a lotus flower, which has a lotus belly button and which is dear to the Lord

" Oh majestic Lakshmi, men are gifted with wife, children, friends, house, grains and riches, because of your constant gaze "

Lakshmi exists beyond our human earthly world and sits in his Sacred Lotus to lead us to abundance and good fortune, as well as to the joy of spiritual wealth. She is the Great Mother who leads us along the path that leads us to our dreams, from darkness to light.

For this, the Goddess of good fortune must be allowed to be present in our lives, for she will make everything possible.

Seen in Vida Naturalia, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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