Arcangeloi of the Elohim Important Message to Humanity

  • 2014

Greetings beloved, we are the Arcangeloi of the ELOHIM and come to guide you and encourage EVERYTHING since the energies of both Mother Earth and her children are expanding and deepening dramatically. For many of you who have taken human form the expansion will be very physical, with many sensations being experienced at ALL levels of YOUR BEING. It should be noted that the human vehicle must be anchored regularly in order to ALIGN fully with Mother Earth, its signature energy is now expanded in order to support ALL the life that exists within the UNIVERSE OF 3 on its surface.

It should be noted that the frequency required to achieve this is that of LOVE THAT IS, a high expansive frequency and one that the human race has not experienced in the total human form ever before. We guide you to rest and relax in this time of extremely high vibrations and understand that the balance that YOU naturally will begin to seek is IN. It is found within the HEART Space and we guide you so that ALL understand the importance of remaining in balance within this sacred space. When the energy begins to expand and rise, the logical human mind will have no reference point on the sensations that are experienced at the level of the human consciousness of the awake mind. Not being centered through the space of the heart can result in chaos being experienced at levels that increase rapidly. Those of YOU aware of your LMIC mission on and within this planet will be aware of the need to LIVE THE TRUTH and to reveal your BEING to those around you, it serves no one less n the BEING that intends to fit in with the old 3D earth paradigms that will now be COMPLETELY dissolved . The chaos that seeks to shoot those who have been called mornings seeks to shoot regardless of the frequency and we want to guide them in this a bit more in order to clarify how this process unfolds. ALL the lower dimensional timelines will be triggered by the outpouring of lower emotions from the general population. This may seem as if a person who is angry suddenly becomes angry with everyone around him, this born of the telepathy that now begins to unfold within the human vehicles of ALL on and within the planet Earth. Being around others is being aware of others and filtering the emotions of others is no longer an option. This is a process that will begin to flow along and within the planet Earth and will increase rapidly because it is a NATURAL part of everyone's ability in the human form. The need to be aware of feelings and who are the feelings they are experiencing will become vital about 24/48 hours in the context of their linear time. Because those who seem asleep are also ASCENDING, it may seem that they are asleep but like those who are in what is called `` awakened, '' they are moving quickly now. in their signature of energy and they move totally towards their place in order to help give birth to the New Earth, then the reply will flow along the planet. Do you understand our guide, beloved ones? Do you understand the need to be fully aware of your creation / your reality / your feelings from moment to moment? This is like the birth of a child, the child is momentarily stunned by the difference between being in the mother's womb and the marked lights and the different sounds / aromas of the delivery room. It is there where most of the human race remains now and it does not help anyone not to be aware of it. Those who are asleep have no reference point, only the reactions and actions of those who exist in reality around them. We guide you in a way to prepare EVERYONE as many can FEEL the escalation of energies and inner expansion, around them and through their BEING at this time. EVERYTHING is not what it seems on this planet and the events of the next few linear days in the human context will allow more TRUTH to be anchored to deep levels. The old 3D earth will dissolve completely from the planet and its people. The emotional reactions of those who are "asleep" are asking to be balanced by those who are "awake" and capable of shining their LIGHT fully throughout and on planet Earth. A NEW EARTH has been born and now the baby is asking for balance at ALL levels. Just as you would not expect a human newborn to adjust instantaneously to his surroundings, then please, beloved ones, do not place expectations too high in the BEING because never before in this human form have you experienced such a change in FREQUENCY around, through and within your form. human We are the Arcangeloi of the ELOHIM and we will guide you more in due course. We ask you to BREATH and BE and find and maintain balance at all times during this process. Because EVERYTHING IS SIMPLY AND YOU ARE TRUE.

December 1, 2013

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Arcangeloi of the Elohim - Important Message to Humanity

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