Year 2013 Work Proposal by Master Saint Germain

  • 2013

As every year we propose the new work for 2013 that will help us and help the Earth at this time not only crucial, but divine.

The preparatory cycle is over. Now the Initiation cycle begins.

It is no longer necessary to continue preparing the earth and men. Now is the time to pay attention to the Flowing Energies, which in themselves, initiate the planetary and human elevation. It is time to place your conscience on the divine altar of your heart and accept with surrender and Love, the auspicious Energies of your elevation.

This process requires the incarnate being the previous acceptance of this elevation, as well as the delivery of his personality to the I Am Presence.

Enter into the deep silence of your heart.

Call on the peace of the Spirit and open yourself to the guidance of your Presence.

Attract from the spheres of Consciousness a Ray of White Light, of purity and ascension.

Visualize it as a Divine Altar, surrounded by angels.

Visualize the Earth and the incarnated men in the center of this Altar.

Accept the energies of initiation and elevation that flow from the Spiritual Realms.

Visualize them as a Rain of White Light, of total purity.

Accept that this Light envelops the Earth and men. Visualize that it penetrates to the deepest part of your being and produces in the bodies of the Earth and of men, a vital repolarization, which fuses earthly and human energies with the Energy of the Spirit ”.

Accept also this repolarization in your own being.

We decree:

“Delivering myself without conditions to the Presence I Am that I Am, I accept the Energies of initiation and ascension, which flow from the Realms of the Spirit and I give thanks”

I will guide you in your delivery and in your service. Do not decay at any time. Stay and thirst. Life awaits and accepts you and life is Love.

Saint Germain Master


Merry Human Life Society

Pobla de Lillet, 24 local 08028 Barcelona

Tel. 93 490 66 42/637 46 29 39

Year 2013 Work Proposal by Master Saint Germain

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