Archangel Raphael: The Wonderful And Promising New Year 2019

  • 2019

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, January 1, 2019

This year many of the "New You" will be taking a step forward in their missions and anchoring their true and true beings on the Nova Earth.

Archangel Raphael

Greetings dear! I AM Archangel Raphael, Archangel of the Emerald Ray of Love and Healing, healer and physician in this universe, multiverse and beyond, in service to the Mother, to you and to all.

And I come to talk on this day of new beginnings in this wonderful and promising New Year 2019 . This is the year in which many of the New You will be advancing completely in your missions and truly anchoring your real real beings on the Nova Earth that we are building together at the same time.

2019 is the year in which they advance with their missions.

Many of you have stripped off the falsehoods you believed about yourself in a conscious or not so conscious way. They needed a process to be able to descend properly and to help them finally in their relationship with humanity living in the old third dimension.

Some of the luggage they carried was necessary and carefully planned, and another part of it, which they had decided to carry on their own accord, was too much . But now, however, all those bad collective constructions have been released and completely disappeared. Some of you were clinging and covered by veils that covered your light and brilliance, and yes, with millions of reasons and excuses to do so.

They covered their light with veils of excuses and reasons.

When they recently said “yes” to the Mother, they said they wanted to be reborn, and they moved forward with courage and wanted to do it, well, they agreed to reveal and release all these veils that cover them, and literally, all the old and heavy memories and enslaving programs

Then, with the rise of the New You, everything old dissolves and leaves!

Feel the freedom, feel the lightness and joy of your bodies . Feel the excitement and exuberance of the New You that is ready to take on new life, full of promises, and the new world full of possibilities and miracles.

Yes, dear hearts, you have the memories of the old experiences, but you also have the clear understanding of not wanting to repeat the hard lessons in an arduous and painful way. The self-judgment of the old being, that contempt for their small and limited selves, is no longer possible from where they reside in this new being of theirs. Therefore, they will not be drawn to judge others and the density of the old.

Feel the excitement and exuberance of the New You that is ready to take on new life.

Many of you - the healers and the empaths - will continue to send your compassionate, loving and healing energies to those in need, but from a safe place, without bringing to your sacred space diseases and disturbing energies.

This false belief of being a universal substitute for the pain and suffering of the entire group was very stealthily inserted into their cells, so they felt it was true to take away everyone's pain and then deal with it, process it, heal it and transmute it. . This is not part of the New You, and it had never been part of the Mother's Plan, because the Mother never wished, nor did you expect you to be at the service in a way that made you feel uncomfortable, or worse, to cause you pain.

And yes, their physical vessels have always given them clues and signs of where they were forcing and going too far.

It is time for them to start communicating and collaborating with their physical body that is extremely intelligent. And it is their body's desire that they begin to listen to their communication that is soft as feathers and that they do not wait until extreme pain and fatigue or lack of resistance impel them to take corrective actions. that feed, the way they cry out and hold on to certain thoughts and beliefs.

Really, everything you do while taking care of yourself in the physical world and everything you ingest or place in your body should be done in consultation with your wise physical vessels that have a great desire to help you on this current journey so that stay healthy, vibrant and full of energy and vigor for at least a few hundred years.

It is time for them to start communicating and collaborating with their physical body that is extremely intelligent.

Yes, dear ascended, it is not necessary to put any limitation on this new self. Any vibratory low energy food or drink and any harmful supplement or medication should be removed from its environment. Only light and nutritious foods should be consumed, as a true way of celebrating and cementing on planet Earth, and not as a way of diminishing your consciousness as you have done in the past, distracting yourself from the world and of a reality that was not pleasant.

The physical body of the New Tea does not need much of the outside world, but mainly that loving and nutritious energy of the soul .

And as a result, I will reward you greatly, along with all other balanced and wise mental, emotional and energetic bodies, increasing awareness and helping you to expand it even more.

Strive to listen and tune in to all of them always, before, during and even after taking any action.

Rejoice and treat yourselves with much affection, because you are perfect and truly special!

I am looking forward to working with you and helping you on this trip.


Alexander Raphael

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Archangel Raphael The wonderful and promising new year 2019.

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