Enter the Art and Awaken the Creativity that was Asleep

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 How can we be an Artist? 2 What do we do to increase creativity again and introduce ourselves to Art? 3 From all the arts of life we ​​learn something, all will serve to make the best of creations. 4 In Summary, what is Art for?

How can we be an artist?

They are those kind of people who say to each other: Introduce ourselves to Art, how else am I an Artist? Well it is time that you know, that all human beings since we were born, we have already come with different capacities to develop our own creativity.

"Love art for yourself and then everything else will be given to you in addition." (Oscar Wilde)

If so, we come to the underworld, with various capacities and our first artistic learning, we acquire them from our family. Entering Art is easier than everyone thinks. When we are children we use our imagination to the fullest, as we grow, we get carried away by rational life and lose a little that gift with which we arrived.

We are all artists, and it will depend on how we develop our abilities to, once again, get into Art and be able to free our Souls.

What do we do to increase creativity again and introduce ourselves to Art?

First, allow us to be different, encourage us to release our thoughts even though we believe they are not within the "normal". Being creative, you learn, one is born as a blank sheet and we learn and fill those sheets every day. We will specialize more in one area than in another, we will see which one fills our soul more. Neither the most famous musician or the most prominent painter was born, we are educated and learn every day to be.

In order to be more creative every day, we have to learn daily, investigate something that makes us curious or that we think may interest us.

Something very important to fully exploit our creativity, is to be rested, with time and desire to start. Willing to be sponges and acquire all the knowledge related to Art that we have chosen to awaken.

If we choose that we are going to paint, perfect, let's look for the canvas, let's think about the subject, let's choose the different colors of the palette, let's find that place that leads us into the weather, let's relax, let's be at peace and let's start!

We learn something from all the arts of life, all will serve to make the best of creations.

“Art does not consist in the application of a beauty canon but in what the instinct and the brain are capable of conceiving beyond that canon” (Pablo Picasso, 1932)

We are all artists, therefore once we find the vehicles to express our feelings, to release what we slept in our interior, our creation will emerge and it will be the best of all, it is the awakening of our creativity and we return to the Art . The important thing is to find the tool that gives us the possibility to do it and feel comfortable with it.

The beautiful music, wonderful art that, as we know, calms us down, allows us to express through it endless feelings, heals our diseases and has the ability to relax and reassure us .

Another type of art through which we can release our tensions, and express ourselves is Painting, or Sculpture. It will help calm our anxiety, our stress, and even our fears.

They say that The Theater is the Art most suitable for people with low self-esteem. They can learn to boost self-confidence. And finally we can name the photograph, here if one is mestimated, or does not want to be exposed to the public, could be indicated for more passive people.

In summary, what is Art for?

Art serves to externalize the frustrations and emotions that we had hidden in our soul.

In order to enjoy Art, the most important thing is that each one manages to develop the creativity that he had slept in, meeting the type of Art that best suits them. You should never make him obliged, you know each other and you will know what will be the best choice for everyone.

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