Workshop of Family Constellations and Promotions of the month December at the Naturae Mater Center

  • 2013

We inform you that in this month of December there will be no Promotion of the Week.

It will be replaced by a promotion that will last the entire month.

It is about enjoying, for each massage or session of an amount equal to or greater than € 30, half an hour of free D-NLS Bioresonance session.

Ask us for your massage / session throughout the month and we will give you a voucher so you can enjoy it whenever you want, by requesting an appointment.

We also inform you of the workshop that will be held this weekend. We enclose the registration form in case you are interested, send us the same one:


Working with Family Constellations provides us with a space and energy, in favor of clarifying our personal process with Life and with our own existence through discovering unconscious links with our parents and previous generations. .

Attendees at this workshop can do so in two ways, such as constellations (they make a constellation to heal or resolve some specific aspect they wish to treat and can also participate in constellations other than their own and work as well with other aspects in its development) or as a representative (actively participating in the constellations doing a powerful work of personal liberation by representing different characters within the constellations in which they participate).

Date: December 6

Hours: Friday from 5pm to 9pm.

Price: 65 constellated / 20 representatives

PROMOTION OF THE MONTH, until December 30:



for each massage or session equal to or greater than 30

Bioresonance is a modern therapeutic system based on the deep concepts of the most advanced natural medicine and biological medicine

The system is able to detect the imbalances, measure what stage they are in (it may already be causing a nuisance or not) and provide the body with the necessary information that helps it to balance itself energetically, from a naturally and without side effects, restoring its vitality through microfrequencies that regenerate at the cellular level.

It is a powerful method and excellent clinical results, there is no side effect, no contraindication, no discomfort, it is painless and comfortable. Of course, it is compatible with traditional alternative and allopathic healing systems.

To enjoy your half-hour session for FREE, it will be delivered, once you have received the massage or therapy of 30 om s, a voucher for you to request an appointment and you can receive the session No Bioresonance whenever you want.

We wait for you!


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Welcome to the Naturae Mater Natural Therapy Center in Móstoles.

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NATURAE MATER is a meeting point.

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In Naturae Mater all kinds of massages are worked on (reflexology, chiromassage, anti-stress massage, metamorphic, shiatsu, ayurveda, osteopathy, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage ...), alternative medicines (naturopathy, bach flowers, acupuncture, regressive technique ...), as well as activities that enhance the balance of the person (yoga, tai chi, pilates, reiki) and courses and workshops to learn about these techniques.

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