Mr. Merlin: Teaching for Spiritual Advancement and Maturity channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2017
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June 15, 2017

I am Mr. Merlin; I am a Master of Magic, a co-creator with Nature and the Elementals; and I am incorporation of Divine Alchemy. I am currently helping Master Kuthumi and Master Sananda in their role and mission as Teachers of the World at the Planetary Level. My purpose in helping the World Teachers is to give and awaken the ancient knowledge of the Earth, of other civilizations, of the Sacred Dimensions and of the Creator's Universe, reminding Souls of their truth. My understanding is that ancient knowledge and wisdom help to awaken each person's most Sacred skills and abilities; This often goes beyond the limitations of the mind. When one abandons the need to know and understand everything; While he also has pure intention regarding what he wants to incorporate, he has access to an inner reality, to an inner world and energy that transcend the perceptions of his mind. This means that experiences such as magic, miracles, Alchemy, instant manifestation and a full experience of existing in unison with everything will be explored in the reality of the Earth.

Spiritual Maturity

My purpose is to awaken an ancient knowledge also known as the Divine Right to exist without limitations. When a Soul has reached the level of spiritual maturity, I call her to me and invite her to co-create with me to help her access her unlimited consciousness . Many perceive that they become my students, for they feel that my recognition and understanding are much greater than theirs; However, my perception is that I am cooking with you and awakening processes of the Truth of the Creator whose existence transcends the restrictions and limitations of your mind.

I want to share with you what I believe is spiritual maturity:

  • Ability to give and receive abundantly the Love of the Creator, in any circumstance,
  • Ability to trust your intuition and follow it,
  • Approach life with an open mind; this means being willing to let go of fears, judgments and distractions; and perceive from a situation of love or inner peace,
  • Feeling of Oneness and union with all Beings,
  • Ability to perceive, feel, hear, see or recognize energy.

I invite people who are able to take advantage of these skills to work with me; I do not ask for anything else, since it is from these foundations that one can have access to the great Internal Truth, otherwise called Internal Divine Magic; and incorporate it and experience it. You may recognize that you already have these skills, or you may realize where more focus is required. In my opinion, when a person has these 5 abilities, he can achieve anything he dreams of, both in his physical reality and in his spiritual evolution. Life becomes your creation; and in a constant and harmonious dance with the Creator. When you have access to the 5 guidelines and skills that for me denote spiritual maturity, you have everything you need to achieve anything you want to experience or manifest on Earth or in your spiritual evolution.

Simple Daily Practices to Accelerate Spirituality

To help you recognize, experience and incorporate your 5 natural abilities, I, Mr. Merl n, want to share with you a few easy and gentle practices:


Focus on the Love that is already present in your heart and in your Soul. Recognize the abundant nature of your Inner Love. Imagine that when you focus inside you open portals; and your heart and your soul are flooded with more Love that seems to flow from the most sacred and deepest parts of your Being When you have fully experienced this, imagine, feel or acknowledge that the Creator's Universe has a lot of Love; this Love directs its attention to you and begins to pour it into your Being from all directions Enjoy the process of receiving Love Arrive at a point where you feel full and complete; In this state, begin to focus on emanating Love to your Beloved Ones, to Humanity, to Earth and to the Creator's Universe.


My intuition is my Guiding Light in all areas of my existence. I trust my intuition and I follow it.

In silence, read this intention several times for yourself; and then a few other times out loud, until you become familiar with it and can recite it without reading it. Then, focusing on your interior, imagine how it would be to have your intuition as your constant Guiding Light in your life. Accumulate within yourself the energy and the feeling of how easy and beautiful it is to trust your intuition. Imagine receiving intuition and how wonderful it feels to follow it; and that when you follow your intuition everything works magically for you. With the feeling accumulating inside you, start reciting the intention with your eyes closed and channeling the feeling into your words while you say them out loud; continue until you feel that you have fully integrated the feeling of following and trusting your intuition; Then exhale 3 times by sending the energy to your Earth Star Farm to fill it and root the energy.

Let go

Mental openness is a willingness to let go of preconceived ideas, thoughts and beliefs, as well as fears, judgments and distractions. This means that you do not stay in a space, thought or belief; instead, you adopt a fluid nature in which the process of letting go and being at peace with yourself becomes more important to you.

First realize that especially fears, judgments, wounds and distractions keep you in one state; This is a limited state of mind, as if you were in a room with many windows and you had all the curtains closed so that you could not see anything outside the room where you are. To free yourself from the limitations, you simply need the willingness to let go of what you are experiencing; and instead align yourself with another State of Being that you prefer to experience. When you contemplate the abandonment of your limited state of mind, you allow yourself to see, feel and recognize your experience from other perspectives; This simple change allows you to have access to greater understanding, healing and support, either from yourself, from others, or from the guides of the Creator's Universe. The more you practice this simple process, the more natural it will be.

A practice that complements your willingness to let go is to spend time imagining that your mind and your brain are loaded with Light from your Soul; a profound and powerful process of renewal takes place that allows you to see and perceive your reality and yourself in a new way. With your mind, with your brain and in truth with your whole Being, imagine that you are full of Light and the World too ... You are seeing and perceiving from a situation of peace and Love ... Take time to recognize any new perception or idea ... With In practice, you will get used to this inner situation and you will begin to constantly see your reality from this inner sacred space of yours.

In unison

Seeing yourself separated from others, alone or alone, is an illusion that causes enormous internal pain. When you perceive that you are connected and in unison with all that is the Creator, including people, energies, situations, plants, etc., you feel fulfilled, alive and in the Divine Flow of the Creator. Just imagine that the energy you feel inside your heart represents your Essence, your truth, all that you are. Recognize the color or colors of energy and how it feels; then send it from your heart to your whole body and all your Aura, like a stream of Light ... Imagine that the Light is connecting in unison with everything ... Then send the energy further to connect with your surroundings, with your reality, with the World, with all the Beings of the Creator Universe ... Enjoy the feeling of connection and Uniqueness ... The energy you originally expressed will act as an intention for your connection experience.


Perhaps during the previous practices you have recognized your ability to perceive, see, feel, hear or recognize energy moving through you and from you. The practice that I, Lord Merlin, share with you now is simply about directing energy: Spend time experimenting with energy and focusing on discovering the best way to direct it ... Is it through your hands, your eyes, your Chakra from the 3rd Eye, from your thoughts, from your heart ... Or in another way? ... Experiment until you discover a beautiful way to direct the Creator's Energy from your Being to a person, a plant, an animal, a situation; really towards what you want. Practice this frequently and you will notice that your ability to experiment and transmit energy is strengthened and developed.

The Purpose of Lord Merlin Regarding You

My purpose is to awaken within you your pure intentions born of your Soul, guide you to strengthen and focus your abilities, share with you new ideas that continually expand your consciousness; and encourage you to connect more deeply with your Inner Essence and with the World; I will do it once you have completed the practices I have shared with you. When you feel ready, summon my energy to co-create with you an acceleration in your Ascension.

Every time you meditate with me, please repeat the following invocation:

“Mr. Merlin, I invoke you to meet me now in my meditation. With your energy focused on me and flowing into my Being, I now gratefully receive your guidance and assistance. Please help me to discover my pure intentions born from my Soul, help me to strengthen my abilities, to receive new ideas and inspiration; and connect more deeply with my Inner Essence and with the World. I appreciate your assistance in advance. ”

Imagine before you a swirling circle of Green Light; I am on the other side of the circle that is between us. Receive energy from the swirling Green Light circle until you are with me inside the circle. I, Mr. Merl n, will work with your energy to support the necessary changes and transformations. You can invoke me in 4 separate meditations. The first, from your Soul to awaken within you pure intentions for yourself and for your reality, appropriate for you to recognize. In the 2 I will support the strengthening and the greater focus in your interior and in your sacred abilities. In 3, I will share with you new ideas to expand your consciousness. In the 4th meditation, I will help you connect more deeply with your Inner Essence and with the World.

I look forward to co-creating with you.

Mr. Merl n.

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consultancy

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