Sanat Kumara "Gently Enter That Good Light" - via Tazjima

  • 2014

A Message from Sanat Kumara via Tazjima, October 3, 2013.

Dear brothers and sisters, greetings! I AM Sanat Kumara, now Gaia's planetary logos. Me and my fellow Ascended Masters, relatives and friends, we are gathered together here to congratulate you on a job well done. The planet has ascended to the fifth dimension. We ask you to gently enter that good Light, the Light that now envelops your world and each of you. Become aware of what you are becoming, what you are and what you have always been in the worlds in which most of you exist in simultaneous time. It is time to wake up and see and feel the wonder of Creation.

"What?" They could say, looking at their surroundings and not seeing that much has changed, many would question our words. And yet, if you take a break during your busy days, you will notice a difference in the way you feel. Suddenly many of you feel lighter, less pressured ... and if you feel pressured, that comes from a resistance within you and those around you, at work and at home. Many of his countrymen, family members and friends are resisting letting go of the remnants of the 3D structures that are fading. And yet, there will come a time - and it will be soon - in which they will let them go of their own free will.

This change of opinion will come as it has reached those who are the counters of the road and the workers of the Light. It is inevitable, as the 3D support structures were removed last December, in 2012. Only due to a persistent habit has the old world fashion continued. This will also end due to changes in their own emotional bodies as continuous improvements are energetically received that peel the stuck matter stored in their individual and collective subconscious.

As these forms of electrical thinking and their corresponding magnetic emotions are destroyed by the influence of cosmic rays and the Light projected in their direction by the Great Central Sun, there will be less ability to react to events and people. Where they used to be offended by the actions of another, where they once judged, you will find yourself unreacted, you will only pause in wonder because you no longer feel the emotional old burden of jealousy, anger, doubt or fear.

You have been freed from the old paradigm, and although the majority of the population does not realize it, the sensitive ones among you do realize. Our scribe recently felt the rare moment of joy, triumph and happiness. Your heart feels like it is radiant, and it certainly is. She feels in response a resonance in some of her friends and in the messages of others like her. Finally all those who have struggled for so long with their individual prayers, healings and clearances feel hopeful. Finally, the force of the Light has overlaid the shadows and is bringing its radiance to hidden corners, revealing more of what has been hidden from view to be transmuted and transformed.

Yes, there will be challenges to face in the days ahead as the physical structures and expectations of society take time to change. And yet, you will be surprised when in the coming years you take a moment to look back at all the changes. It will seem to have happened in an instant.

Expect peace, breathe peace, and find peace in your heart, and you will go through these potentially chaotic times with ease and grace. Release your fears. Release your doubts and judgments of yourself. Release your old obstacles that have prevented you from creating the life you want and want. Release those statements made by your parents, friends and enemies that you were a failure, that you would never reach much, that you did not deserve or that you were not good enough to become a writer, an artist ... that you would not be able to fulfill any dream they had when they were young.

In the past, as children and young people, many of you were shaken by statements and comments made by others that you were not good enough to succeed or to achieve any dreams you had. We tell you that you are and are beginning to feel the truth: you are powerful, you can create. There is so much to learn about the process of conscious creation, but they will achieve it, and largely without outside teachers, books or classes. The lessons you will learn will come from you through your connection of the heart with your Guides, with your Higher Self and those multidimensional parts of your Being that exist in many places and places. There is no limit to your dreams. There is no limit to your Self, only your continued beliefs in limitations overwhelm you, but not for much longer dear ones.

Weights are being cut. Their bodies are being transformed into a crystalline Light. And they are walking on the sacred ground of the Earth. Magic is returning to the world. As more parts of your Greater Being are integrated into your physical body, you will begin to notice colors, vibrations, waves and patterns of Light and feelings. All your senses will expand until you can see other worlds and dimensions. You will be able to see the elementals in your work, the Angels that surround you and the Beings that guide and protect you. You will begin to see yourself under a totally different Light because you are composed of Light, you are consciousness wrapped in waves of sound - the higher your frequency, the more beautiful the Light.

There is so much in prospect for you in the near future, but take every day, every moment as it comes. Try to live in the present. If you are willing, begin to release the need to plan for the future. You can maintain a certain structure if this makes you feel comfortable, but allow yourself to play so that both your masculine and feminine nature are satisfied. You contain both energies within you and they will begin to balance as you integrate other parts of yourself.

The masculine energies have dominated the world for a long time, which is one of the reasons for misalignment and moving away from nature. No more; the sacred feminine has returned, and yet both energies must be integrated and balanced for all to prosper. The masculine part of his being creates the structure and stability to allow the feminine to flow freely inside, creating and embellishing. Visualize a master tapestry. First comes the primary structure and on it come the embroidered decorative touches, the design and the color.

Rest, breathe, meditate, play, spend time in nature, do creative projects, but above all, free yourself from the need to follow the expectations of others. As a focused individual of the Light of God, you are now free to open your creative powers. Feel them, experiment, let go of the trial, stop comparing your results with each other. Each of you is different and faces a challenge from a different direction. Thus it is destined because life at high frequencies is rich in diversity. They will not get bored.

The energies will continue to gain strength until no one on the planet can deny it as much as they want. The Cábala and those who work unconsciously for their goals will no longer exercise power over the people. People are waking up every day, there are more waking up and remembering that they are powerful, that acting together can improve life for everyone.

You are powerful alone and you are powerful together. Discover the ways in which your energy and creativity can work in synergy to create a world of Freedom, Abundance, Peace and Love. Get out of the old unconscious barriers and discover new ways of doing things. A lot has to change, and it will change, and as people realized that they are no longer bound by rigid ideas of how to do things, then their creativity will suddenly be seen illuminated.

Scientists will discover many things in the coming years as spirituality and science approach. The old superstitions and beliefs of many religions will be replaced by a more fluid and flexible approach. There is simply no one way to get to Heaven. And you are in the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. They do not need to die at all except their old patterns and beliefs that no longer bring results. Release the old and fly with new and grown wings. Take the flight high without leaving the ground; You are free!

We rejoice to see a little more sparkle in the eyes of our Lightworkers, those whose long labor has brought a great change and opportunity to this planet and all life here. Know that you are loved and loved for what you are and for who you truly are, Light and Love, and for your great devotion to the work of the ages, the ascension of this planet that is also serving as a trigger to launch this galaxy and universe to the highest dimensions.

We now go to the spaces between the molecules that make up their bodies. Call the Angelic Hosts to assist you if you feel congested or challenged, they are ready for your call in service to you through Love and Devotion. Each of you has an Angelic Light Body in the highest worlds, so you are calling your friends and loved ones to assist you. There is no need to feel ashamed or fear the consequences of asking for assistance.

Call also the Ascended Masters and Archangels to assist them during their sleep time, to instruct them, to heal them, to guide and inspire them. And do not forget those beings so hardworking that they maintain the energies of the earth, the air, the water and the fire that create the world through which you walk ... the dear elementals. Some of you will soon see these beings around you, especially in wild places, but also in unexpected places. They are the small workers who cooperate with the great architects behind the scenes, like the builders of the stage, to create the worlds for which you walk every day. Change your thoughts, free your heart and your world will change in response as you are the creative gods that work with the elementals in a primarily unconscious way. However, they will soon be fully aware and feel more alive than they have ever felt in all past lives on this planet.

Much lies before you and there is still much to release, but your world is constantly advancing and rising in its frequency levels. The majority of humanity now lies resting at an intermediate point between 4D and 5D. Some of the road counters have jumped forward to 6D and beyond. Go at your own pace, release fear and judgment, and feel your efforts. You will discover that each of you has latent talents and gifts waiting to be watered and nurtured in the new energies. Before they notice it, the seeds of their dreams will germinate in a beautiful garden and everyone will delight and marvel there.

We are going to stop this transmission now because our scribe is tired. Know that we are next to each of you in the ever present Now. You are light. You are Love. You are Beautiful and Powerful Beings, all of you. Namaste

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Sanat Kumara "Gently Enter That Good Light" - via Tazjima

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