Message from Mother Mary: Planetary healing is approaching

  • 2019

Hello to all of you,

I am Mother Maria, the Earth is preparing rapidly for its rise in the worlds of light. And you, your children, accompanied you, whether you are aware of it or not, whether this humanity knows it or not. You are his eyes, his hands, his eyes in this dimension. For you, she acts. Through you, she can spread peace, love in this dimension.

Then, sit comfortably in your seat and gently breathe deeply. With each inspiration, feel that a new stream of life penetrates your lungs and in each exhalation the old life leaves you. With each inspiration this new life penetrates you and spreads in all your bodies: physical, etheric, astral, mental, all your subtle bodies. Feel this new life flowing in you, flowing in your blood, feeding this new light, the light of Christ .

In the center of your heart, imagine a nest. A nest of gold, shining, shining. From the Great Central Sun, a liquid of love like Christ is poured over you. Feel that liquid light coming through your crown chakra . Feel that this life, this light is deposited gently in this nest of gold in your heart and that fills this cradle of life in you. Feel that your brain is lighting up, filling up with this Christic liquid light . Each of your cells, your atoms become bright, alive. Each atom is reborn in new energy. All this light fills you. It fills each of its organs, all its nervous system, all its muscles, all its bones.

Now imagine the Resurrection Flame that surrounds you. Amplify this light that is in all your bodies. To your right and to your left are Sananda and Lady Nada, the guardians of this Llama. They have their hands open to this Flame and come tonight to amplify the resurrection of the light of Christ living in you. Feel the Flame that surrounds you and infuses your whole body, all your consciousness with a new life.

Imagine a spiral of light under your feet. Attract everything that is no longer in harmony with this light, this life in you. Everything that is heavy on you is drawn to the center of the earth. You are a being of resplendent, resurrected light. Feel the action of the Resurrection Flame that amplifies this movement of light within you, expelling from your whole body all that is not in perfect and total harmony with the new Christ life in you. Mother Earth welcomes in her heart all these energies and transforms them into rainbows of light, in suns, in stars, which are scattered within the planet Earth

Imagine in the center of our circle, planet earth . From our hearts of light, we send to the planet Earth rays of love, rays of light, powerful, full of tenderness, respect, compassion, light, harmony, peace ... and we visualize that all Earth's humans receive these rays of light. They open their hearts to welcome them. They feel peace, hope, light, love, kindness, compassion.

Visualize the entire planet wrapped in the Flame of the Resurrection . This flame brings strength, energy, life, joy of life, love, light, peace, compassion. We imagine, together, three gold rings surrounding the planet Earth, stabilizing this energy to help humanity in its great awakening, to help the planet Earth in its ascent in the fifth dimension. For three days, this Flame will act in a powerful way for each of you, children of heavenly Grace . Then, by intention, fuse your energy with this flame.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

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