Move through the levels of consciousness and feel the vibration

  • 2018

Message channeled by Shelly Dressel

Many people feel like walking in many places at once. This leads to disorientation, feeling sick and perhaps unfounded . This is partly due to the ascension process that takes place throughout humanity in the conscious and unconscious aspects. Dimensions are another term for levels of consciousness, particular frequencies or vibration. Therefore, when you move your vibration, it is easier to move from one dimension to another.

You have already created your reality in the higher dimensions. What I mean is that there is an aspect of you that has completed this ascension process . What must happen is that you create a more open flow between all your energies so that you can take root and be present wherever you are at any time.

This channel works with a hologram of yourself as your evolved self

You can see it, feel it, talk to him, maybe even ask him questions about how to get there! Once you create the conscious alignment, you can open to receive messages and more balance in yourself. The crystalline energies came to balance and support all your alignment and transformation.

I greet you, my dear family. I extend from my heart to yours. I reach out to kiss you right now. Welcome to our common time. Welcome to this opportunity to allow my energies to enter your space just like you in mine. "The All That Is" is a place of alignment. It is a vibratory dimension that gives people the opportunity to know who they are, as a soul and in the present life. It is also a place where you can practice the potentials. As you practice these potentials, you can help decide that you want to follow this model ; I want to take this path; Maybe I don't want to do anything and I want something completely different.

Here is an opportunity for you to know first of all the love, honor, respect that is yours for Me, the Goddess and God, but especially for your own Divinity ; Who are you like Alma? Who are you in the many lives that created you? That is, you return to the source that is the Central Spiritual Sun. There is a great transformation on Earth. This transformation must be done through humanity in such a way that it helps each individual, which in turn helps humanity as a whole.

Give yourself a gift of love. Give yourself the opportunity to know who you are . Receive the unconditional love of the Source. By sending this vibration to you, allow yourself to feel surge after surge of energy and light as it moves through you. Behold, open to receive. Inhale deeply and while you breathe, feel your energies as if you were not concentrating only on yourself and your heart, but breathing down and toward the Earth.

Your alignment with the earth is essential in these days of transformation

It is Gaia who not only keeps you rooted, but also gives you that nutritional support of the Earth's energies . Similarly, his infusion of the vibration of light and high with which we work in these meditations feeds Gaia in a way that is also supportive. As you sit in this flow of energy and movement, you feel how your center and your home also carry you . Then you release this consciousness and as you move upward from the top of your head, you easily align with the energies of your Higher Self.

Because we have been doing this over and over again for so long, almost all of you feel this alignment almost immediately. However, you can change sometimes depending on your conscience . On other occasions you realize that you are understanding a great deal of what you are merging with. Understand that no matter what your conscious human concentration is, you are deeply merged and deeply aligned with your Divinity at this time. Here we are. As I said, I felt that you were opening even more and a wave of energy was going through you.

I, the goddess, entered each of you. I lie down to embrace you as divinity, from your human aspect; enlightening all that you are so that we can merge into the All That Is . When you feel that your energy moves in this space, look around.

You can have the sensation of knowing who you are and what is around you here. You can also feel the essence of the many things you are working on. By that I mean some of the potentials that occur on Earth at this time, some of the potentials that you still don't know; Some of those potentials that you have tried and thought were not for you. Here is the space for you . I just want you to know what is happening here.

However, I also want you to release your energy so you can have greater clarity for our experience tonight. I invite you to breathe deeply and breathe the energy and the light that is in this space, breathing a great vibration and light. There is a hologram, you can say that it is you who starts at 6 and the 7 dimension and moves up. It is directly from your presence I AM. It is the you that you have created throughout this transformation.

Here, in the All That Is, we create from a heart-centered reality. You, as being superior to yourself and as a deity, have created a bridge that opens you to more love, light, vibration, experiences of yourself as your I AM or your Source. All these pieces created a hologram of yourself. Therefore, with your inner eyes, or with your senses, I invite you to open yourself and it is as if you were looking at yourself; You can see yourself in exactly the same way, but there are very different but subtle changes.

These holograms represent you as a higher vibration and this vibration and energy can become your daily physical reality as the vibration around you on the Earth plane aligns. By getting to know you in this way, as if you were talking face to face with you, you will align more naturally and make a hologram of yourself that you have created; this me, this reality that you have created is much closer than you realize.

You mix with these energies all the time

As you experience these energies, as you experience yourself; Have a specific intention from your full consciousness, reach this hologram and that everything that is needed in this present moment, you can achieve to be able to align. I invite you to be open to receive, as if you were opening your consciousness, your thoughts, your beliefs, as if you were opening your heart and allowing this aspect to melt completely in your conscious reality.

I ask you to be very honest with yourself right now. These grooves; What are you comfortable with? Are you really ready to release it or is it still serving you in one way or another ?

Perhaps you need to transform more of these energies before they are ready to be completely erased. Maybe that's why you're holding on to that . However, it can only be your ego, then, descend from your ego, descend to each level within you, purify it. Erase the past and say goodbye to bad habits . Erase fears, anxieties, no matter what stops you.

I invite you to recover all that energy that is yours as a consciousness within All That Is . All you have to do is get attention to bring it back down . It moves down in your Divinity. Descend from your Superior Self-Balance and adjust the vibration to allow more of this crystalline energy to become part of you.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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