The Cornucopia, Message of the Archangels Ariel and Uriel through Adele Arini, you will be of the extraordinary Lightworkers !, Part 2

  • 2019

Are you one of the incredible workers of the Light ? We invite you to discover it with the message of the Archangels Ariel and Uriel Channeled through Adele Arini.

If you have not read Part 1 of this incredible Channeling, I invite you to do so by clicking here. Try not to advance this second part if you do not know the first.

The Cornucopia, Message of the Archangels Ariel and Uriel through Adele Arini, you will be of the extraordinary Lightworkers !, Part 2

Are you one of the incredible workers of the Light?


When people are not prepared to deal with the real reason why they continue to do things that they know (deep down) that are bad for them, the problem will continue to persist.

All true change must begin with oneself. And, here comes the main point of our little story:

Emotional integration is the key to change

We realize that lightworkers around the world are at different stages of their spiritual awakening journey.

However, the group of powerful lightworkers who were reading this particular energy transmission (and yes, we know exactly who you are), most of you have completed your emotional integration process.

In other words, they have stopped running away from their emotions and released the previously incorporated toxicity within their emotional body. And because of that, they are now prepared and ready to move on to the next phase of your evolution: dominate your dominion over life .

How do you become a master of life when, apparently, you fail to master one or more aspects of your life, over and over again in this life?

Let us tell you now, dear friends, whatever the greatest challenge of life you have at this time, that challenge is the greatest test; the final exam: prepared with love for your Higher Self, before you can graduate and ascend successfully .

For some people it may be the state of their health. For most light workers, it's about their lack and lack of awareness. For others, it may be about love, forgiveness, loneliness or relationships.

Knowing this, how you react from now on, facing your biggest challenges in life, is the game change here.

You can choose to continue focusing on your problems and react with fear, anguish, anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, or you can choose to increase your awareness and perspective, that is, CHANGE your internal programming, to match the programming language 'in the What does your Higher Self speak?

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Love to Being and Everything

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Peace, for the Self and for all.

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Joy and Happiness, towards Being and towards all.

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Wisdom and Power: for the Self and for all.

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Abundance: for the Self and for all.

The term 'abundance' that we use here, represents all the good things in life, for example, Perfect Health, an immortal physical body (without deterioration), lots of money, great friendships, career and satisfactory relationships, fun life experiences, etc.

It is time, our brothers and sisters, to 'speak' the language of your Higher Self - the language of God.

God is supremely powerful. And, by extension, that means that you are also extremely powerful.

So why do you keep forgetting this every time you face the final tests that your Higher Beings have been sending you lately?

God is love. This also means that you are also a Being of Divine Love. So are the workers of the Light .

So why (occasionally) do you behave so differently from your True and Loving Self?

God is Unlimited, and so are you

So why do you keep limiting yourself to the “language programming” in 3D that can no longer work in this new stadium / field of higher dimensions in which you have recently encountered?

A few days ago, on January 30, Adele had posted a message on his Raphael Healing Space Facebook page, to share the good news with everyone who had perceived that the largest densities associated with life on a 3D planet were fine. and missing.

Duality, polarity, separation are the scaffolding, the frame and the basis of an existence of lower dimension in a 3D universe. And with these three now permanently missing from Planet Earth, this can only mean one thing: humanity has recently crossed another important milestone

Humanity has recently crossed another important milestone

You, our beloved, are now really living on Earth 5D as we speak. At the end of January 2019, human and Gaia, in fact, "skipped several timelines." And what had caused this to happen?

In the most recent conclave on Planet Earth, which many of you had attended while sleeping, most of you expressed a strong desire for undeniable and visible changes to begin now.

The "old souls" physically embodied on the planet at this time (that is, the engines and agitators that are the true powers behind the history of the Creation of the New Earth) had already had enough of the old paradigm of fear, lack and separation.

He wanted all the necessary reforms to accelerate completely and, even if there was a temporary chaos, everyone had expressed an unwavering confidence that everyone could overcome those challenges with grace and ease.

We really have tremendous respect and admiration for all of you, our beloved ones. Are you real Lightworkers ?

However, due to this, things may appear temporarily to be getting worse instead of improving, both micro and macro. It is important to keep in mind that all this is happening BY DESIGN.

As a Collective, you have deliberately chosen to intensify all 3D energy remnants within yourself and within the psyche / consciousness of all incarnated souls on Earth, to force you to choose a better way NOW.

This is to help you free yourself permanently; to exit the automated 3D pattern programming they have been using for thousands of years.

You have been using the smallest operating system of fear, lack and separation for eons.

The time has come for me to reconfigure and reprogram the super computer that is your life.

So far the second part of the Canalization .

How did you find this Part 2 of the La Cornucopia Canalization , Message of the Archangels Ariel and Uriel through Adele Arini, you will be an extraordinary Lightworker!

If you have comments or experience that you want to comment with all our brothers, our desire is that we grow together.

For now, we invite you to be very aware of Part 3 of this amazing Channeling .

Do you want to live in wise abundance, wisdom and prosperity? If you are one of the real workers of the Light, you will know how to take advantage of the benefit and the gift that the Higher Being has given you.

Message Channeled on February 3, 2019 by Adele Arini .

Much love and gratitude!

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Author : William Hern n Estrada P rez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of

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