Runa Algiz: Mythological legend and meaning of the ancient Viking runes

  • 2019

`` The brave man will well fight and win, although his sword is dull. ''

Fafnismal 28

The Rune Algiz

The use of the Viking runes (from the root ' run- ' of the ancient Gothic, translated as ' secret ' or ' whisper ') mainly comprised writing in the ancient Germanic languages, especially in the islands of Great Britain and the region from Scandinavia, although it eventually expanded to the regions of Eastern and Central Europe during the Middle Ages . According to ancient Scandinavian beliefs, the origin of these runes comes from the gods. It is a gift that Odin gives to men.

These runes were also used for magical purposes . According to beliefs, they have the ability to materialize invocations and spells written on objects. And thanks to the German-Austrian writer Guido von List, and his system of modern divination of armanen runes, the power of the Viking runes has come to us today.

This time, we will talk about the Algiz rune .

Mythology of the Rune Algiz

The Algiz rune, also known as Eihaz, gets its name from the protonoric linguistic reconstruction that represents the letter ' z '. Also, Algiz is translated as ' moose ', which is a creature that has great significance in this ancient culture .

This animal kept the secrets and mysteries that inhabited the forest, and with its formidable size and aggressiveness protects the forests from threats. The Norse considered the elk the King of the Woods, and was recognized for his great strength and endurance.

In the Nordic literature many mentions can be found in this regard.

"The army fought alongside the pit: Miss, where we attacked the enemy forces, with helmets and coats, it was almost as if a man imprisoned a mad moose."

- Excerpt from the poem Liðsmannaflokkr, stanza number 7.

In turn, his role as protector directly relates the Algiz rune with Heimdall, son of Odin and the nine maidens of the waves, fed with boar blood, the strength of the earth, and the heat of the sun.

Because of his superior senses of hearing and sight, this god was assigned the task of protecting Asgard, and guardian of the rainbow ( Bifrost ).

Meaning of the Rune Algiz

This rune is associated with friendship, fulfillment, health and victory. In turn, it also receives connotations of defense against evil, protection and the shield, and these could be a clear indication of moderation and prudence . It implies in its meaning the need for good judgment and discernment.

In turn, the memory of the need to entrust themselves to the protection of the Superior Forces, and the confidence that they are never completely alone are also implicit in the Algiz rune .

We must stop hiding our pain, and learn to observe it curiously. This leads us to face ourselves, and to know what we often feel the urge to deny. This rune reminds you that it is okay to recognize yourself vulnerable, and that that is not an impediment to getting what you crave.

When the Algiz rune is inverted, it is a sign of challenges and new opportunities in the form of challenges that you must face. Many times, you will be tempted by bad influences, and therefore you must invoke protection and act appropriately.

Analyze carefully the moment you are living, and be aware of the people around you . Take responsibility for what happens in your life and learn, because that way you will get the strength of the most difficult moments.

Seek to be aware of what is happening to you and of those who participate in your reality.

Take care of yourself, like someone who takes care of a brother.

Learn, as who knows imperfect.

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