Reflections XIX ~ Only through the "Son" will you reach the "Father"

  • 2012

June 27, 2012

Today I felt the impulse from the inside of writing - speaking - on a subject that has caught my attention by observing in my interaction with my friends and siblings of the world in recent years, when It has given on Earth and humanity an accentuation of the light-dark polarity, a recurring return and attachment to already clarified belief systems, and therefore obsolete, for people who walk the path of the new spirituality.

For centuries and millennia it has tried to curb the rise of the Light, but in recent decades, by virtue of the gigantic and unstoppable advance of the Light, darkness has played more to disguise and penetrate the spiritual spheres to try to confuse and divert to the most unsuspecting and with less discernment and thus be able to perpetuate his dominion over humanity, and in many cases he has achieved it, unfortunately. One of the tactics that he has used and continues to use with a certain result is to maintain the old belief systems, many of them based on misunderstandings, misrepresentations and premeditated lies, in a renewed, make-up way, despite the abundant information with high spiritual knowledge and the abundance of new revelations and teachings of wisdom that have constantly transmitted to us a whole plethora of Beings of Light through channeled messages.

But I am not going to stop in that situation nor am I going to give more energy to that normal and natural symptom of a decadent third-dimensional reality and a time of profound transcendental changes. What I do want to raise is the observation that many brothers and sisters of the spiritual path either retain deep confusion about certain revelations or continue to cling to old religious paradigms, producing in their consciousness a significant mixture of mental concepts and speculations, fallacies and truths

I wish to speak specifically today of a spiritual knowledge that has been permanently enriching itself in the last decades and the last years, thanks to the loving work of the spiritual guides who have been assisting us and who today assist us with greater amplitude. And I am talking about this being communicated to us by a large number of teachers who have walked the Earth for millennia and centuries, as was the case of Master Yeshua, when he said, according to the Bible: “Only through the Son will you reach the Father". This, of course, led to a great barrage of interpretations, misrepresentations and manipulations, each tailored to the interest of each one. But fortunately there were those who felt the deep and high truth of this statement of the teacher. Today, those who walk the path of the new spirituality have received from the master Yeshua himself the truth about what he incarnated and personified: the Christ; the Christ as an energy, a consciousness, which he often said is in each one of us. What was created based on the figure of Yeshua ben Yosef and his teachings, used and manipulated, we already know and it is not necessary to add more to the matter. But it is a good point to introduce the topic I want to talk about here, because what I believe are being transmitted to us by the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and other Beings of Light is for us to have a clear picture about our spiritual 'family tree'.

I have been reflecting on this and I have felt the inner urge to talk about it because I consider it extremely important to raise awareness in order to definitively detach ourselves from the old religious conceptions and to our firm advance in the Light; otherwise the teacher Yeshua would not have said it then and the guides would not continue to instruct us; It is vital that we see exactly what has been explained to us so that our spiritual practice and our personal internal process are more effective and liberating.

Guides have explained to us on many occasions that we are the incarnation in the physical world, third-dimensional material of a soul, which in turn is a fractal of a greater soul, which in turn is an aspect of an even greater Being, Call yourself Monad or Divine Presence I Am or Higher Self, who in turn is an aspect of the God Father and Mother of this universe, and this in turn of the Supreme Creator of the Cosmos, and perhaps we must say and so on ... The guides They have repeatedly communicated to us the importance of establishing - restoring - contact with our soul, with our Inner Self, as a natural means of connection or internal reconnection, conscious, with our Divinity, in order to communicate ultimately with the Supreme Creator. And I feel the transcendental importance of following the ascending natural line of aspects of our Multidimensional and infinite Being and not skipping all these planes, and of seeking to align ourselves within ourselves with the most immediate instance of our being, our soul, where the eternal divine spark, which is within the immanent uniqueness of All That Is an eternal individual unity of consciousness.

But despite so much teaching on the part of the teacher guides, I observe that even many brothers and sisters continue to follow theosophical paradigms established for many centuries by the great religions, based mostly on belief systems tailored to their needs and convenience, skipping all an internal ascending line to reach the Supreme Creator directly.

I never really practiced Christianity very much, since at a young age I was attracted to other religious and spiritual currents, but that phrase of Master Yeshua that I have brought up here always contained a mystery for me, a key that one day I would have to decipher, Like other statements recorded in the scriptures.

Therefore, I want to share, sisters and brothers, the understanding I have today regarding this point and invite you to observe your understanding, since I feel in my heart that this is vitally important and necessary for our spiritual advancement, but when we are striving both for joining the great process of the awakening of humanity, the expansion of consciousness, the elevation of our vibration and our light quotient in order to tune into the energy changes that are taking place at this time on Earth and achieve the long-awaited ascension to higher planes of reality and existence.

I understand that there can be no ascension or quantum leap if we do not achieve our internal connection and alignment with our own soul and our own multidimensional internal being, if we do not integrate within ourselves with that spark of God within each of us. I believe and feel that this is the natural path of our ascension. I believe that before trying to reach the "Father, " we must try to reach the "Son, " that eternal, divine Spark, which is the core of our being, where we are one with the entire universe, the entire cosmos and all Creation, and that unites us to all our multidimensionality and divinity and to the Supreme Consciousness, of which we are tiny fractals. But in that inner union with ourselves, in that communion with our own soul, we are both part of that great, immeasurable and unfathomable Cosmic Consciousness.

Let's start by integrating ourselves into and with our own Self, our own Self; for connecting with our soul, with our Inner Self, with the certainty that in this way we are connecting with all our great Multidimensional Being, and thus we will be joining, meeting, consciously with God, we will have returned to the Consciousness of God.

When we are able to see and feel the light of that Divine Spark that in essence we are, we will be in condition and on the way to see the Light of God.

We have spent a good part of our life looking at an unfathomable sky or focusing our awareness on our meditations at an indefinite point of the infinite sky to invoke God, a God that at the bottom of our deepest belief we perceive perhaps distant, almost inaccessible, to seek the Supreme God, to speak to him, and even today, despite all the knowledge that has been imparted to us about the presence of God in our hearts, we continue to do so.

Each one can establish - restore - his connection with his own inner Self, with his own soul, in order to become aware of his own and eternal internal connection with God and with the Whole, in the manner indicated by his heart. I feel that my way of doing it is through the practice of the I AM, feeling and visualizing that 'I' when I pronounce it, mentally or loudly, vibrating in the very center of my Divine Flame, of the Divine Spark that is the essence of my being, and understanding by BE to manifest myself in the here and now, something like bringing my cielo to earth. And I believe in my heart that I am is the powerful statement that puts our being and our divine power in action, and who we are and what we are and everything What we can desire in our highest and sublime dreams is contained in that Divine Spark. That is, for me, to BE is to manifest ourselves. I can't find another definition more appropriate for the word BE.

Then I suggest to focus our consciousness in the center of our heart, visualize that Divine Spark that we are in essence and unite our outer self with our inner self, be one in oneself; and from there, with full and deep certainty of our divine authority, BEING, here and now. I believe that this is our soul plan, our divine plan and our mission on Earth in this incarnation, and that we are prepared to do it, that we have the tools to do it.

Let us first look for the individualized God in our hearts and so we will be consciously meeting the Supreme Creator.

I am, here, now, the one that I am.

A hug from the fullness of my being.

Oscar Salazar

~ OjS ~


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