What is green magic

  • 2017

In the esoteric world we can find many uses, techniques, customs and skills. In our entry today we tell you everything you need to know about what green magic is, what it is characterized in a special way, and much more useful information. We will try to explain everything so that there is no doubt.

Everything you need to know about green magic

It is known under the name of green magic to one of the subtypes of magic. Let's see the peculiarities of this class.

This type of magic uses as main ingredients elements of nature . Among them, there would be plants, flowers, herbs, roots, etc. In many cultures, these practices are used by healers to relieve ailments of various types, provided they are not very serious.

This typology is framed within the so-called white magic . This is so because their practice does not mean going against someone's will. And also because it does not seek to harm. In fact, it is more related to phytotherapy . So much so that, in the past, in many cultures it was considered an alternative medicine.

This type of magic was used since ancient times by shamans, healers and sorcerers. Although not always received the name by which it is known today, it was already widely used, and quite successfully.

In this way, what this magic did was to resort to the use of plants to relieve ailments . In addition, their spells were also used to promote fertility, and as a contraceptive method.

However, this type of magic was not executed based on spells, but based on the use of balms . Also with ointments, herbal teas and potions. As we say, they made use of plants, roots and flowers, something that was, and is, associated with health and well-being.

This magic took advantage of the wisdom of healers and people who were in contact with nature. And it was they who knew what kind of plants or roots could be beneficial.

The healing rites

Green magic is used in healing rites . Its use is based rather on a lifestyle, rather than an esoteric alternative to achieve what you want. Here it does not prevail if the power of the plants is greater or less. What matters is their beneficial effect .

That is to say, here no invocations or rites are used in which all kinds of elements are used. Here, their only work tool is the plants and the esoteric power that some of them possess .

These are the plants with which one works in this type of natural magic:

● Chicory

● Aloe Vera

● Poppy

● Arnica

● Boldo

● Calendula

● Centella asiatica

● Dandelion

● Ginseng

● Ginko Biloba

● Cat grass

● Hypericum

● Fennel

● Tila and linden

● Camomile

● Mint

● Walnut

● Maca root

● Sum Root

● Valerian

Generally, all the plants used in this magic are associated with stomach problems. Also to promote good digestion and to combat fatigue and tiredness.

In short, green magic is a type of white magic . While it is true that there are practices that are a kind of natural medicine, there are also others that add superstition to the use of plants.

Be that as it may, it is a technique that uses the many benefits that we have in nature. Its many advantages, beyond simple spells, will allow us to have an iron health. And, as the classics said, "healthy mind in healthy body."

Seen in Esoterismos, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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