Beginning of the Quantum Metaphysics Course! April 2019

  • 2019

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General Information

Course duration : 40 days

April 2019 Registration Open

Value: Spain 95.- / Argentina $ 2, 697.- / Rest of America U $ D 97.-

Course Modality

Modality: Distance learning course / Access to materials ordered in 4 modules. Each teaching unit includes: V main ideo-class of each module, PDF Class, activities, resources, complementary library, multimedia, online test, etc. Live tutorial support

Tutorial Support: It is performed live in the Virtual Classroom (see virtual tour). This is where questions about the materials and activities of each module are attended. IMPORTANT: the live class is NOT dictated, for this reason it is not mandatory for the student to participate in these meetings, since they can also make their queries via e-mail.

Foundation of the course:

Metaphysics is a term that suggests that we go beyond physics (or the physical world we know) and discover a universe quantum where you can recognize the steps of how to create your own Reality, in this way you can access your creative energy, connecting with the Plasma that is entering the Earth from the center of the galaxy, only possible from a reached subtleization. Read article click here.

In the first stage of the course you will learn how to recover your Electromagnetic Balance, eliminating fears and deprogramming old behavior patterns that we have inherited, thus crossing the 1st bridge. Already in the second stage, you will know how to establish a direct contact with the Source, when you will activate your pillars and start the crossing of the 2nd bridge, being able to increase the level of your Vital Energy . You will understand the importance of giving that Quantum Leap towards a Reality generated from our authentic superior nature.

The Quantum Metaphysics implies much more than repeating decrees. It requires a process of self-knowledge that allows the empowerment of the Self beyond ego whims and the contraptions of desires induced from outside, since only from an inner journey is it possible to recognize the `` genuine desires '' that They lead us to our true purpose.

What can this course give me?

This course will allow you to access the knowledge of the past called “Magic” and was transmitted to the initiates of the different esoteric schools that learned how to align the 4 key aspects in the “ Dynamics of Being” thus achieving a harmonic coherence, unifying their thought-desire -sentiment-action managing to sustain and direct a creative-energy and capture what we want in our universe. Something very different from "magic thinking" often confused with true Magic.

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