What is Arroma or Propulsion karma?

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 is the one that blooms at the time of death . 2 lower rebirth superior 3 lack of analysis and discrimination ... 4 tends to complexity . 5 that does not find us off guard.

This subject is very important and is one of the different divisions of Karma. But what do they mean when they mention the karma of courage ?

It is the one that blooms at the time of death….

Propulsion or throwing karma is present right at the moment we die and has to do mainly with the mental state in which we find ourselves when the karma that sustains life dies and clinical death occurs.

For example, if at death we are angry, with resentment and resentment, what we will be promoting is a lower rebirth and if we die calmly, with acceptance and detachment we will be promoting a higher rebirth.

Of course it also has to do with the quantity and quality of the accumulated merit in the life we ​​are ending, if we have generated positive merit it will project us to a superior rebirth if we have accumulated negative merit it will project us to a lower rebirth.

lower or higher rebirth ……

The moment of death, clinically speaking, is when the breathing ceases, the cerebral and cardiac activity, just at that moment the internal solutions begin, this topic is very extensive because it has to do with the dissolutions of the elements until leaving the physical body, However, the important thing is to understand that it is at that moment that the propulsion karma flourishes .

Propulsion karma determines the platform or realm of existence in which we will be reborn, if we concentrate on an existence full of greed, propulsion karma will lead us, so to speak, to the lower realm of avid pretas or beings.

If what we accumulate was merit through the force of samadhi (meditation) and ethical behavior we will be reaping the karma of courage towards the superior realm of the devas.

lack of analysis and discrimination ...

If what we sow is the conceptuality and the lack of analysis or discrimination we will be reaping the rebirth in the lower realm of animals. In the case of a life marked by jealousy and envy, karma of courage will lead us to the kingdom of the Titans.

The important thing is how to always be aware of our performance and not wait until the moment of death to think about being reborn in a superior existence, we must anticipate and somehow accumulate little and wisdom. enough for us to obtain a better existence to which we are abandoning leaving behind.

The Karma of throw is one of many others that determine our rebirth, there is also the environmental karma that determines the physical conditions in which we will be born, for example if we are reborn in a united family or in a conflict-filled one, in a country at war or in one with relative peace.

tends to complexity ...

The combinations are varied and karma tends to complexity, it is not easy to analyze unless we have the full collection of our present life and our past lives.

However, it is already good news to know that there is an inertial force resulting from the law of cause and effect that will project us into an edifying or non-edifying life.

that does not find us off guard ...

The recommendation as always is to work closely on a day-to-day basis, in some way if death surprises us, because eventually it will, that does not find us unprepared full of conflicting and destructive emotions . Remember that the great teachers affirm that if we want to know how we live in the previous lives, we can deduce it by observing our present life. So is.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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