Messages of light - Elohim, the seed of happiness

  • 2015
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Question: We are living a period of adaptation, the option of finding the desired HAPPINESS.

However, no matter how much we cultivate the willingness to develop as a BE, in the human situation, we face two realities - the "lived", vulnerable to society and the need to be adapted to certain habits that "guarantee" the material goods and maintain interpersonal relationships in a certain balance and the DESIRE for the Spirit, which portrays the essence of Being independent of external factors, since it is Freedom itself.

How to balance these two realities, without one interfering with the other? Or in fact, it is best to live the second?

ELOHIM - We are the emanations of life flowing in the Cosmos and materializing the vibrating intentions and pulsations of the Creator .

We give life to the energies that are emitted by the Divine essence in all its divisions and manifestations.

We are the force that moves all of them on a somatization path.

We are the wave that sails in the ocean of infinity leading each vessel along the true path.

You are all following the true path, because any direction pointed in the ocean of God will result in a satisfactory goal.

In fact, the only objective that exists is to live.

We feel great joy in being able to be with you once again through the words of this message and leave a little more of who we are and our positive intentions in your respect.

We hear the cry of desire for the happiness and fulfillment of your world. And we say firmly, that we practically "stir around" our position in motivation and joy, in the desire to approach you so that you can understand us, so that we leave the seed of happiness with you.

We come to leave in your hands the seed of happiness and we promise that we will not leave this contact without having done it with dignity.

Because you deserve to possess that seed, it is yours, it is destined for each one of you on Earth and the ends of the Universe.

And we are sowers of this seed in every corner where life manifests itself.

If the happiness for the stone is to exist and flow in an environment whose movement is intense, because in it there are frictions and the stones need them to expand, then, this is the seed of happiness that we will deposit in it.

If the happiness for a plant is to receive the rainwater and the mild rays of the Sun, then, we will flow into that in order to confer this seed of happiness, so that it nobly expands.

If happiness for an animal is to be free, having in its environment the possibility of feeding according to its need while at the same time finding its well-being, then, this will be the seed that we will deliver, it will be our flow from it and for him.

We are the arrow that points to happiness and we carry the seeds of it in our essence.

And we know that each way of life has its own seed, so we need to know what your seed is.

Next, we need you to assume it, to vibrate it, to feel it, to desire it.

And then, we need you to live as she is in that, it will be inevitable that we give her, according to your summons, according to your desire, according to the breath of life and expansion in each of you.

Normally we are flowing in your contexts through the multiple expressions of life

. Be it in the appreciation of a beautiful day, be it in your joy to live something you like, be it in love, in peace, in satisfaction, in balance.

Other times we express ourselves and manifest ourselves through its oscillating and intense emotions, such as enthusiasm, exaltation, other times rage.

Yes, we flowed in rage, because in it you express your strength and natural imposition.

You need it, since you know how to make it flow in a way that strengthens you and not in a way that disconnects you from your best, subjecting you to the states of hate, which are low frequency energies.

Although, many times, experiencing them is necessary and important in what they say about learning, we prefer that you polarize in the vibrations that are higher.

Because, although we recognize that suffering can provide great lessons, we guarantee that happy states can teach them much more and in better ways.

Because if happiness were not the most promising way of growth, expansion and learning, you would not be, all of you, always living in search of improvement and improvement .

Where do they want to arrive? To happiness, right? And why? Because they instinctively know that it is in her that you reach the point with your perfect vibrating in God.

If in fact pain was your greatest ally in learning, then, suffering would be your inner goal.

But is not. The Universe constantly points towards the direction of Good and only towards that goal and no other.

All of you are immersed in an infinite, gigantic current, impossible to measure with the means that you possess on Earth, based on the way in which the third dimension measures life, that is: height, length And width.

And that magnificent and sublime current is bringing you naturally.

And we wish, beyond there to flow in those states that we cite, to approach you in this way here, consciously, in words, in contact, in conversations that we know you will understand.

Well, a smile, however beautiful, of a person addressed to you, may not be very clear about your intention.

You think many things and if someone smiles in your direction, there may be several interpretations, such as: `` Mmm, that person is against me!, Will that guy be laughing in my face? , do I have a clown face?, where does that person know me to be smiling at me? ?, well, I must be green so that the person there will be looking at me and smiling.

And a smile, many times it can be just a smile. What if they didn't care about the intention and appreciate only the smile?

It is precisely because they have so many concepts and interpretations for a simple smile directed towards you, that we want to express ourselves in a clearer way.

And this form is through this conscious contact.

Speaking your language, expressing ourselves with your words and using the terms you use, you will identify yourself and we will be able to exchange in a very clear way.

About happiness? We are experts in that, and you all know it well.

Because we observe your problems, we observe your conflicts and you sometimes debating from one corner to another in life.

And if we could talk to each other as you do there, we would say to each other like this:

- Well, they (you in the physical sphere) are playing like ping-pong balls from one place to another trying to solve those issues that affect them so much.

However, they have not yet awakened to the awareness that by throwing themselves from one place to another in life, they generate more discomfort and cannot create solutions once they create discomfort.

They are opposite vibrations! But, we are only going to assist you in that vibrational game because we know that the contrast experienced by the much debated here and there will give you lucidity, will make you, at a certain moment of the experience, stop and question the following: “ Hey, what is happening I can't solve that? ... Or who knows they will ask God: "Lord, where am I wrong? Why don't you help me solve the problem ."

Yes, that is why they resort to difficult situations and obviously do it instinctively because of survival and search for the best.

And in that, we do not interfere until we are "summoned" for such. Of course, we have many ideas about it, we could tell them, however, they are not yet interested, because the game of ping-pong seems, in some way, to be interesting.

All in all, if we could, if we were asked to comment, we would say: Why don't you experience your happiness?

Why don't you just let go of the conflicts and looking to feel good right now?

Are they needing more money? Look for happiness. Are they needing love? Look for happiness.

Are they needing health? Look for happiness. They are needing solutions for your world, which in your eyes is in chaos? Look for happiness.

More why only happiness? Because she is a package that contains all the things they want.

That is why instead of offering them various solutions for each question (what we could), we find it more functional to give them a unique, happiness.

And many want it, however they do not know how to access such happiness, which according to the Elohim, can give all the solutions.

And again, we are glad, because we know how to show them the way to it.

Which is the following: Breathe, pay attention to your breathing and do this three times during the day, three days a week.

Only for three days a week. And pay attention to how they will feel the day they don't do this. (Vinícius's note: The idea is to feel the contrast of not doing the exercise to understand the Good that he can do on the day it is practiced).

Because the simple fact that they pay attention to your breath summons them to the internal and divine existence of what they call there of I AM .

Pay attention to the breath for three times a day, slowly inspire, fill the lungs and the diaphragm region with air.

Then, slowly, release that air. The feeling of existence will be strong.

And it has a law that we want you to keep in yourself during the practice of what we are offering.

And the secret is to remember what we will say by paying attention to the breath.

The law is as follows: IF I BREATHE, THEN, I DESERVE.

Pay attention and tell yourself, internally: IF I BREATHE, THEN, I DESERVE.

But, you would argue: Elohim all living beings on this planet breathe !

And that is not cute? Then everyone deserves! And how good it is to live in a world where everything and everyone deserves to be happy!

And only in that you vibrate the pure happiness that consists in assuming primarily that you deserve to live it and also lucidly recognize that everything and everyone upon your return deserve the same thing.

And by changing that vision of life, automatically your conflicts with themselves will leave them.

Because they deserve to be happy, so they don't deserve to live in conflicts, right? Then, they will abandon them if they actually believe in this statement.

And then, starting towards life with the environment, with the people and situations of the world governed by them, taking that vision, again, everything will change.

Because others will not resist anymore, since everyone deserves to be happy .

You will not judge anyone else, in the end, you discovered that everyone deserves to be happy.

And you, knowing and experiencing that with yourself will not do the opposite with others.

You will not cooperate with anyone's suffering because now you know that everyone deserves to be happy just like you.

With this the disagreements end because everyone deserves to be happy.

Betrayals will no longer occur, for everyone deserves to be happy just as you know they deserve it individually.

Wars, self-centeredness, ignorance, evil, ill-treatment, insults and any word that hurts, none of that will flow any more, since now in you there is a belief that everyone deserves to be happy.

No one will claim, no one will accuse, no one will hate, no one will persecute anyone, for everyone deserves to be happy. And that only that changes everything.

Only that firm and sincere decision can make you involuntarily seek your best, in everything, at all times.

And when they find him, they will again involuntarily infect others with him.

Positive thoughts and appreciation. Emotions "unstably stabilized " in joy and well-being.

Words that bless, edify and reinforce Good in everything with motivation and love.

And finally, firm, functional beliefs and promising attitudes full of intelligence and inspiration from the Source.

Attitudes that will inevitably build the world they so much want to see and experience.

And if they want to live that world it is because they deserve it. Remember? Everything you breathe deserves to be happy !

The free and positive world is what you deserve. The solution for everything, you deserve it.

We promised that we would leave them well, we promised that we would place the right seed in your hands and we did it.

Because you want the best, then, it is the seed of the best we leave in your hands. Choose the happiness that springs from the connection with the Source.

That is what we have to suggest, in the end, everyone who breathes in that world they call Earth deserves to be happy.

Be light!


Through Vinícius Francis

Translation - Ale´ojah Silah (Shanti)


Messages of light - Elohim, the seed of happiness

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