Message of Saint Germain of Love and Hope

  • 2012


Beautiful being of light !!! I use your channel and I get in touch with you so that you transmit my message of love and hope to the beings of light in the world who feel it.

Brothers, sweet beings of light!

The day is approaching, all of you know you expected it with anxiety, with enthusiasm, some with fear, but you should not wait, you should leave that flows, do not put expectations because nothing physical will happen.

The sun will rise the same as the others, and the clouds will turn the sky white, in some places it will rain, in others it will snow, in others the It will only be a day just like the others but what will have changed? Actually, what will have been transmuted?

The universal energy, the energy of Mother Earth, the energy of the Father Universe will vibrate to a different level - it will be purer, brighter, more intense, stronger

Yes, beautiful beings of light, an energy transmutation will have been carried out, a transmutation for many expected and for others feared, but there is nothing to fear, the new Era will have started !!!

On day 21 at sunset take a few minutes to depend the old Era, take a few minutes to thank your growth and personal evolution until that moment, perform a small introspection ceremony To feel from your heart the end of this era, an era marked by the anchoring of the human being to the material needs of the Earth forgetting that the balance in nature, in the world, in the universe, in one It also goes through attending to spiritual needs and fitting them with the materials we are formed by the integration of the All in One.

Interiorize, then, for a few minutes, thanking and forgiving, being aware of everything that until then you have lived and visualize a violet ray, my ray of light and love, feel how it penetrates your being through of your 7th chakra, through a small door that you will have opened in your crown, and as it slowly descends through your interior filling each and every corner of your being Transmuting all the emotions, all the pains, all the rages in golden light feel the gift of the Universe, feel my gift to prepare your being, your soul, for the dawn of the next day, the first New Age day.

Once this ceremony is done, rest…

At dawn, at dawn, when your being awakens with the sun's rays of the new day, take again a few minutes to receive another blessing. Close your eyes and in a prayerful position, gather your hands at the height of the heart and raise your face to the sun, breathe the air of the new day and visualize how a rain of rays of all colors descends on the Earth illuminating everything ... feel like from one of those rays, the color that you feel descends directly to your crown chakra and enters your being filling it with that light.

Feel privileged to be in this moment materialized on Mother Earth, for being partakers of this healing.

Beautiful beings of light! Spread your happiness to the four winds, use your energy to do it, feel at all times how your aura shines and illuminates as it never had. Feel the magic of the protective shield that you carry and that emanates directly from your heart.

You will all witness this moment and you will all feel it, each in its own way, according to its sensitivity. Do not feel discriminated against if your evolution is slow or if you do not know how to visualize, everything is possible, you just have to let your senses feel.

Open up, open your being, flow with your emotions, let yourself be carried away by the goodness and joy that nest in your heart because you are made in the likeness of the Creator.

Dear brothers, I love you, we love you !!! May the Creator bless you !!!

Channeled by Montse Macanás on Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 12:41.

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