The Elohim: Realizing your dreams with Postivity and Faith through Vinícius Francis

  • 2015

Positivity and faith can lead man to experience the realization of all his dreams and ideals. You all have goals in life and that's why we say these words. When they are positive in themselves and convinced that nothing is more than having and exercising faith, the paths simply open.

Many of the humans who now live on the surface of the Earth complain about their lives for not having what they want and for not using the life they judge they deserve. However, we, as non-physical energies that work in the creation of what you call matter, understand why certain things do not happen for many humans.

There is always much flowing in your direction and that would be no exaggeration on our part, since they know how great and infinite the Universe is. So, if you can have knowledge about the abundant diversity that exists in it in union with its extension, you can, at the very least, consider what we are talking about here reasonable.

By observing a star like your Sun, for example, they will have, in a much smaller way, an idea of ​​what the greatness of the Universe is. And if you notice that all of it is sustained by an energy that you simply cannot see, you will consider true what we say about the Good that flows marvelously and abundantly in your direction.

All that energy that keeps the Universe in operation (it is good to emphasize “perfect” so that you understand that there is nothing wrong happening in any place, it is just a version of the Good that you refuse to understand or that many times to which has no openness) is flowing in your direction and we want you to know that all that force is purely positive, however, as you approach your physical reality, the "contrast" of everything is shown.

For you adopted innumerable resistances and behaviors that literally offend the purity of the non-physical energy that is flowing in the whole. And just your resistances, or as we like to call them, "apologies", seize the powerful movement of what you call God. And once that flow process is resisted, the manifestations so beautiful that they want cannot happen. And so far, the only actors acting on the backwardness or non-manifestation of things are you in your contexts filled with apologies.

See how that seems ironic! The Universe, which in its perfection is keeping all things in an eternal flow under incredible support based on laws that you would never understand in the moment and directing the benefit of that move to you those of the Earth, find the door closed and some Sometimes, ajar in your reality.

And when that happens there is a huge contrast between your personal reality and the reality that occurs in the cosmos. You could look, through your windows, the starry sky on a clear night and contemplate the immensity of stars (And tell yourself in passing that what you see is small by others in front of what you cannot observe) and ask yourself: How is it possible that Is there so much abundance out there?

How is it possible that the Universe manages to harbor so much wealth while I, here on Earth, live in such a small and sad reality?

And when you see it, you perceive that there is something wrong! But not with the Universe and not with you, but with the way they vibrate. What they are emitting does not allow the same abundance that exists there to manifest in your reality. However, there are many who manage to create and enjoy wealth and we say wealth of everything. There are many who placed themselves in the permissive vibration that matches that abundant movement and all of them are receiving the benefit of what they vibrate and of the openness they are offering to the whole.

But, instead of asking yourself: How do they do that? You claim, fight, make excuses to justify the reality in which you are living, as if she were justified before the laws that operate in the Universe. You say to yourselves: My life is like that because I didn't have the same fate. I don't have the things I want because I live in a country where inequality is something huge. And I'm not an accomplished person because I wasn't born in the right city, I didn't have the right family or the right opportunities to get where I would like to.

And all that, dear ones, does not go through apologies. None of that is true. It is not the condition of your country that defines your condition. It is not the situation of your family or of your city or context of reality that defines who you are and where you will arrive. What defines that is your individual vibration, which is being captured and answered promptly in the same equivalence.

What is inviting failure or victory in your lives is your judgment, through your energy and signal sent to the whole. The same divine move that occurs in the lives of those who enjoy the best happens with all of you, what changes is the openness of each one.

And we would summarize as follows: Those who do not live on apologies and justifications for their own failure or insufficiency are those who enjoy and gather the best fruits, because instead of apologizing they are working to allow what they want, in the way they can And what do they know? And those who are reaping the fruits of social inequality, the family environment and experiencing the disease of a life that simply does not change are those who remain under their own justifications. They are defending their own failure, they are supporting with the trial, the stagnation of the reality in which they live.

And we ask: When will that stop? When will they turn in favor of what promotes them? There is nothing wrong with you except what you are vibrating! There is nothing that needs to change except your energy. There is nothing they need to do beyond placing themselves in another, in a tune that allows the changes they want. However, they will have to face themselves and transform themselves in the way they think, feel, believe and act.

Do you want to live the life that you want and that you feel is for you? Then, they may change in the energetic and vibratory sense. Stop apologizing and justifying what keeps you in failure and walk, turn your ship in the direction of the current, turn your creative powers in the sense of manifestation. And what is that sense? It is the feeling of happiness, that nothing else is that the fortitude with who you are and the fullness of the nature of God in you, being felt, created and lived, day after day, in purity, joy and honesty.

We like that!

Translation: Ale ojah Silah (Shanti)

The Elohim through Vincent Francis

Translation : Ale ojah Silah (Shanti)

The Elohim: Realizing your dreams with Postivity and Faith through Vincius Francis

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