Message from Master Kuthumi: What is Love?

  • 2018

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, March 9, 2018

The question "What is love?" Has a value, meaning and depth equivalent to "What is the Creator?" Or "What is the meaning of life?" . In fact, these three questions invite you to explore beyond yourself in an unknown space where you can access deep knowledge. They will guide you along an exploration journey gathering your focus at the core of All That Is.

They wonder how it is that everything that exists on Earth reaches creation and manifestation, why we act and react in certain ways and what existence really is. Some souls do not even risk asking such questions, while for others there is no earthly life without the presence and exploration of these questions.

What we all look for cannot be labeled or explained. However, we can capture a deeply rooted familiarity and connection when we live with consciousness in the heart chakra .

Every soul searches the Creator in one way or another, whether they call it Allah, God, Almighty, Source, Essence, nature, full realization or in any other way.

The biggest statement with which we can all resonate is: " The Creator is love and love is the Creator . " In the meaning of these words you can find an understanding that feels beautifully within our being, healthy and full while granting the freedom to be the truth and reality of the inner consciousness . Through contemplation you will not only allow yourself to touch the truth of love and the Creator within your being, but you will also contact the same within others, within each being that exists with you.

The Defined Love

Love has many explanations ; Each soul can define the love through the eyes that it chooses to perceive. Love has numerous levels of commitment. Love exists within friendship, respect, romantic relationships, kindness, families, strangers, passion, patience and care.

Love exists in the harsh words of another to protect what he treasures, within the mother who gives her child to another person in the hope of a better life than she had, or the homeless person who risked everything to help others. Love is not always pretty or kind, in fact love has many faces and facets, many stories and expressions . An expression and explanation of love describes only one atom of the body and source of love.

Love is always present, eternal, enduring, empowering and true, has no name and yet can be embodied and expressed in millions of ways.

Love is present in everything and everyone, love is the Creator in action through you . What they see, feel and experience in their daily lives as love is born from a large, abundant and expansive source, their power is immense.

They are constantly accessing the source of love and bringing it to the incarnation within their being and life. Although they forget that they were born from the source of love, that is the Creator, they are all that love is, and that is why they have the ability to produce the abundant source of love.

Instead of sharing drops of love, share waves of love . Instead of holding on to love, let it fly and fly as free as a bird. Realize that you are what you are looking for, you are love . They are naturally the supreme magnificence of love. It is its purpose to be the expansive connection through which the divine body of love flows, a love that is beyond the human perception of love and yet seeps into every aspect of human life.

Love is present to experience what they want . Their thoughts, visions, perceptions and dreams influence the love they experience at all levels of their being and the abundance of love they extract and embody from the Creator.

Love is unknown

When they connect with love, they connect with the unlimited and unknown beauty of love. Doing so means that you must walk boldly through fear and embrace all that you still have to learn about yourself and the Creator. It is within the unknown that they discover the wisdom of love, language and knowledge of love.

This wisdom and knowledge speaks through you often, and yet you are still seeking to understand everything you share. The wisdom of love is unpredictable but always guides you on your path, revealing enlightenment and understanding, even in times of chaos and fear. It is through the wisdom of love that we can glimpse the identity of love in the way it speaks through us and towards us.

The most important thing is your own perception of love, especially when this perception is born from a space of love and truth within your being. If you can know and recognize the love within your being, that is, your infinite connection with everything that is the Creator, who is committed to you and through you, then you will begin to understand the presence of love.

They will also recognize love within everything and everyone around them . You will see the different faces, forms and expressions of love, which will allow you to understand the source or body of love of the Creator. They will have access to your power, truth and self-acceptance. They will be empowered, inspired and healed. The limitations and limits of their life and existence will decrease allowing them to explore the space and the unknown energy of love within their body, mind, emotions, friendships and reality.

Love is an exploration of the Creator, it is an internal memory of the truth that can be expressed and experienced a million times a day. In any form of love you can talk to the Creator and listen to the Creator's response.

Love is the communion of the Creator within you and everyone.

Contemplation of Love

As I said, I, Master Kuthumi, can only explain love from my own perspective. I want to encourage you to continue your exploration of what love is. In doing so, I invite you to communicate with the Creator within you and to embody the truth of the Creator. I invite you to reconnect with the abundant body and the source of love that is the Creator, realizing that your connection and incarnation is eternal.

I invite you to realize that as you evolve spiritually, your understanding of all forms and manifestations of love evolve. Change your perspective to see through the eyes of the Creator.

I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to contemplate in meditation or in silence what your personal and current perception of love is . Take time with kindness and patience to allow this inner perspective to develop.

Ask to see and understand what love is through the eyes of the Creator.

Also, I, Master Kuthumi, encourage you to ask inside to see and understand what love is when you look through the eyes of the Creator. The Creator has a perception and a vision of love that can be accessed and incarnated through a simple request.

The more you merge your perceptions with the Creator to understand and embody love, the more you embody the love of the Creator, recognizing the same within yourself and others. They no longer seek love, but want to awaken the awareness of love within others and understand their unique vision and perception of love, thus allowing them to access the vast body and source of love that is the Creator.

I encourage you to explore the question, "What is love?" Let it rest within your being and awaken the truth present in you.

You are more than you could imagine.

In eternal love,

Master Kuthumi

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Natalie Glasson (2018) Master Kuthumi: What is Love? 03/10/2018. Love has won.

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