The Yoga of the Illusive Body of Naropa

  • 2017
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This theme is of vital importance in the East, it is a part of the vast collection of what is known as the "Six Yogas of Naropa . "

In the Six Yogas of Naropa we find the practice of the Tumo, the Yoga of the illusory Body, the Yoga of the Dream, the Yoga of Deities or of the Mentor, the Yoga of the luminosity and the one corresponding to the processes of the Bard of Death.

ethical discipline and insightful vision…

The practice of Naropa Yogas is normally executed by accomplished teachers and yogis who have advanced progress in the practice of meditation and triple mental training that includes the ethical discipline and the penetrating vision "Pragna" which is in this context " Wisdom".

To practice these Yogas, it is first necessary to generate the merit and the favorable conditions . Some previous (Preliminary) activities are recommended that include the development of lucidity in the case of the bard of sleep, the yoga of the nine breaths, the practice of purification of Vajratsatva and the preparation of the energy body (Chakras, nadhis).

The previous practices must be done before executing any of the Naropa Yogas.

a special kind of dream ...

When we practice the "Yoga of the illusory body" we refer to that corresponding to the waking state, which is understood as a particular kind of dream . This is intended to understand the day as a dream or illusion that happens but not in the way we perceive it.

But why do we say it is an illusion?, because in some way we approach our day or daily activities as if they were real or perceived in the same way by all the people around us, however it is not so, in fact each person experiences life in a way Unique and individual, this is how, although we intend to know how others experience their daily life, what we actually observe is the projection of our minds of the reality of others and of the phenomenal world. in general.

The above does not mean that what we live does not exist, it just does not exist as it appears to us .

A part of the whole.

If we think a little, the day is a huge mixture of mental projections of all who experience it, so when we say that we know the functioning of everything that happens we have to take into account that s We understand a part of the whole, that is only if we are attentive and aware.

One of the techniques in the Yoga of the illusory body is that of reality tests, we can do them the more we must execute them at all times of the day. What we must question is: is what I experience permanent or impermanent? Does it have intrinsic identity? Is it solid or composed of parts? And finally, is it a source of happiness or pain?

how things exist ...

If we reflect on the answers we will be understanding how things really exist, that is that nothing is permanent, nothing has intrinsic identity, everything is composed of parts and that if we understand this we will experience as a result happiness and peace.

It seems difficult and it is only because we are not used to questioning ourselves and questioning the perception of ourselves and everything that surrounds us. However, in doing so, we will understand an infinity of realities, so to speak, as not everything we think and observe is only as it appears to us, that each person has their own experience and that in that sense life is an illusion that happens in our mind and that of others.

analyze and meditate…

Although it seems entangled it is important to pay attention to each statement, analyze it and meditate on it again and again.

Let us remember that in no way is it affirmed that things do not happen, they just do not happen as they appear to us ... individually.

While this is a practice that requires a lot of preparation it is important to understand that if we are on the path of internal and spiritual realization we are already enough steps ahead and that we can generate a huge and sincere aspiration for this teaching to reach our life, with the appropriate teacher, in the right place and with the conditions and circumstances necessary for us to be good recipients of it.

If something is true, each teaching comes into our life when we are really prepared for it, so in the meantime we continue to apply conscious attention, ethical behavior and penetrating vision so that at the least expected moment this valuable teaching appears and permeating our lives So be it ... !!! .. ..

AUTHOR: Pilar V zquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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