Telepathy replaces verbal communication by reading and responding to vibratory energy

  • 2018

During all these years it has been interesting to observe the evolution of our experiences as we become the Unified Field of Super-Consciousness here.

The way we communicate and exist is very different . Everything is Energy, at the Quantum Level (Soul) . and WE READ the Quantum Energy through our own Internally Connected Consciousness E Everything is VISIBLE, thanks to an electromagnetic field, thanks to the change of Vibration, thanks to the Quantum / Geometry Mechanics, thanks to the C Digo de Luz and much more.

The ` ` thoughts '' are a differently transmitted and visible / audible vibrational energy

Emotions are a transmitted and visible / audible vibratory energy in a different way….

Words are a vibratory energy transmitted and readable differently ...

A closed heart transmits an energy of frequencies much more "low / discordant" than that of Consciousness / The Opening of a Pure Heart….

Your REACH TRANSMITS everything to YOU ​​………. so that everyone can listen / see / feel / read ...

Human aspects misunderstand it, due to the lens / fractal through which they “see” ……

The Quantum Light Beings see the entire field ... all the fractals of the entire matrix ... as one.

I have observed all the judgments of those who communicate through the Word and of those who function as a UNIFIED FIELD through a deeply connected space internally and STATES OF HIGH AND EXPANSIONAL CONSCIENCE and the human ego has a huge communication deficit due to its own state disconnected.

He cannot "read" the energy, he cannot apprehend or understand at the energy level, he is not in a vibratory / energetic agreement, which creates a distortion within himself. What humans understand is very different, because of the programs and old beliefs / mentalities / unconscious discordant energies still maintained and applied.

Many recent exchanges and comments on human aspects judgments share that "we don't listen" or that we are rude or that we don't give someone the opportunity to speak…. when it is the opposite of "truth." We do not need words, we have already read the field, we have already "read your thoughts", because "the energy of a thought" is visible long before the words were formed.

Our " telepathic abilities " have been more than "improved" at the human level, giving us the ability to see / read / understand and respond before the human aspect has formulated the words or phrase ... and we respond to "our speed" of communication, which is quantum ... and not linear.

I remember that in my early days how we talked to each other out of emotion, 'going faster' and sharing with our hearts, how we had to stop and wait until it was our turn to speak. We came to understand vibrational / energy communication and that this communication was nonlinear.

Therefore, our conversations were also often iodine at the same time. We laughed at the amount of information there was and how we were all talking at the same time ... we finally learned to communicate in another way.

It took us years because the way in which communication is processed and formed by the human aspect based on carbon and by us as Beings of Light is totally opposite and the ' Speed ​​of Light' applies to us.

I stopped using the word telepathy once I realized how limited it was, because it is a human word that wants to learn how to do it, while “learning” is essentially in the Self, in the Presence and in a total connection with everything .

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Lisa Brown

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