Kryon's Message: The Evolution of Akash

  • 2018

Earthly life has a time counted by our biology. It is a fact from which no one can escape. And for this same reason, the idea of ​​the existence of a higher plane that groups other higher elements with respect to existence is evidenced. In this way, Akash allows us to understand each and every one of those instances that correspond to us, not as earthly beings, but rather as beings of light who have come to this world with the purpose of shaping the space for which We have been prepared throughout our lives in the new world.

Akash is a synthesis of each and every one of the events that you would have done during this and other existences. In this way, it is up to us to understand it, not as a record, but rather as a group of internal experiences that constitute the being you are today. Akash is not a linearity, it is the gathering of all the memory that you cannot access but it is part of your being.

This element includes all traces of past life that you had from its beginning to its end. Akash can explain the forms of death in past lives, the time of life, the cultures between which you would have developed and other key elements in your development during another life.

Akash channels

No one can, at least not by will, access Akash's information. However, there are channels that allow you to answer your call from time to time . One of these channels is the dream. Do n't you think it's strange to find places you've never "known "? Places and ways of death that make no sense with your current life? Well, Akash is stored in the unconscious, appearing sporadically on certain occasions, surprising those who dare to question it and those who do not.

It is an element that despite being implicit in us, fails to externalize until we become beings of light.

Akash's evolution has been progressive . Its evolution starts from the first moment in which life begins. Today, Akash continues to evolve, your Akash is you and what you once were . You are the result of that evolution that makes you a being of light that proliferates in earthly life but that, at some point, will return to be part of that energy that will enlarge the Akash.

Evolution has changed over time. This, product of the changes in life itself, in the conceptions, in the ways of making life, in the ways of understanding the origin that can alter so many. The notion of karma and sin join this journey, becoming important elements in the internal and external life of human beings that carry the task of becoming beings of light with much greater effort than others.

It is not an easy task

The Akash and its evolution have complicated the ways of understanding the origin and the future, which has produced severe questions before the eye of God. On the one hand, there will be those who find him as a praised and responsible being of all creation, while in contrast, there are those who find him as a careless father who has not performed his tasks in the best way.

In either case, the distortion is evident. No one understands the reality of the matter and the task to which we have been destined as beings appointed by God and his light. Akash is then presented as an advance, as a non-linear accumulation of all our lives, and with it, all our internal experiences to the point of encountering much of our past lives taking into account the elements of its beginning and the key points At its culmination .

The theme brings together all those who once responded to the same identity but who knew each other under different names, there is the Akash that defines us today without knowing it.

Channeled by Lee Carroll

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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