Awakening your ability to Channel, by María Magdalena

  • 2013

Pamela channels Maria Magdalena

Translation of English by Sandra Gusella

This channeling was received in the context of a workshop offered by Gerrit and Pamela on channeling. The majority of the people attending the workshop were spiritual advisors wishing to improve their channeling skills and rise above the lack of confidence in this area.

Dear sisters and brothers, I greet you all from my heart. I am Maria Magdalena and I am not alone: ​​I am here with many others. Today we will talk about the art of channeling. Many of you want to channel but feel blocked by doubt and anxiety about this. Some of you already channel but do not dare to express it publicly. Today I would like to offer you a different perspective on the question of whether you can or should channel. I am telling you that channeling is not new to all of you; They have done it before under different names in many lives before this one. It's not such a difficult thing! Opening to channel for you is not about learning something new, it is about awakening skills that are familiar, even innate to you.

You have all been on this planet before and have expressed your gifts on Earth in previous lives: the gift of intuition, of channeling, of the third eye. Your past lives were often marked by those talents, and they are still here today. Each of you is surrounded by personalities that once were, who in one way or another have heard that inner voice, the voice of the soul, and passed it to other people on Earth. They were a bridge between this world and the other, the soul world from which you come. For a long time this has been your soul call. Try to feel, if you can, those personalities around you. They are a part of your soul, as a sunbeam is part of the sun. Not the whole, but an inalienable part of it. Perhaps you see or feel around you some of these figures from past lives. Take a moment to feel it, calmly and clearly.

Channeling is not new to you. They have done it many times before, in other ways and in different ways, and it was something familiar that came naturally to them. I ask you now to make contact with that natural and familiar way of channeling that you knew in previous lives, or call it "other lives" - these things are not as close to time as you might think. Allow one of the individuals that were once to approach and flow through you. Just watch who comes forward and don't focus so much with your head; just let it happen naturally from the feeling. You don't have to see any person, just feel it. And sometimes it takes time until they manage to feel something. This woman or this man, whom you feel close to you and who is part of your soul, now wants to give you something.

Previous lives are like all lives, a mixture of the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful: of light and darkness; of good and evil, if they want to. That person, who is now with you, comes to give you your Light, and the beautiful fluid part of him or her that felt a connection and formed a bridge with the other world from which they channeled love, incentive and hope to the people who They surrounded. Remember this connection, not through your mind, but through your cells and your feelings. Get again a feeling of what that bridge was like with the other world.

Allow yourself to be helped in this process by considering the other person of that other life as your guide. Imagine a time when channeling was going well and you were able to share the flow of your soul with others. You do not have to imagine the details of what happened. It is about the flow and how safe it is, and also its familiarity and how obvious it is. In fact, none of you have to learn to channel, because channeling is something that you can already do. The key is to restore the way it is done: reconnect with that part of you that does it so easily. Although there are accumulated fears and pains in you that are resistant, reminding yourself how easily the canalization used to flow, remove some of that resistance.

Now the time has come when there really is an opportunity on Earth for what you have to give. There are people waiting for that energy to flow through you and through your light-working sisters and brothers - the world is waiting for you! When in past lives, and in earlier times, you often had to be very circumspect and operate almost surreptitiously and secretly, now there is a need, an opportunity and an openness to receive your gifts. The feminine power of the inner eye and that of intuition are welcome once again - and that really is an attenuation. They are not only welcome, they are desperately necessary! Humanity is in danger; There is a crisis worldwide: an economic crisis as well as an environmental crisis. It is a profound crisis in which we ask ourselves, "How do we relate to ourselves and our world on Earth?" The whole basis of how you will relate to yourself and "the other" in the future, turns around this issue.

There are people trapped in fears, in struggles, in illusions. People have been lost, and there is a deep loneliness in the hearts of human beings. From that loneliness a desperate search for a lighthouse outside of yourselves arises to hold on to. But the guiding light is not outside of you, and you will not find it in another person or in an institution or organization. At this time, it becomes clear that there are no certainties that are outside of you: not in a house, not even in a personal relationship or in a circle of friends. You are taken deeper and deeper inside for everything that happens outside, and this for many people can be very scary. You felt it only in your meditation when you connected with the collective energy (before channeling, Gerrit offered a guided meditation to the group). You observed the fear and stress that many people are experiencing now.

What is your role in all this: your task, your path? The answer lies in your inner reality. It's always about staying close to yourself, because you know that the "path" is inside. You are already familiar with this inner world, with the peace and calm you can find there. For this reason, at this time you will be guides or teachers for others and will do so in the freest and most kind sense of the word. Not as those who are leaders in the traditional sense, but as a living example of how to make a deep connection within yourself, with what transcends earthly life, with what transcends external certainties, and with what is independent of This - a connection with your soul. Irradiating this connection to others is essentially your life mission. It takes them directly to the core of who they are, and in this way they also touch others and invite them to do the same.

Go again to that small circle of personalities of past lives around you, who are part of you. They share with them traits and qualities, however they lived in times and in very different environments; but in essence, it is the same heart. Tell those who have had to operate in darkness and in secret that the road is now open: “now I can reveal all the qualities that you have developed in the past; Now I can radiate my own Light; I am well received on Earth. ”In some of those personalities they may feel that there are painful memories of not being accepted, of being condemned for what they were, and of not having been able to share the reality they had to give. Now is the time to heal that old pain. It must be seen, remembered and honored, so that it can be released so that it can give rise to a new job, a new light, a way of being yourself effortlessly.

These old personalities can remind you of your talents, your natural connections, your soul. That is your gift to you: qualities that you have once developed and increased very carefully in other times, through experience, practice and training. But you also have a gift for that as a reward. Tell him that now they can release their old burdens and that they can release the feeling of not being accepted, that pain of the past. Not feeling accepted and not living what was natural to you was very painful. Even so, your wisdom has grown due to these experiences; your understanding of human nature and of light and darkness. Accept this past and free those old lives, never again tied to old pains or traumas, let them go their way. Take in your heart what is wise and beautiful with respect to them. Thank him for that - really do it from the heart! Thank him for the gifts they are leaving and then release them so that they are free, so that they finally rest their painful connection to the Earth. Thus the past is healed.

Everything that is good and durable from the past remains with you; It is not lost although for a long time it has been surrounded by pain, uncertainty, fear and frustration. You can release it and bring a diamond from that past. It is in this life that this diamond can shine and radiate the world and give you happiness, the happiness of simply being yourself and of not having to hide anymore. That is the key to everything. If you can experience this beautiful diamond in yourself, then everything else in your life happens almost by itself. They attract relationships, livelihoods and work environments that belong to the diamond. Feel in you the presence of this brilliant energy. So much strength and wisdom wrapped in you for so many centuries and the many people that have been. Feel the depth, mystery and wonder of this. Have respect for who they have been and stop looking at them under you with disdain and criticism.

Feel what a channel is like, here and now; Feel the diamond they are . Just observe that space within your body where you can feel this jewel and allow its radiant energy to flow through your entire body so that they are bathed in its Light. I am here as your fellow man; I am not a teacher above you. I am exactly like you and therefore I feel very close to you, just like you in my heart. When you have doubts, which arise easily in the reality of human beings, I am with you to attract your strength and remind you of who you are; to summon you to really believe in yourself, and to be in touch with the dazzling diamond that you already are, here and now.

Pamela Kribbe

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