Conversations with Rene Mey

  • 2011

RENE MEY, French, humanist, man of peace, wise, without any political or religious affiliation.

He was born a seer, can see and feel the presence of BEINGS OF LIGHT that always accompany and guide him. He remained in deep meditation for eight continuous years with the advice of BEINGS OF LIGHT, without his physical body feeling the basic needs (sleep, eating, etc.). With his high spiritual development he has managed to acquire faculties that allow him to help people solve all kinds of problems and to HEAL THEM, sometimes even incurable diseases.

He has dedicated many years of his life to humanitarian work, visiting hospitals, orphanages, prisons, to help and heal. In August 2007, he arrives in Mexico to help the country fulfill its mission and become a example of love for the world, helping each other to take the first step towards the awakening of "The New Intelligence of the Heart". Currently he and his team of volunteer therapists have opened more than 500 Humanitarian Centers around the Mexican Republic that serve about 17, 000 people a month for free. Your web:


Conversations with Rene Mey from La Nueva EnergĂ­a on Vimeo.

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