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The Self understands, the Soul guides us, how comforting it is to know where we are going and what purpose we have, and to be able to reveal our learning. When we do not understand them, we are presented with limiting situations, it does not allow us to expand where we have to go, not seeing our purpose of life, it causes a frustrating and incomprehensible effect for the person, without understanding what is happening to us, the Kabbalistic Analysis helps us to discover these questions, giving light and understanding these circumstances, showing what we are and what we have come to do as souls.

The Paths that your Soul has chosen, we see them on the paths that we travel in the Tree of Life, Origin, Transformation and Destiny. There are 22 paths that are related to the 22 major arcana of the Tarot, each of them is governed by two planets, hence the great influence they exert.

Each path we have chosen for the evolution of our Soul, they describe what they want to learn, depending on the openness of consciousness of each person and the moment they are.

The path of origin is traveled in the first years of life, we always do that of transformation, since such learning is necessary for us to grow and evolve, it is the way we work to do. The path of Destiny is what we want to learn again to continue evolving, for this we need tools, we are given guidelines to continue expanding from within.

The Energy Structure is based on a circular diagram governed by solar numerology. Learnings are seen, issues that our Soul has set out to work, such as self-esteem, work, personal relationships, as we communicate. Important to know them to be able to advance in our life plan.

We have emotional blockages to overcome, we must recognize them, redirect them and transform them, if they cannot move on to the physical plane manifesting themselves with ailments or diseases.

There are also the qualities that are brought from other lives, it is important to awaken these skills and integrate them with recognition, it helps us to become aware of our inner selves, allowing us to see how our life improves significantly.

Understanding awakens our abilities and makes us feel stronger in the face of adversity.

What the Kabbalistic Analysis provides:
- See the situations that are repeated to us and we do not understand.
- What is our life mission, which we have come to do at soul level.
- Recognize pending learning consciously.
- Discover yourself, awaken the skills.
- Understand our blockages and dilute them.
- Obtain greater tolerance towards others, strengthen our personal relationships.

- Personal growth, inner peace.

With understanding our conscience becomes more flexible to achieve greater evolution of our Being.

The Analysis is obtained from the date of birth and the name and surnames, the letters are transformed into numbers, each one has a vibration of the Hebrew alphabet. In the Kabbalistic numerology, solar numbers are used, each one has its own meaning, thus obtaining information about what our soul comes to work, helps to awaken consciousness, understand the learning we bring and harmonize our interior.

The Analysis of Kabbalah, consists of an explanation of 2 hours and a half approx. It is recorded so as not to lose information or details, which one may need later, sent by mail. An explanatory scheme in pdf of the Analysis is attached. You see the life plan that your soul chose, the three Paths, the Energy Structure, where you can see the main blockages that prevent you from moving forward, the Image of the Soul and the Karmic Reunions where we will reveal what we bring from other lives and recognize them.

Kabbalistic Analysis:

-Presencial or Distance (via Skype) € 65.

Relationship Analysis

Kabbalistic Analysis not only reveals the personal information of our Soul, but also allows us to carry out different Relationship studies. You get specific information about relationships, it can be between two people or more. A place, population / city. A specific date or illness.

Analysis of Relationship between People: How many times has happened to us not understanding the situations we live with the closest people. Those patterns that are repeated to us and we don't know how to dilute them. Family situations, friendships, work that costs us so much to cope with, without understanding what is happening around us. The study between two or more people gives us light to these everyday situations that concern us so much. The Relationship Analysis between people, gives us the path we have come to travel together in this life, we learn in common, how to deal with situations of disagreement. In the Karmic Reunions, it is seen if there are, what they are, or if in another life they could not help themselves in this life is pending to be done.

Disease Analysis: The importance of our health is vital, many times it will depend on our attitude, take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves, relax ... how easy it is to neglect ourselves, we have been carried away by stress, haste, poorly managed emotions, we are not aware many times, of the diseases that we have generated. Somehow they are telling us something, it is time to reflect and contrast what is happening to us. Everything ends up having a cause and effect. You have to understand the learning that this situation entails. The specific name of the disease already reveals an information, contrasted with the vibration of oneself, will give us guidelines to understand the situation of the moment, how to carry it, in fact it indicates the Way that our soul in particular needs to work as learning lifetime.

Place Analysis: When we consider making a change in our lives, we often wonder how this will be, or how it will influence us. Moving from city / town, from a place of residence even if it is temporary, or taking a trip, all this implies a transfer to a new or unusual place. Each place has a vibration and this will influence us by providing different experiences. The Analysis of Place, helps us visualize, understand and that will be received from that particular place. Contrasting the vibration of the site with ours, it will bring us something to discover, and we will know what it will bring us. Giving us as a result the road we come to travel in that place. Where we will see learning, issues to work, recognize our skills and what tools are given to us.

Date Analysis: It is designed for important events in our life, celebratory, special days, devoting itself to a specific date. It may be past dates as coming, for example, the date of a wedding, a birth, giving a conference, a meeting, an important day with a special event. The vibration of the specific date gives us a certain information by itself, with some qualities, contrasting it with our own or that of another / other people we can see the Path that is destined to us in this situation, with its characteristics, learnings and guidelines given to us on that specific day in our lives.

The Relationship Analysis is obtained from the date of birth and the full name of oneself and according to the case to be analyzed, person, place, specific date or specific name of the disease. Letters are transformed into numbers, each number has vibration and a meaning on its own (solar numbers), this alchemy brings us to cabalistic numerology which gives us information about what comes to work our soul, helps to awaken consciousness, understand the learning we bring and harmonize our interior.

The Relationship Analysis consists of an explanation of 1 hour approx. It is recorded so as not to lose information or details, which can be heard again later. It is sent by mail. I send an explanatory scheme in pdf. of the Analysis by mail.

Relationship Analysis:

-Presencial or Distance (via Skype) 40 .

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