Arturians - Reading the language of Light

  • 2015

Dear Arturians:

I woke up with a message from you. If I repeat what I remember: Could you complete the message? Also: Could you comment on the vision I had of a great whale with wings deep in the ocean?

Very dear Suzille:

We answer these questions for you and your readers. Our message began with "Change is NOW, but you can only perceive it when your consciousness expands to the 5th Dimension and beyond." We want to remind you that when we say “NOW”, we are NOT talking about the three-dimensional now in which it is the “ time to do something ”.

When we say NOW, we mean that "it is the NOW in which you abandon the illusion of time." Within that NOW you can experience the Change, because then your consciousness is calibrated with the 5th Dimension.

The forces of darkness, which have worked against the Ascension of Gaia since the fall of Atlantis, have lost their battle to control the Earth. However, the termination of the "cleaning" process will take more three-dimensional " time. " Fortunately, many of the volunteers are opening portals to the 5th Dimension and keeping them open.

This higher frequency Light that flows through these open portals will greatly help those who are cleaning up the lies and domination that have invaded Earth's planetary form since the final days of Atlantis .

Because of this current of higher frequency Light towards Gaia, as well as the simultaneous cleansing of darkness, it is NOW to focus on the "intermediate" frequencies between your higher state of consciousness and your tri / four-dimensional consciousness . In this way, your unconscious, conscious and Superconscious consciences will be completely connected.

In other words, you will have to live the triple consciousness of:

one-. The superior expressions of your I.

2-. Your worldly awareness of daily life; Y

3-. Your "intermediate" states of consciousness between your daily life and the higher dimensional consciousness of your I in the higher realms.

The Whale Being you saw in your meditation represents your deepest unconscious Self. Do you remember that this magnificent Being could only communicate with you when you surrendered completely to your experience? Also, when you lost contact with the Whale Being, your unconscious Self, you had to relax again and then enter a circular Light that preceded another message of the "whale."

We hear you ask us to remind you of what your unconscious Self told you "Being a whale" in the deepest ocean of your unconscious. We will help you remember. Now look at the great wings of the Whale Being. Of course, the wings were not feathered, but of the same skin as the rest of his body.

These wings are similar to the fins of the whale, which are similar to the Human arms. The transmutation of the fins of the whale into wings is very similar to the transmutation of the Human arms into wings. Now we will explain more about the meaning of these internal “mobile images”.

Before doing so, we remind you and your readers that you will ALL be receiving more messages in the Language of Light . The Language of Light originates in the 5th Dimension and beyond. Your three-dimensional brain is not calibrated to download that informative frequency, but it can capture images and feelings.

The Language of Light is very similar to the language of dreams. Consequently, if you document your dreams when you wake up, that will be a strong basis for the understanding of the Language of Light that accompanies all our Harvest Circles and all our transmissions.

Now we will go into the details of all the images that accompanied your message, which really is a message through you instead of just a message for you.

A whale is a kind and loving Being that never hurts anyone.

Whales are dedicated to their herd and their young.

They are great creations that do NOT leave negative "traces" on Gaia's body.

Water is a symbol of emotions. The deep ocean is a symbol of the emotions that lie deep in your unconscious mind. Before you connected with the whale, it was necessary for you to see the circle of upper dimensional Light in the center of your deep unconscious mind.

Then you should surrender totally to that Light and free yourself from ALL expectations. The whale constantly told you: "Let Go, Let Go!"

Once you connected with the Light, it became clear that the whale had large wings in the place where it once had relatively small fins. It was your Love for all whales that allowed you to surrender to aquatic darkness. You, Suzille, you've been a whale in Sirius B; so you could identify yourself with the whale.

So the message for you and through you was: If you can find the hidden Light in your deepest unconscious, you can connect within yourself with a deep wisdom that you have probably ignored. From all your years of being a psychotherapist, you thought that the unconscious was a place where negative secrets were kept.

That is why you also remembered that the unconscious is also where your greatest wisdom, power and Love are; in this case personified as a great whale with wings, which can help you to transmute to the higher expression of your I.

Of course, we Arturians have given the previous message many times. However, it is more personal and has greater meaning when you see it, feel it, surrender to it; you deeply experience the message through your own inner Light. Too often, the inner Light of people is hidden in the deep oceans of their unconscious mind.

They have all been indoctrinated to think that there is something wrong with them, that they should improve, that they should be mortified if they do something `` bad '', or if their body is larger than that of a movie star.

Television commercials have been a VERY effective tool of c bala to reduce the self-esteem of those who watch them. Fortunately, television commercials are becoming less and will soon be over.

People are choosing to enjoy their entertainment through a medium that is not commercial based. In fact, commercials have a large amount of subliminal information that is unconsciously perceived by the viewer.

Your three-dimensional means of communication are plagued by this subliminal information that creates invisible forms of negative thinking. Because these negative messages / controllers are subliminal, they are often stored in the unconscious mind.

Then you are guided unconsciously to do what the subliminal messages say to do, or if not, lose your friends, gain weight, be unhappy, lose s your job The list is endless.

For this reason we are reminding you how to read the Language of Light. The Language of Light is above the perceptual ability of your three-dimensional brain; consequently, it is frequently stored in your unconscious along with what you have repressed.

Yes, it is true that you have repressed negative past memories. However, you have also repressed memories of positive events that you know you could not share with others, such as your many meetings with Higher Beings and your visits to our Star Ship .

Consequently, a "very wise whale" can develop in your unconscious mind.

Once you have remembered the way your unconscious mind / body reads the Language of Light and other higher experiences, you have an instant antidote to the negative subliminal messages that pollute your three-dimensional reality.

To read the Language of Light, you must first learn to “feel it”, as well as distinguish it from other non-verbal symbolic languages ​​such as commercial ones. Many commercials make you feel " deficient " and that " you should improve ".

On the other hand, the language of Light makes you feel loved, honored and important, just as you feel NOW . The Language of Light is full of Unconditional Love, Unconditional forgiveness, Unconditional acceptance; and Violet Fire.

Consequently, when you receive the Language of Light you feel happy, honest, euphoric; Maybe you cry of happiness and joy. This crying is a kind of deep release from your daily negative indoctrination. This release of: "I didn't know how disturbed, confused and lonely I was, even when I felt so wonderfully!"

This liberation from the emotions of fear deposited in your unconscious is one of the main gifts of the Language of Light . Even if your three-dimensional brain does not understand it, your unconscious mind and physical body feel the Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light that carry all the messages of the Language of Light.

In fact, this Love and this Light are the signal that really proves that it is the Language of Light that is flowing to you from the higher dimensions. We, your Galactic Family, continually send you messages in the Language of Light.

Suzille was instructed to give "Morning Messages." However, the flow of our message through his Throat Chakra began an Initiation. Usually an "Initiation" arises when one is ready to move to a higher resonance, but his unconscious mind must be cleansed before he can fully accept the multidimensional gift.

Our channel has not been able to verbally transmit our message because it "lost its voice" .

He really didn't lose his voice, he just lost the "intermediate" tones between the upper and lower frequencies. For example, Suzille's throat expresses the high and low acoustic frequencies, but not the " intermediate " frequencies.

After the morning meditations with the whale, her voice began to recover slowly and she began to experience brief moments in which she could express the "intermediate" sounds. It is in them when " his voice returns ."

In other words, his body received in Light Language the message: "Remember to be completely connected, joining the consciousness of your Superconscious Self with the consciousness of your unconscious Self."

Since the Language of Light emerges from your higher expressions of the Self and penetrates deeply into your unconscious Self, it is better perceived if you have completely interconnected your Superconscious Self and your unconscious Self.

In this way you can also remember how to “read” the messages in the Language of Light in the events of your daily life. When you are consciously connected with ALL the range of your life, you can be fully connected with the total range of life on Earth.

When your consciousness expands to the higher frequencies of Light, you will consciously perceive any darkness (which really is fear) that you have hidden in your unconscious mind. Perhaps you have hidden in your subconscious mind that darkness, that fear, those negative behaviors and those old wounds, because you thought you could not face them.

When your inner Light becomes brighter, you have the courage to consciously perceive and heal the dark secrets that you have hidden in your unconscious Self. Once this illusion or darkness is healed, your innate wisdom, power and Love are revealed.

Then, this wisdom, this power and this Love release your "loving Being of wisdom and Light" innate. This being has always been there, but you hid it in your unconscious to protect it from a

World that could not believe in you or your whale .

When you heal and honor your past, you have enough confidence in yourself to live in the NOW.

In the NOW, you are fulfilling the reason for your incarnation.

In the NOW, you are free from past disappointments and future fears.

In the NOW, you are the best and the highest version of your I that NOW is you.

In the NOW, you no longer need to compare yourself with who you once were, or who you should be in the future.

In the NOW, you can remember to love unconditionally, forgive unconditionally and unconditionally accept your Self.

In the NOW, you are free from the polarities and illusions of the Three-dimensional World; and you can perceive the Multidimensional Light of the ONE that is flowing into your life.

In the NOW, you are in the HOME and the HOME is always where you are.

Please join us in this NOW.

The Arturians

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consulting


channeled by Suzanne Lie

Arturians - Reading the language of Light

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