Archangel Gabriel: You can choose in which dimension you will be

  • 2019

I am Gabriel, bearer of joy, bearer of communication, so that you can understand better. You have asked a question, and it is a pleasure to answer you, of the calm you feel inside, but that you still feel the rush around you. With this new stage in which you are, beloved, you can choose in what dimension you will be . And so when you choose to enter the dimension that is speed, because things are coming and being done now quickly, much faster than ever before, you choose to go to that dimension, at that time frame that could help you understand a little more. And just as you would slide down a slide in the pool, the silver shines, and it goes very fast, so that's what can happen here.

And you are seeing it from your multidimensional point of view so you can feel and be calm and at the same time you can be in the place of speed. And this is a transitional place for you to go when you want to bring something to manifest. It's almost as if you were placing a request through the mail box slot and there is a slide that takes it to the stack. From that stack, it will be sorted and inserted into the correct slot for more measures to be taken. This is what happens when you send your desires, your thoughts.

"You are living in this moment of speed, the place of transition to bring something to manifest ... so be careful with your thoughts, your desires and your communication."

Be careful with your wishes

And you are wondering and you are seeing that as soon as you have a thought or desire it seems to be being fulfilled almost immediately. Because that is the time and place where you are living right now. It's cause for celebration, isn't it? That is why I ask you to be careful with your thoughts, be careful with your desires and be careful with your communication.

But that is what I do know, the art of communication. Let's take an example. You think of a person and how you would like to offer a gift or even return something that belongs to that person. And when you go out to the store suddenly that person is there. Yes, you have noticed this at other times. But start paying attention to this. Start paying close attention to every thought, every word, because you will see that it comes true.

And then you say, well, if this is the case, Gabriel, what about the big projects that I would like to have made a reality, those I've been working on for many years? And likewise it is dear. What are your thoughts? What are your words? He is attentive. Remember your ability to be the observer, to be aware of where you are at all times, because what you put out will have an effect on what you have already asked for.

Now you may want to take a breath and fill it with love, peace, joy and send it to the speed dimension and see it as a shiny silver train that goes down the railroad. And then, when he arrives at his destination, the final stop, the train station, as people leave, so do their wishes. Your thoughts also come to light and are released to continue on your way to your next destination. Watch how they are released into the air and become one with air particles. And now watch them enter the train again as it quickly returns to you.

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So this is what you have been feeling. You have been feeling the work, the work of love that happens in this dimension . You have been feeling the speed of its operation. But as you have learned and how you are learning, when you stay in this place of concentration, of love, of peace, of following your joy, that is just a place you feel, as if the train passed by your side. You don't need to be part of that or make the train leave. But you can enjoy watching it while passing happily, while taking off towards your destination. Enjoy the bright silver, the sun, and yes, even the sun smiles.

And so we smile with you now, because each smile brings more joy. And what a joy it is to know that you have reached this place of being the one who decides what you bring to your life, to the world! And knowing that every thought of love, of joy, is sent to everyone.

How is it possible that our hearts do not sing with joy when witnessing this! You are praised. You are loved. You are your partner and we love you without measure.

I am Gabriel, bearer of joy, bearer of the understanding of communication.

Excuse me.

(Channeled by Lee Degani)

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