And now what? ", By Julio André Pagano

When the paths are truncated, when the answers do not arrive, when the predictions fail, when life seems to wither and lack meaning, a question reverberates relentlessly in our whole being: what now?

Don't lose your calm, eternal pilgrim. New learnings come to meet you. I opened your heart. Give yourself permission to assimilate the teachings. There are no errors. You are mobilized, with great mastery, so that you do not fall asleep and flow with existence.

Everything happens at the exact moment and in the way that best suits our personal growth. The synchrony is perfect. If we look through our desires, expectations or illusions, the results may seem negative, cruel or unfair. That is a problem that concerns the personality. The spirit does not play the poor of me, it simply thanks the wisdom of life that each experience contains.

We can cry and curse, we can lament and believe ourselves miserable. No one can take away the right to feel victims and stamp us against the pit of bitterness and despair. The teachings are patient. They know that they came into our lives mobilized by love and the fervent urge to help us grow, so that we transcend the barriers of ignorance.

It is in us to see beyond the apparent. We have the ability to resignify reality and read between the lines. We can rise or turn in descending spirals. The choice is internal. The path of pain and that of love teach equally, the difference is in the blood that is shed.

The moment came to begin to move consciously. We must flow, instead of resisting. New doors will open if we stop feeling miserable and learn the lessons. Our life will gain in depth. We choose to wake up. We were born, in our free will, to a more subtle and charming dimension. We should only remember that it is always easier to understand the teachings if we open our hearts to the light.

Although it may seem strange to you, this message belongs to you. You gave it to me, where the bonds of time do not come, when we play that we lived on Earth and I asked you, overwhelmed by the problems, with no apparent solution: now what? I kept your answer in my soul. I sensed that if we went through physical experience, we might need it to smile again and continue enjoying.


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