“Living with Integrity” - A Canalization of Saint-Germain

  • 2012

“Living with Integrity” A Channeling of Saint-Germain By Alexandra and Dan 31.5.2012 www.joyandclarity.com

Translated by Maribel González

This channeling is part of a reading of the purpose of the Soul with Saint-Germain.

“Dear Saint-Germain, my family is treating my husband with a total lack of respect. It hurts to witness this. I have tried to forgive them for their interference in our lives, but I find that I cannot. His continued negativity prevents me from forgiving them and healing this wound. Can you help me please?"

Dear friend, I AM Saint-Germain. The purpose of your Soul in this life is to live according to your greatest truth and integrity. Since living this way is so important to you, you are naturally reacting strongly to the inappropriate behavior of your family. They have lost contact with the integrity of their highest principles, and their actions show it to you.

You should congratulate yourself for having recognized this, but not paying more attention. There is little you can do now without aggravating the situation and strengthening them more deeply in their wrong convictions.

Instead, you must focus on yourself. In particular, you should be careful not to develop equally strong and self-convincing beliefs about how things are. Your family has made this mistake already. And while they lose a lot of emotional energy defending their positions, their hearts are suffering for it.

Trust in Your Inner Wisdom.

Why not stay aligned with the Higher Truths that are written in your heart, instead of hiding behind your strong beliefs about what has been done to you? Believing that these transgressions can harm you, will only make them seem real in your mind. If you listen to your heart, instead, you will remember that you are all Children of God.

To do this effectively, you will have to rely on your inner wisdom. What is your inner wisdom? Your inner or intuitive wisdom is something that is revealed to you in your feelings and that you get access to through your heart. You cannot evoke the beliefs you have about what happened to you, nor take it out of the sleeve of resentment you may feel because your convictions and principles have been violated.

The more you focus on this, the more difficult you will have to heal the abuse of trust that has taken place between you and your family, and the greater challenges you will face when opening your heart again.

You will be convinced that you are right and that they are wrong, and you will be determined to move this line with your family to a bitter end. But the intensity of your convictions will also make it difficult for you to heal this situation with compassion and forgiveness, and therefore free you to move on.

Bless, Release, and Forgive.

You are encouraged not to react angrily against your family members based on this betrayal of your beliefs and principles. These ARE important, it's true. But you may be hiding behind them in an intellectual way to protect yourself from the pain and betrayal you feel. The anger and resentment you feel towards your family are secondary emotions that only mask the deepest feelings of rejection and loss you are experiencing. This is what he needs from your healing and forgiveness now.

What could be more productive is to allow you to feel and deeply regret this - and then release these difficult family members with an inner blessing. Blessing your family members means freeing them to the guidance and direction of their Higher Self in a way that allows you to move on and live your life with the grace and dignity you desire.

So if they get to understand the ins and outs of the situation and want to re-establish contact with you, you could try this again, but only if you feel it is right for you. First, you might want to "feel the ground." This means that you should enter into a relationship with them little by little; discerning the depth of its transformation with caution and without closing your heart to protect your feelings, as you have done in the past.

As long as you hold on to your anger and resentment, you will not be able to process your deepest feelings of pain, and then offer them forgiveness, blessing, and liberation that will heal you. It is by allowing your deepest feelings to reach a point of forgiveness that you will heal yourself, and also leave the door open for possible reconciliation with your family later, provided they make important changes in their attitude and behavior.

For the moment, you must be firm and resounding in your choice to release these difficult family members. But please remember to bless them, and then release them to the love and guidance of their Higher Souls and Yes. Doing this will help you unravel from this situation, and allow you to heal yourself from Calvary.

What you will discover is that by healing yourself from this emotional wound and blessing and freeing your family members, you will create the greatest possibility for them to change, too. You will create a healing path in which they can travel - if they choose - but without the need for you to face them angrily again.

If they really belong with you, then they will find their return for themselves ... But if not, then it is better to release them with love and blessing, and heal your own heart.

Live with Integrity

You are not here to fight your anger against your anger, nor to fight your controlling behavior by controlling them in return.

Instead, you are here to provide kindness, understanding, and awareness whenever possible - first, for yourself and then for your family members, if they are receptive. In doing so, you will rise to another place of consciousness and silently invite everyone else to do the same.

You will do this with a silent persistence that is a testament to your integrity. And then you will leave the conflict once and for all.

This is the message we have for you today, dear friend. Thank you for allowing us to share it with you. I AM Saint-Germain.

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