Three New Chakras to raise our Consciousness, by Master Kirael, through Kahu Fred Sterling

  • 2010

KIRAEL : Today I will talk about the three new chakras. The three new chakras are located above their head and are golden, aperitif or essence of salad and blue / green. At this time this magical addition to your chakra system could be causing you some memory challenges. They may not remember where their car keys are, or where they left their car. Some might feel as if their foothold when they woke up in the morning was a bit deactivated, or as if they were losing their mind sometimes. Your memory is not failing and you are not losing your foothold or your mind. Rather, the new chakras are connecting with you to your etheric mind, the omni brain and the omni brain is trying to get information stored there in your local brain.

Your job is to be aware of this trip and change your thoughts about what is happening to you. Your memory will not fail unless you say it is failing. So when you think you can't remember where you put your car keys, don't say, "I can't remember where I put my car keys." Instead, I say, "I look more closely for car keys. ”If you say you cannot remember something, you are not in the present moment. Stay in the moment and these three new chakras will raise the percentage of mental capacity and strength they use to 20 or 25% compared to only 10% a year ago.

Change your mind, change anything

Understand that much of your energy goes to your brain, revitalizing it more every day. In essence, your brain is greatly energizing the rest of the body now. That sense of great impact on the body will not last. Just know what is happening. Thus, if they feel a little out of the center or if their limbs are not as strong as they could, do not worry. Just know what is really happening. You can continue to say, "I'm getting dizzy" or "I forgot where my car keys are, " and things will only get worse, or you may not give credit to such thoughts and work with any situation that arises and Things will get better.

With the perception of what is happening, you will not think, “Oh, my God, I am getting dizzy when I stop. That's not good. I'm worse all the time. ”Those thoughts will vanish from his mind. You can replace those thoughts with thoughts like, That is one of the little things that Master Kirael told me. It is my body adjusting and this is perfect. These thoughts will help dissipate what is happening in the body.

You can change anything by changing your mind. Your mind is where the power resides. You can do anything you want and you can use your mind to achieve it. It is your choice. They are predisposed to their own trip and do not waste time telling others. This whole trip is about your conscience, knowing what is happening with your body and knowing what you want, and then you do it.

The roles of the Three Chakras

Now that you understand what is happening in your body as a result of the addition of these new chakras, I will focus on the new chakras themselves. As I told you before, the three new chakras are golden, appetized or of essence essence and blue / green.

The golden chakra is just above its crown and is woven into its omni brain, the connective force between all four bodies. You can practice using this new chakra by summoning the presence of your higher self when you meditate. When you invoke your Higher Self, you will see a mist of golden light that will flow to you. As this mist of light flows to you, listen with your feelings, not your ears. If you hear with your ears, you will not hear anything. They will feel rather than listen to what their higher self is telling them. Your journey will be illuminated (Note: for Master Kirael it means being full of light) while slowly breathing in the energy of prana, taking it through your brain to the pineal gland . Do this for three to six slow and deep breaths, so deep that you can exhale deeply, controlling the flow out of your breath. Eventually they will get dizzy due to all these energies that will come to your brain and be carried down through your system to your body. All your conscious wisdom will be involved in this trip.

Well, the chakra of the pearled essence is the guiding factor of all the incoming light towards your person. The pearly essence is its true spiritual essence. If you could see yourselves for what you really are, you would see the essence of tortilla, not the physical body that you see now. The physical body is an illusion. It is what you created to accomplish this journey, but you are not your body. Everyone has heard that Master Jesus will return to this Earth plane at some point in time. You think he will bring his body, but this will not happen. Master Jesus, Master Buddha, Lady Quan Yin, all the great masters who enter this trip will do so in this beautiful, scented essence.

Now, I will speak of the blue / green chakra as the winner of the word go . Currently you still have your green chakra, which is your love, and your blue throat chakra that is your truth, but this new blue / green is the truth of all truths because it is interwoven with the heart . You cannot speak through this chakra unless you are in the truth. If you think, you will check it by telling a lie through that chakra, you will find that the lie will not come from that chakra. It will come out below or above, but it will not emerge through that chakra, because that chakra will only accommodate the highest truth.

That is only an advance in these new chakras.

Speak the Truth through Your Chakras

How old are the chakras and how do we use them?

KIRAEL: The Chakras are spinning through you probably for a minimum of ten thousand years. You have the same chakras no matter how many times you have incarnated. The awareness of your trip depends on the chakra system that holds you together.

You will have the same chakras you have now until you go through the change in consciousness and at that point your lower chakras will be absorbed into the green heart chakra. At that time your heart chakra will be your base chakra. Your current throat chakra, which is the chakra of your truth, has nothing to consider. Be aware of its truth one hundred percent of the time. If you use your truth chakra to speak your truth, everything that comes to you will be true. If you tell someone a lie and they are working with your throat chakra, they will hear that lie.

Truth is the first Principle and the most important Principle of the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation. Realize that this whole trip is about its truth. With your current system of chakras, when you speak from the heart and out through the throat chakra, an infinite abundance of love comes out of you. If you get angry while talking from the green heart light, stop what you are saying, take a breath and talk again. You will see if they say anything with anger, it will not come out in the truth. It can't be in the truth. You say, "That's not nice, Master Kirael, because I want to get mad at people because they get mad at me." Well then get angry but know that your words will be a lie.

With the introduction of the new chakras, you will not only hear with your physical ears. You will also listen with your four body system, with your consciousness. The four-body system has its own set of ears so to speak. Learn to constantly speak your truth and you will hear more truth. Listening with your four-body system and constantly speaking its truth can be a dangerous thing for anyone around you, because you will know when someone else tells a lie. You will not know exactly what a lie it is, but you will be aware of that because it will not resonate with your body. While these new chakras are installed in place, you will harmoniously adjust to how the new chakras work and recognize a truth and a lie immediately.

All the chakras are interwoven in you, including purple or violet braids and the more you use them, the more tuned they will be in use.

Moving to the Fourth Dimension

How will these new chakras work in the fourth dimension, the dimension of thought?

KIRAEL : These new chakras will accentuate your journey to the fourth light. Thought is what the whole trip is about. Thought is interwoven by all their bodies. While you are working with the new chakras, notice that when you enter your mental wave, you will be aware of your journey. You will feel that you are smarter, but in reality, you will be remembering more. Your Omni brain will wake up completely and propel itself on your trip. You will have new powers and new understandings.

When they enter the emotional wave they will realize that they love in a more powerful proportion. When they love someone unconditionally, they know love beyond their boldest dreams. At present, unconditional love is commonly reserved for the parent / child relationship. With the new chakras, you will love each and every one unconditionally regardless of the nature of your relationship. You will observe everyone and say, “Oh, that was true / love beyond my most incredible dreams. I appreciate so much ... ”

Finally, the physical body will light up. With the introduction of these new chakras you will have a body of light and everyone's body weight will decrease, not because they need to be thin, but because you will move towards a more natural state of consciousness. You will feel and be lighter. If you really like to be heavy, you can regain that weight again later, but I don't think you want it, because your whole body changes in the fourth light. Although I am using the physical body as an example, all four bodies will change on this journey of the new chakras and the fourth light. Everything in the fourth dimension becomes lighter.

Vibrating your braids - DNA strands

What can I expect from the new chakras and the activation of additional DNA strands?

KIRAEL : Whether you go through the Change or not, you will achieve the new DNA strands. How these cords enter is part of your trip. Let's say you have up to six strands of DNA. When they enter into and beyond the fourth strand of DNA, their journey will become more powerful. When the cords begin to vibrate, you will feel confused with reference to whether it is the fourth or sixth cord that is vibrating, because the cords or braids always come in pairs. Most will recognize you when your additional DNA cords begin to vibrate, because you will feel that your consciousness is changing, strengthening.

Every spiritualist knows that something is happening inside that they cannot understand. I mentioned in my opening statement that sometimes you will forget things. That is due to what they are experiencing during the introduction of these new chakras into the chakra system. You are receiving downloads of information you never heard of before. If you believe that these discharges will produce a break in your thought processes, think again. If they are vibrating in six strands of DNA, they will not understand in what information they are vibrating. You will not understand what the cords are trying to tell you because your brain cannot handle the information yet. It is difficult to hold on to information that you cannot understand. So as you receive these downloads, write them down and don't question them. Take a notebook with you or a small computer or some other device to take notes. If you think of, "Photonic Respiration was calculated at 8, 654, " write it down. Later, when they go through their journey and are thinking about something about their prana breathing calculated at 8, 654, they will say, "Oh, my god, that's the number I wrote."

Not only will your chakras change, but you will probably maximize about eight strands of DNA in the physical body. Your body will get what you need to make the trip. Right now, if they have six cords, they are probably not fully involved in their body process. The body is trying to involve you but it is not thriving because you should exercise. Your body needs to be strengthened. The exercise will benefit the activation of additional DNA strands.

Accessing the energy of the new chakra

How old is the chakra system and how will we use the new chakras?

KIRAEL : The chakras are the oldest system of their light. You bring this system of chakras with you in every age of life. You do not hang your chakra system on a hook when you die. The Earth plane is the only place where they can use their chakras. When you entered your current chakra system, you knew exactly what the different chakras were for and what they should do. Anyway, you have no experience with the new chakras and are wondering how you will use them.

His journey with the new chakras is about his conscience. The new chakras are designed to raise your awareness. As a rule, the chakras contain more than just photonic energy. They hold everything they would like to do on this trip. Your chakras are in a constant state of consciousness.

They can learn to have access to energy in the chakras. A couple of days ago I taught some people how to enter a part of the chakra system to this light essence, selecting the particles and opening them. When you perceive these open particles you will see a movie. I could scare them first because it is not part of their world, but the information there will amaze them. Right now you are thinking, “I am going to do this. I'm going to do it now. ”We'll see what happens, but I don't think they will. It doesn't matter, because the change will happen anyway.

If you want to know what to do with this new chakra system, be aware of the purple chakra. If they ever took a picture of their chakras, they could have seen a purple light. You have stored everything about your past lives and your present life in that little globule of purple energy. Tap that purple light and you will learn something about your new chakras.

Identifying illusions

Are the chakras inside the body?

KIRAEL : Common sense will tell you that the chakras are not inside the body. They cannot adapt inside the body. For example, your current base chakra, which is red and grounded, is connected to your body. Float up and down. It is located down around your knees a few times and then up around the middle of your waist and so on.

The three new chakras are outside of you too but above your head, above your mind. Everyone, the three new chakras are working with you all the time now, but you can't see them and many of you don't even know they are there. Your brain may be working to do a certain thing but you will discover that you cannot do it, so you will shake your head from time to time, because it is not right. That is because your new chakras are working with you to bring you a new consciousness.

A lot of light workers at this time have money and health issues. What should we know to remain positive and are these issues related to the new chakras?

KIRAEL : The new chakras don't create these concerns. Money, relationships and health are the three basic issues that human beings are concerned with. The new chakras will help you alter your thoughts on these topics. For example, if you know of someone who is suffering from an illness, the new chakras system will help you remember to stay present. If you believe that you are losing this person in the process of death and regret your loss before it happens, your conscious mind will not go there with you. That means you will be inventing it. You will be trapped in the illusion of something that is not real at that moment. Your new chakra system will let you know about this.

Take the money issue for another example. Money is an illusion, an approach to your reality that exists because you believe that. Money problems exist because you need it. You ask yourself, “What do you mean, I need money problems? I don't want you. ”Well, even in the third dimension if you really wanted to get rid of your money problems, you would be free. Money is not an immutable object in this dimension. It is not even a reality. It is an approach to your reality that goes beyond money itself. You can have money anytime you need it. That depends on you. You say, "Well, my God, if I can have money, I will have it." Well, get it if you wish. You can have the money but you must know what to do to get it. They must change their thoughts and then do whatever is necessary. Remember to stay present and the new system of chakras will help you refine your thoughts so that you address the issue of your money from a more enlightened point of view. All your questions — money, health, relationships — will be straightened with a little help from you.

Activating their chakras and their other uses

How would you work with these three new chakras to activate or illuminate them more fully?

KIRAEL : Do this exercise: Close your senses just a little, but don't go to sleep. Close your eyes and make this trip, my friend. Look at these three chakras three inches above your head, spaced one inch apart. Attract a breath of prana by taking the photon through the three chakras. Bring the energy through the brain, to your mind and then to your Signature Cell, your pineal gland. Then take another breath and allow it to come down further through the body and see if you can feel the sensation of passing at great speed that occurs in the process of your body. If you do not perceive it, try again. This is not a meditation. It is an exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Do newborns now have new chakras already in place?

KIRAE L: The new chakras opened for children born in the last twenty-five years, but newborns and children born in the last four or five years came with the new chakras in position. They don't have the lower chakras because their whole trip is about waking up to this new level. Your teachers will be during your true trip. .

If they could see the new patterns of the chakras, they would realize how beautiful they are and what wonderful things are happening in these children's systems. You say, "What about the young souls that are entering this journey now?" The young Souls are entering and imploring to be able to take on this journey before the Change happens. It will be difficult for them at best, but that's another issue, for another time.

Many people like to go on pilgrimages to sacred sites, portals and grid lines. Would you comment on the type of spiritual activity and how it relates to the evolution of our chakras?

KIRAEL : One type of these so-called pilgrimages involves the release of hooks at sacred sites. The hooks or hooks of the Matrix are energy that has been placed deep in the earth as a means to hold this third-dimensional matrix, in position. These matrix hooks are found in sacred sites or have a sacred site attached to them somewhere.

Mount Fuji, in Japan, is a sacred site and like all sacred sites, it requires that you open yourself to the magic of your senses to locate the hooks and then decipher the information stored there. The new chakras will help in that task. Many sacred sites are waiting to be discovered and their information deciphered.

Your new chakras are lining up just now to help with this adventure. At some future date, your omni brain will begin to make your perception vibrate. When you are ready to hug your omni brain, it will activate in your life. They might think they are amazed at the new information, but don't worry. You only need to be aware of what is happening.

Disabling in confused brain (cognitive dysfunction)

Lately, I forget important things and it's impacting my work. What can I do to feel awake and totally here?

KIRAEL : You have "brain confusion." Take your pranic breaths every morning and tell yourself that you are better today than you were yesterday. They don't have to know how they are improving, they just have to say that they are improving and that they can feel it. Do this every morning without forgetting and after three or four days, you will begin to feel the difference.

Be aware of what they are thinking. Your mind is unclear because it is opening to all other levels of consciousness. It is surprising when they think of the levels of dimensional reality that are entering your brain that they cannot understand. The new information is entering through your chakra system and taking up space in your brain, pressing on your brain.

This whole trip is about having the courage to change your thoughts. Get up every morning and without fail say, "I feel much better today than yesterday, " and you will feel a little spark and think, "Oh, that worked. It really worked. It's very good. ”The problem is that you probably won't do it every morning. You will allow him to leave and then the brain confusion will return.

This has to be a lifestyle change. Make this practice part of your daily routine. You can do the same during your night trips in the dream state. You can say, “I know that I will travel in my dream state and I want to go beyond where I have gone before. I also want to remember where I have been ”This will happen my friends.

This journey of the new chakras is about you regaining this new level of consciousness. I am a teacher and yet I still cannot make this journey of awakening the masses all by myself. I need help. I can't reach everyone. You can help me by learning to channel so that you can bring this information to everyone. Have the courage to make this trip, stay in the truth and move on. When you have taken the first step forward and remain in the truth, you will continue to move forward, but if you say or do something out of alignment with the trip, you will have taken five steps back. This is the negative side of this trip.

Most humans do things that are perceived as right or good, however they fail to make them part of their daily lives. At some point along the path, you stop doing it. This is part of the usual behavior of your current system of chakras and DNA; But that is another story.

You want to be here

Master Guide Kirael, when I am traveling in my spirit body during the dream state, I do not want to return to my physical body. Will the new chakras change that dynamic?

KIRAEL : The new chakras will help you remember why you are here and that will make you return to the body more pleasantly. The truth is that even now you cannot wait to return here, because you want to get up and take another day in this dimension. You say, “Oh yes, well you are not considering my days. My days are difficult. ” That may be true but if they wake up the next morning they do it because they want to. So, when you wake up in the morning, you say, "Oh, God another horrible day, " that is not true and it is a terrible thing that you do it to yourself. You woke up precisely because you wanted to be here another day.

So saying something that takes them away from the path of their trip does not help them. You chose this body to make this trip. Make sure when you return after your night trips that you honor your body being aware that you not only chose it to make the trip but also chose it to do it on that trip.

Your evolving chakra system will make you aware of how positive your trip is. Right now, on a deeper level you know what your trip is about. That is the reason when the Creator said, “I got a space. Does anyone want to go to Earth? ”You were in the front row. They could not wait to be here. If they died today, they would be in line immediately saying, “I am available. I will go, I will go. ” They just don't remember that they wanted to return. Your new chakras will help you remember that you want to return.

In your case, when you go to sleep at night, you leave this level of consciousness and go to another planet, another time zone, another space. Eventually they return to the body process and when they do, they think, “Oh, my God. This is terrible. It is not terrible. They find it difficult at this time to return to this dimension because they do not complete what they said they would do, and that makes this journey of dissatisfaction. If you say I will do something, do it. In that way they will not have the slightest problem with returning to this dimension.

You have a great life in the other dimensions. You do great things, however you are still working on this third dimension journey. So when you arrive at the portal to go back to your body sleeping, instead of saying Oh, God, I hate this trip, change that thought. They are happy when they return to the body. When you wake up in the morning, just make your trip and manage it.

Practice the truth

Will the new chakras help me love myself?

KIRAEL : The new chakras will help them to know the truth and they can only truly love each other. If everyone learns to love themselves a little more each day than they did yesterday, they would find a new opening in their DNA that would anchor you and your journey. Your new chakras will help you find love for yourself. Meanwhile, do something you don't want to do every day, but know in your heart that you need to do it. Leave your job and get a new one. Get out of your apartment and get a new one. Get in the position of having a winning state in consciousness. You will be more powerful.

Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a victorious state of consciousness. Practicing the truth is a matter of trust. When your trust is in place, you will trust your journey and you will be able to face anything, especially yourself. Your new chakras will help you with this, but you will have to make the trip.

Nobody is perfect. You have your own trip to work, however, whenever others have the opportunity they will accuse you of their circumstances. You are like a basket for others to unload your problems in it. You have this colossal opening over your head and others throw their garbage there because you take it well and do not hold a grudge against them. Be aware of your own trip. Know your truth and your passion. If you know your truth, faith and passion you will know the three C: (clarity, communication and complexity) and the four pillars (prayer, meditation, state programming from dream and mastermind) (Note: Master Kirael is referring to the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation).

Start with the truth. Speak the truth and people will stop accusing you of your problems and you will learn to love yourself enough to heal.

You know the truth and you know when you have made a slip in the truth. You also know that when that happens you must find the truth again. When they have been in the truth 100% of the time, they will have no enemies. That's the truth. Have the courage to continue rehearsing.

The balance begins in your mind

When you asked us to close our eyes, I felt that my chakras were bowing and that I could not find the center. How can I create balance while welcoming and hugging the three new chakras?

KIRAEL : Well, I will answer your question, but some of you will say, "Wow, that makes sense, " and then you will not pay attention to what I said. The third dimension is a product of your imagination. As que si no les agrada lo que est sucediendo en su cuerpo, ustedes tienen que ir al interior de su mente para cambiarlo. Pueden ir al doctor y conseguir p ldoras o ustedes pueden crear el equilibrio que est n buscando para cambiar sus pensamientos.

Ustedes pueden crear el equilibrio siendo concientes de su desequilibrio y diciendo luego “Bien, llévenlo al centro”. Créanme, se moverá al centro. En cambio ustedes dicen, “Esto no se percibe correctamente. Estoy sintiéndome tambaleante”. No se siente bien porque no está bien. Sus chakras se están ajustando. Sepan esto e impúlsenlos para encontrar el equilibrio.

Los nuevos chakras se moverán en este viaje ajustándose constantemente hasta que estén alineados. Cuando se sientan tambaleantes, y ustedes digan, “OhDios necesito solamente que esto se vaya”, finalmente se irá.

Por otro lado, traten de decir, “Oh, atrápenlo justo allí. Ahora pónganlo derecho”. Se enderezará mucho más rápido. Sean conscientes de su viaje y lo que está sucediendo a su cuerpo con la introducción de estos nuevos chakras.

Recuerden estar atentos cuando estén hablando o pensando fuera de alineación. Pueden cambiar cualquier cosa estando conscientes de sus pensamientos y cambiándolos cuando ellos no les sirvan. De esto se trata este viaje.

Sean conscientes de los fragmentos

¿Podría hablarnos acerca de los fragmentos y de la forma más fácil para procesarlos?

KIRAEL : Los fragmentos son descargas de energía provenientes de su yo superior. Ustedes podrían también acostumbrarse a ellos. La mayoría de ustedes está obteniendo fragmentos cada cinco días con el cambio del sistema de chakras. En el pasado, cinco meses o hasta cinco años podían transcurrir entre la llegada de los fragmentos. Para muchos de ustedes los fragmentos que están llegando ahora pueden estar adhiriéndose en sus chakras. Eventualmente ellos hasta se aplanarían en su cuerpo. Cuando el yo superior les dice, “OK, pueden tomar dos fragmentos más en su chakra púrpura”, no tienen ninguna elección en el asunto. Tomarán sólo dos fragmentos por vez. Si tuvieran elección, dirían, “Dénmelos todos ahora y terminemos rápidamente”, pero eso sería demasiado para que su cuerpo maneje. Sean conscientes del plan de su cuerpo y hagan el proceso de estos fragmentos más suavemente recostándose y facilitándoles el ingreso a su cuerpo.

Sean conscientes que ustedes también tienen aspectos que descargarán sus energías en ustedes como fragmentos. La mayoría de ustedes saben que existen tres aspectos de ustedes mismos. Algunos de estos aspectos ya han regresado a casa y algunos están ausentándose mientras hablamos. Ellos quieren irse de aquí para poder descargar sus energías en ustedes. Supongamos que ustedes tienen un aspecto de ustedes mismos que es un budista en una pequeña provincia China y este aspecto está preparándose para experimentar el proceso de la muerte. Regresará a casa en su yo superior porque eso es lo que es. Luego les descargará el conocimiento que aprendió en China. Ustedes sabrán cosas que no sabrían de otro modo. Tiéndanse cuando este enorme fragmento de información sea descargado y observen si eso facilita la alineación de esta energía en su cuerpo.

Sigan sus instintos

Cuando estamos atravesando todos estos cambios físicos, ¿cómo sabemos cuándo debemos ver a un doctor y cuándo podemos resolverlo nosotros mismos?

KIRAEL : Ustedes saben cuando ver a un doctor porque se van a encontrar a sí mismos yendo a ver un doctor. En otras palabras, no cuestionen su elección, simplemente vayan, porque esa es parte del viaje. Hagan todo el viaje y estén atentos. Cuando tienen una rodilla lastimada y no han podido manejarlo, vayan al doctor. Mucho más que probable el doctor dirá, “Bien, examinemos aquí y —poof—todo se ha ido. Ustedes dirán, Qué pasó, ¿qué era esto? ¿Podría ser eso tan simple?”. Sí podría.

El punto es que ustedes deben ir al doctor cuando tengan la comprensión de hacerlo así, énfasis en la palabra “comprensión.” No ingresen a un juego mental acerca de lo que está sucediendo. Simplemente hagan el viaje para ver al doctor como su sabiduría lo dicta. Pueden ser seis meses o seis años antes que comprendan espiritualmente porqué ustedes tuvieron que ver a este doctor. El motivo del viaje es sobre ustedes teniendo la conciencia que tienen algo que necesita sanarse. Si ustedes no lo pueden hacer con algún método alternativo, entonces vean al doctor. Simplemente dense cuenta que una vez que entran en el sistema médico necesitarán tratarse con ese sistema.

Ustedes conocen todo y los nuevos chakras los ayudarán a recordar eso. El lóbulo temporal del cerebro está conectado en el omni cerebro y por consiguiente es consciente de los nuevos chakras y todo lo que necesita hacer. Así que utilicen esa energía para determinar si van a ir al doctor o no.

¿Cuál es la relación entre los tres nuevos chakras, el omni cerebro y el sentido de libertad que Yo siento?

KIRAEL : Se están tornando concientes y ahora ustedes deben saber lo que es la percepción. Ustedes tienen un trabajo aquí que hacen bien, pero deben calcular cómo lograr un nuevo trabajo aquí. Comprendan que están ingresando a la próxima parte de este viaje. Ustedes renacerán mañana por la mañana y cada mañana después de esa. Todo este viaje se trata del despertar a la conciencia que descansa entre los tres chakras.

Ustedes están estudiando para este nuevo trabajo en las Pléyades. Yo te vi a ti en un lugar llamado Aquillia. Estás estudiando nueva información y trayéndola aquí a este plano Tierra para ver si puedes volcarla en este viaje. Ese sentido de libertad que ustedes sienten es la sabiduría de que están ingresando a este nuevo viaje de expansión.


Es importante saber de qué se trata este viaje de los tres nuevos chakras. Se trata de su conciencia superior. Ustedes están en control de cada aspecto de su vida, su ADN, y sus omni cerebros y sus cerebros locales. Ustedes están en control de todo el proceso de su cuerpo. Están en control de todo y estos tres nuevos chakras los despertará a esa circunstancia.

Buenas Tardes.

© Kahu Fred Sterling – ENERO DEL 2010 –

(Compartido por la Dra. Sohiniben Shukla, Better World

Traducido al español compartiendo la luz: Alicia Virelli, )

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