Message from the Divine Mother: "The Spirit of Truth"

  • 2018

The Spirit of Truth is about a joint present that the Universal Father together with Christ Michael, his Creator Son, grants to Nebadon's Humanity, which consists of his local universe. Through the Humanity of Nebadon, we can hear all kinds of souls and human beings that inhabit the multiple Morontia (spiritual) and material (material) worlds that make up Nebadon.

There are three great Orders of Paradise Sons, which are responsible for ensuring the spiritual progress that humans must experience within the inhabited planet. But this time we will talk only about two of them, because they have an important role in the transmission of the Spirit of Truth, once a mission is granted within a material planet.

The Creator Sons that make up Michael's Order are about a joint creation of the Universal Father and his Eternal Son. This creation is trained in order to take a Maternal Spirit from which to create a local universe within a SuperUniverse . And both together and separately, these Sons are capable of creating numerous Orders not only of spiritual Beings, but also of morontia souls that are responsible for helping the primitive human beings that inhabit the material planets to reach the evolution necessary to move on to worlds morontia where they can develop spiritually.

The human being is about the lowest order within creation

The Creator Son is called Christ Michael and the local universe in which he lived is known as Nebadon, a world that is within SuperUniverse No. 7, called Orvonton. In total there are seven SuperUniverses; for which the creative children have the duty to carry out seven missions of self-bestowal within the various Orders of the beings that are part of the creation.

Those lives that exist within the different Orders, have the knowledge and experience that is required to be Supreme Sovereigns of a local universe . All Creator Sons will be born of a human woman within a material planet previously chosen for it, at the time of her seventh and final self-bestowal mission.

On the other hand, the Avonal Sons consist of a joint creation of the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son; said Order of Paradise Sons has the ability to carry out numerous kinds of missions within inhabited planets, but we will only focus on the self-bestowal missions they perform; which take place at the moment when the humanity of some planet is really prepared to receive them.

The universal religion of Nebadon will soon be announced

In this case, he will also be born from a human woman, just like any other child, and his mission will be to announce the universal religion of Nebadon while expressing and practicing that religion throughout his life. In addition, he will not have a life of privileges, but quite the opposite, he will live the same as a common man and must face each of the difficulties that arise.

And by incarnating in a physical body, it will generate a change in the minds of human beings, allowing them to understand that it is a presence that has a great spiritual influence. Those beings who approach and follow the Son of Paradise during their existence on their planet, will be strongly attached to it and feel their physical departure in the same way as if it were that of a loved one.

Once you have left that world, through that Avonal Son, Christ Michael will begin to shed the "Spirit of Truth" in each of the peoples of that planet.

The only difference that exists between Urantia, the planet that you inhabit and the other inhabited planets, which are prepared to receive a new bestowal mission through a Paradise Son, is that in your world, Christ Michael, the Son Creator of Nebadon, he embodied a physical body in order to perform this task while he was carrying out his seventh and last mission of self-bestowal.

He was born in Belén, in what is now part of the Palestinian territories and grew up in Nazareth, now Israel; Throughout his life he was known by the name of Joshua Ben Joseph, being part of the universal history of his planet under the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Many of his contemporaries considered it to be the Son of God and consequently was a Divine being; while others believed that it only consisted of a prophet who preached the word of God and even for some he was no more than a dissident.

For the Romans it was only a troublemaker that posed a great risk to the power that fell to the religious leaders who kept the Jewish people under their dominion.

The Divine Fragment is confused with The Spirit of Truth

In general, the "Divine Fragment" is confused with "The Spirit of Truth", but although they both work together, the truth is that they have different tasks and have a completely different nature. Mainly, it should be understood that it is not possible for the "Divine or God Fragments", also called " Thought Adjusters ", to enter en masse into any planet, without it having received the "Spirit of Truth" before.

It is necessary that the "Spirit of Truth" be first poured out on a planet with the purpose of coordinating each of the previous spiritual influences, which serve to help all the individuals of that world. Once it does, a signal will be sent and only at that time, “Divine Fragments” will be allowed to enter the planet en masse to fill the hearts of the smallest beings.

It is possible to compare the "Spirit of Truth" with that intelligent spiritual power that supports them during their search for wisdom and spiritual truth . That is why the "Spirit of Truth" makes human intermediaries that exist within the world, such as priests, consecrated families, saints, shamans or gurus, really superfluous.

It is the "Spirit of Truth" that is responsible for showing human beings the right path to follow, and allows them to distinguish between good and evil, while at the same time granting greater spiritual wisdom.

The "Spirit of Truth" allows them to access each of the spiritual ideas and truths that they require, so that their souls can reach ascension and consequently be able to obtain eternal life, since souls have the ability to merge together with the "Divine Fragments" in order to become a Spiritual Being who may eventually reach Paradise.

The beings who really love God and Christ Michael, will be able to manifest the "Spirit of Truth" within their lives, as well as the influence of the "Divine Fragments". Because only these spiritual influences can foster the unity of nations; do not forget that in all circumstances high spiritual influences have greater power than worldly influences.

Now we say goodbye with Love, inviting them to work to obtain these influences within their lives to have a greater earthly experience.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Grupo Mezzaverde

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