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  • 2015

Join this new group that starts in August!


Course duration : 40 days / 4 modules (Includes teaching material, proposed activities and live meetings)

Aimed at: People who wish to geometrize their own Reality.

Course Value : Spain 90.- / Argentina $ 800.- / America U $ D 100.-

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The e-Course Methodology is developed within a last generation teleformation platform called Virtual Multimedia Classroom. It is important to clarify that classes with their materials are available permanently within each module, that is, no class will be “lost”, being able to access as many times as you want.

Within the Virtual Classroom, it will have a series of carefully designed teaching materials, in various formats; Videos, texts, animations, reference material, activities, self-evaluations and will also have the support of an online tutor who will assist you from the different interactive spaces of the Classroom, such as being; from the Virtual Room, the forums and through inquiries via e-mail.

Live tutoring is not mandatory for the student, it is a space available in real time where you can consult the teacher. Class is not dictated in this way.

Why learn Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is a universal language, in the past it was transmitted in the main Initiation Schools of antiquity; like being in Egypt, India, Tibet, just like in America,

Currently many people receive these images feel the need to learn to decode them, for this it is necessary to raise the level of consciousness so that we can understand and apply this integrative knowledge in our evolution. Sacred Geometry is a very pure language since it reaches our subconscious directly . It allows our rational or logical hemisphere to enter a meditative-receptive state.
The Greek philosopher Plato referred to him as the language of the Spirit (hence the term "Spiritual Path" that becomes " Spiral Path ")

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