SHAUD 7: "Eating the Elephant" - Introducing Kuthumi Lal Singh, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Namaste-eeee! (audience laughter) Namaste, Shaumbra! (The pubic responds "Namaste!") Namaste Shaumbra-aaa! (the audience repeats “Namaste!” louder). It's me, Master Kuthumi, and I wouldn't miss anything in the world being on this day with Shaumbra once again. I am simply savoring your energies, your essence. (Kuthumi takes a deep breath).

I see a few problems here while I soak in you (laughs). Today we are going to work on that. This will not be reduced to being the deepest or the most esoteric in the history of the Shauds, but it will be a day of advancing some things.

What a joy to be here again on the stage with all of you. It is our whole day here. It is the Shaud - this magical, beautiful energy, the safe space - where we can be ourselves, where we can be angels, where we can release some of these fears and worries for a few minutes. We can be with our family and our friends, right here right now. What a treat.

Let's take a deep Kuthumi breath together ...


... and feel these energies.

And what do I see today? I see that half of the elephant has been eaten and the other half is hanging from its mouth (more laughter). And it is not the pretty side of the elephant that hangs. Not at all. I will explain more as we enter our day.

But what a joy when Tobias recently came to me and said: “Kuthumi, would you be with Shaumbra on this Shaud of Valentine? Would you be with Shaumbra while Saint-Germain and I were ahead of Israel and Egypt, and would you also come to meet us in Egypt with your Shaumbra group since we return to this land that is so important to you? ” I jumped at the opportunity.

So often, Tobias and Saint-Germain are up here in front of you, but I am with you on such a personal day-to-day level. I am with you going through some of these rather interesting, challenging times in which you are. I'm up here trying to make them laugh once in a while. Sometimes they get a little stuck and maybe they can feel me coming around trying to put some humor in their life, trying to get them out of that serious way they get in, and more than anything, trying to get them out that way judicious in which they get.

So, dear Shaumbra, today we are going to spend some time eating the rest of that elephant, digesting it a little. What a wonderful day to be here with the release of my new book - oh, and Marisa's too! (laughs when Kuthumi refers to Marisa Calvi who had presented earlier in the day her book Pharaoh Thutmose III, which was co-written with Kuthumi). .

We had such a pleasant time working together on this book. And truly you will all discover, when you open your energies to non-physical beings like me Kuthumi, Saint-Germain, Tobias and many, many others, what a joy it is for both of us to work together. We keep them from trying to get so mental about things, so structured in what they do. We provide them with feeling, and that is what we did together, Marisa. If you remember our days and nights working together, introducing yourself to that feeling energy. That energy allowed you to return to that life of mine as Thutmose and really feel within these experiences and then put them into your energy as well, being able to retell the story - the individual facts are not so important - but the feeling and the essence.

Dear Shaumbra, Tobias and Saint-Germain have said it, but I will say it again. What a wonderful time in your life right now to create, oh, when the energies are so high and intense, when the energies are so open . See, never before has there been so much chaos and so little structure. Never before has there been so much uncertainty and doubt in human consciousness. Never before have there been so many new openings could you call them portals, openings, entries to expanded consciousness, to new ideas.

Working with the New Energy

You have heard all this about the New Energy in a kind of theoretical concept. Now, Adamus is going to be leading some of you to the mere specific workings of the New Energy not too much from now on. But they have heard about this concept. It's hovering around you right now waiting for the invitation and waiting for the opening

Sometimes it is difficult to see why the mind tends to return and try to consider the ways in which things have been handled before. But if you can stop just for a moment, take that deep breath and just laugh hard. I'm going to add that to what Tobias says, take a deep breath and then laugh it out. Laugh it out (the audience laughs). Take a deep breath let's do it again take a deep breath and let it out (the audience laughs loudly, Kuthumi laughs in between teeth). That was fine, Shaumbra. That was very good. I'm going to record that for one of my laugh tracks for a TV show that I will do. When they laugh, they laugh out that energy. That's when it gets fun. That's when it gets fascinating.

So I'm here today, we're going to do a little work together to get into some of this energy, to keep it moving. It is very, very easy to get stuck right now. Very easy A bit like walking through a very difficult maze or trap, it is very easy to get caught in it. And then what do they do? They breathe They laugh a little about it. They talk with us.

One of the biggest reasons that we are here is not to impart our great, brilliant wisdom. It is to encourage yours. We are here to listen to you, because when you speak to us aloud and I will recommend that to you speak with us aloud. When you try to talk to us through your mind, it has a different effect on you. But when they can hear their own voice speaking loudly and then listening back to us, it helps to clarify things. It helps keep that energy moving in a very nice way. That is what we are here for. We are not so busy that we cannot enter and talk with you. We are not so tied to other humans that we don't have time to joke with you a little, to talk with you.

Some of you come to us any of the entities and want us to solve them. But that is not what we are here for either. We are here to help you discover the brilliant being you are, help you discover and introduce this thing called gnost. We are here to help you start introducing New Energy.

The New Energy is almost beyond definition, since the definition would mean something of the past, and the Old Energy and the New Energy are so different in how they work. The New Energy is bright. It is very fast and efficient.

Sometimes, even right now, you encounter these problems or challenges in your life and nest in them. The embollado - that is to review again and again. They just keep that cycle going on with that problem, just as your hard drive on your computer processes information. It would be like processing it over and over again. Then it puts them more frustrated and puts them lower in energy, puts them more stuck. That is nesting on something. You know, the New Energy doesn't need to brood. The New Energy creates. It expands. It opens. So we are here to help you make that inhalation, and when you do, inhale true New Energy. Inhale it.

So I am delighted to be here today for the book's launch - the book that will release more books, maybe it will help launch more of your projects, maybe it will encourage you to try things you have not tried before. I am also here because I am working with the energies of Linda, Norma and Garret and Cauldre as they prepare to embark on their trip to Egypt. Oh, they are going to have some experiences, hmm, (laughs while Linda makes faces) just like the rest that are joining the group.

Why are they going to have experiences? Because they asked for it. They have asked for it, and they have all felt the same frustrations that you have. They felt this desire to reach this new layer of consciousness - this brand new stratum where very few humans have already gone, if any - and are struggling like so many of you to say, “How do we make this work in our lives? Here we have our typical human conditions that we have to contend with - our bodies, things like traveling, paying your bills, solving work-related issues - all these human things. How can we possibly reach this new layer of consciousness? Frustration is all you all have.

So they have designed this opportunity, with other Shaumbra who are going to join in this trip; designed this opportunity in a sense of returning to some of their own roots, returning to some of the mysteries of humanity, taking a new and different look at things of the past to help them understand what it can be with the New Energy. So we are here helping you prepare for your next trip.

Let's take a deep breath, because what they discover, you will also discover as there is this beautiful sacred energy of Shaumbra where all are unique and sovereign creators. And those are keywords, dear Shaumbra - unique and sovereign. You are all still connected to such an intimate and confident and open level. That in itself is a challenge for some humans, to recognize themselves as independent, but nevertheless so open and confident that they can be interconnected, especially with other unique and sovereign beings.

One of the challenges of entering this new stratum, for humans in general, since there is an interesting desire on the part of humans to return to a certain or certain unit - I call it nothing - to return to a certain homogeneity, without identifying, more Well boring kind of fantasy bliss. Many humans think: "If I could only go back to the beginning, back to my unit, then everything would be perfect." Well, if they returned to their unit, they would no longer know who they are, since they would simply be mixed with the rest of this unit. So they would succumb to a death of the spirit, rather than just succumb to a death from the human condition.

Oh no, you don't come back. They expand outside and inside. They come to be understood as a sovereign unit, what Saint-Germain calls your own One. And in your own unit then you understand how everything else works, because you have to first understand how you work.

Too bad for those who try to find the impressive answers of life looking outside, who try to return to history to find today's answers. Too bad for those who forget to look inside and are always looking outside like there is some secret in the stars, like there is some god in the other dimensions but not here. Too bad for those who are so trapped in the mind that they forget to enter their own spirit.

Oh, and I can make that observation, dear ones, because I, on anyone but maybe Adamus (Kuthumi chuckles) have got so stuck in the past, I have lost everything on my way to ascension. Now, some of you didn't think it was so funny when I talked about it in one of our Shauds - “A funny thing happened on the way to ascension. I lost everything ”- but, dear Shaumbra, you feel that way for a moment. And that moment may feel like an eternity (chuckling) but it's only a moment. It can feel that way.

They lose everything to discover more than everything. They lose everything they thought they were, because it is a facade. It is an illusion. Everything is an illusion. Oh how real they try to make that illusion, isn't it? How they try to stick to the thing they are trying to get out of (Kuthumi chuckles). How they battle during the day, but when I come to make them abstraction of the day, they scream and try to recover it. Fools, human fools (Kuthumi chuckles again).

So, dear Shaumbra, as I was saying, I know what it is to be so and so stuck in this buttonhole, in this process you cannot leave.

This New Energy issue - you are just beginning to discover it. The moment they think they have a little understanding, he avoids them. Enter a kind of hiding place. Every time they feel that new stratum, they move away somewhere else, don't they? Every time they feel just about to bloom, they disconnect. They close like a bad chastity belt (audience laughter and Kuthumi chuckles). I have to tell you, I told Cauldre that today I would have some very bad mood just to remove them from that point where they are. So what were we on? Oh yes ... (chuckling).

We have chatted, you and I - each of you and me. Just as Tobias speaks to them and Adamus speaks to them, I have told them about this New Energy. Part of you wants to know how it is. But then there is that other part that is afraid to experience it without having it defined, without having put it in a very clear order and written on a sheet of paper with guarantees and lyrics to perfection and everything else. They want a money back guarantee after 30 days (laughs). They want me to give them a test, a demonstration or a test track, and it doesn't work that way.

The New Energy - is different. For those who are somehow new to this Shaumbra meeting, they see that vibratory energy works by opposing forces or duality. They describe it as light and dark, masculine and feminine, above or below. But see, everything has its opposite forces, and that is the way its reality has been created so far. And that, by the way, is a very effective way of creating reality, to some extent.

To the point of spirit and consciousness wanting to learn from a different way, no longer wanting the same repeated old patterns, opposing forces, good versus bad, drama, drama, drama continuing. Consciousness reaches a point - your spirit reaches a point where it says: “Now I know how duality works. I know the battle. I have had many of them. I know the opposite forces, and I know that no force can ever win. They only keep opposing. They stay in their same patterns. ” Then the conscience says: “There has to be something else out there. There has to be something beyond the opposing forces. ” And there is. But this illusion in which you live is so strong and you want to hold on to your identity so much. He doesn't want to let go. He clings to it and then that is supported by all the other energies of his reality. Their workplace and even their physical environmental reality, they all hold desperately strong to try to keep this illusion together. But nevertheless the conscience goes out and says: "There must be a different way of experiencing life". And that's where you are right now.

And there is. There is, and it involves something we call New Energy. The New Energy is not vibratory. The New Energy is expansive - this goes back to Shaumbra 101, old matter for some of you, but new for some of the others - and this New Energy does not need an opposite force to know each other. It does not need the reflection of itself with a mirror image. You don't need something to vitalize. It is expansive since it flows out beautifully, and flows inside at the same time. It is so different from the old vibratory energy that it is hard to recognize it. You are used to feeling energy at a certain level. They are used to some very typical response in their 3D duality environment. But the New Energy is so different.

Being Sovereign

I don't even want to try to describe it in detail. Adamus will do that later. I'm just asking you to be open to her. Particularly, in some of these issues that are confronting you right now in your life, which have simply depressed you, have really frustrated you. Now, take a moment to look beyond that frustration. They blame some of the individual things that are happening in your life right now, but that frustration is really your conscience and your spirit wanting to open up, wanting to experiment in a different way. And can. It can.

Here is the challenge. It can mean letting go of the illusion - the old illusion. It can mean letting go of some of these things that they have been holding so tightly, some of the old ways of doing business they have had, and this can be scary for human illusion. He doesn't want to let go until he has some assurances.

But this is where you come in. You trust You don't trust something from outside, but you trust yourself. Your ability to trust at such a deep level knowing that it is solved. That is a little scary, because part of the conditioning of the Old Energy is always trusting someone else, always recharging someone else who will solve it. But here in this new consciousness, you are being asked to trust yourself, to trust this leap that you are giving to the New Energy, which is almost indefinable, make the leap to the New Energy that works nothing like the Old Energy, take this leap to a different way of experiencing life, experiencing yourself outside the old illusion.

Now there is a good number of Shaumbra who have allowed this to a certain degree and will be the first to tell them: Just do it. Just have that confidence. Just take that leap. They have nothing to lose except the illusion of what they had before. They are amazed, and they would tell you how I am telling you: It is so indefinitely simple. So deliciously easy, it's hard. Part of the old duality conditioning makes things hard. See, that is part of your illusion make it hard to make it real. The New Energy is so easy that that old part of you is going to deny that it can be done that way. He is going to resist it because he wants to make it difficult. But remember, you are the sovereign being. You can choose easy. You can choose to take that leap. You can choose to trust yourself.

Current Energies

But enough of speeches. Okay, where are we right now, Shaumbra? Stagnant energy. Let me define a little out there what is happening.

The world is in chaos like never before. Energy is moving faster, consciousness is more stagnant in one way, more threatened in another way, and more fearful than ever I have been, even in my lives on Earth.

They have government leaders at the highest levels, with some exceptions that have no idea (laughs). Well, they stand in front of the television cameras and say: We have considered this matter and believe that we have the appropriate new program, which will involve some new taxes of course, to handle the issues that They are in front of the populace, and we ask everyone to be confident. Then they run back to their little rooms where they hide and don't know what to do. This is very, very prolific around the Earth right now.

Sometimes we pass through, particularly Adamus, to these meetings of the G8 we call them the meetings of the beam for herding (lots of laughter, Kuthumi chuckles) and all the world acts important, and they act like they have to defend and create this energy for their country, for their continents. And they come into these meetings and have all kinds of documents massive, massive documents that have not read and never read (laughs) and propose solutions in those who do not even believe because they know that those solutions They will never be accepted. These solutions enter and throw on the table knowing that it is simply a point of debate and not a point of solution.

So their leaders, with a few exceptions, have no idea how to handle the problems of the world right now, partly because there hasn't been a school, there hasn't been a mentor that ever before gone through what is happening on Earth. Therefore everything is speculation, and everything is theory, and more than anything, everything is appearance. It's like the [Wizard of] Oz behind the curtain making big fuss but having no idea.

Now, that should be a bit destabilizing for you! (laughs) Just a little. And by the way - we have to laugh, because we enter these meetings on the way - have you ever noticed that at the end of the day the solutions always mean either hiring someone to study it, which means that nothing will ever be done, or raise taxes, which means that a few people become richer? But, dear friends, in the hallways of governments and parliaments and legislatures and dictatorships and all the rest of these, they do not know. That is scary.

Let's continue to the next frightening scenario (laughs). And, dear Shaumbra, I am telling you this seriously. I am saying this from my heart. The bankers - well that's a creepy kind of humans on Earth right now. See, this banking community - and Saint-Germain will talk more about the evolution of current banking systems - but it evolved from some of the very old feudal systems, which right there should give you an idea as to the energy behind it. . And then, without entering into the conspiracy, he came to a select group of humans from a select group of bloodlines that created something of a global system for finance and banking.

Now you have a world crisis, and they have no idea. The big names that have heard that Cauldre is saying we can't say - Rockefeller (lots of laughs when Kuthumi says "Rockefeller" very quickly) - but the big names that have been behind the money for a long period of time, don't have no idea. Now, somehow they don't care, since they - pay close attention - they think they have enough so they are exempt from the crisis that is happening in the rest of the world. But, you know, when New Energy and Old Energy come together, sometimes they don't combine very well, see. Sometimes - how to say, what Tobias called it - collisions happen and very unexpected things happen. Very unexpected

So right now they are sitting in their mansions taking a look at this banking crisis and have no idea what to do. So they send a lot of messages and appear with a lot of new programs that they send to those who are sitting in the banks that govern, those who are making the loans, those who are sitting in the government not regulating when they are supposed to be regulating . And what they are doing right now is creating shock - it's called a smoke screen - to give the impression of knowing what they are doing. But, dear Shaumbra, they have no idea. Not at all. They are as perplexed as you. Oh, sorry, they are more perplexed than you about what to do.

They are trying to return to the old systems. They are trying to get back to the way they do their ancestors, and it doesn't work. Right now they are trying almost anything to make it look like they are doing something, and that adds to the general chaos, adds to the confusion of the day.

Business. Right now businesses are busy. Businesses that have been very well established for long periods of time are going through a situation that not even their analysts can analyze. Not even their finance or marketing or R&D (Research and Development) gurus can understand. They don't know if they are at the top or bottom at any given time, and no matter how much discussion is taking place around the council tables, nobody really knows what to do. No one knows what to do. How could they? In less than a year the world has turned its head. The ways of doing business of the old are not necessarily the ways of the new. Those who seized power are finding that power disappears and nobody knows what will happen next. It is a very scary problem.

And I could continue down the list and down the list and down the list, talking about institutions, talking about those who have been the leaders, those who have been helping pave the way in the past have no idea. And that in itself should be frightening to the human self, the human mind.

But, while you are feeling these energies, it is otherwise extremely liberating. There is always the fear of what happens if there is massive chaos on Earth? What happens if right now this situation is stretched so tight that it breaks? What happens if we make a small repetition of Atlantis? What happens if the weather gets so bad that it causes a lack of food, causing disturbances in the streets? So there is that human part of you that is really feeling this, and that is where we are.


They have been eating the elephant and the big pink elephant that it is, it is all this thing called the change to the New Energy. They have been feeling consciousness change or at least wanting to change. They have been feeling tension and uncertainty all over the world. Why? Because they are Shaumbra; because they are connected to Earth as they are connected to the heavens; because they have the deepest level of empathy and feel things; because there is an internal knowledge that right now is such an unprecedented historical moment. They know from their own personal experiences that it is not just a little change, as some are trying to say. It is the greatest evolution, perhaps revolution, of all time.

So, let's take a deep breath and toast for that.

Then you began to introduce this feeling and introduce this energy. They began to corrode the great elephant. Oh, and it's huge. It is the largest elephant they have ever encountered. And they said: “But I am Shaumbra. I am here to help keep this energy moving. I'm here in this time of phenomenal change on Earth, ”and they started eating that elephant. Then they realized that they couldn't eat anymore and got stuck in the middle of the road. You have part of the elephant inside of you, part of the elephant hanging through the holes of your physical body (laughs). And since it's only halfway, its natural, what I'm going to call, digestive system of your consciousness - the ability to feel energies, the ability to feel them completely and then let them flow through - has got stuck. They have a kind of constipation ... of consciousness (laughs) and it is clogged. And then they wonder what's wrong.

They return to all of us - Adamus, Quan Yin, Tobias, myself - "What's going on?" How is it possible that we feel all this tension? How is it possible that nothing is right? How is it possible that I feel like I can't keep the energies flowing? And we have long talks, and we tell them to keep it simple. We tell you what I am going to tell you today - very simple, it probably does not become any great academic book or spiritual discovery book - just finish eating that elephant.

What does that mean? They have allowed themselves to feel part of the phenomenal changes taking place, not only here on Earth but also in non-physical realms. They have allowed themselves a taste of this delicious but sometimes frightening transition. But then it stopped. He entered as a fearsome paralysis - paralysis of consciousness - and that is where they are. They are not digesting what is already inside. They are not eating what is still hanging.

But today, in the simplest way, not using the old ways at all, not using the mind, and I don't want any of you making affirmations ... the affirmations stink (laughs). In truth, they stink ugly. The affirmation is a pile of spiritual manure, because they don't believe it. Otherwise they would not be saying it. They don't trust her. Smells. It is a mental masturbation. Therefore, dear friends, let's not make those claims. Leave them for the other action-affirmative humans out there.

The visualizations are much the same. When you try to visualize ... well, I have to scold some of you here, and you know who you are, we have had a few talks. They try to visualize this world peace and world order - according to what? According to whose vision and according to which precedence? See Now, I know that I will receive a lot of - how to say - celestial email from humans saying, “But that's what we all have to do right now. We have to visualize world peace. We are going to make a world prayer group. We are going to do world meditation. ” Based on what? His old world concepts? His past? Ways they've done it before? (Laughs while Kuthumi gets up with every sentence). The same old program? (Linda dice; “tómalo con calma, compañero”. Risas de la audiencia y de Kuthumi). ¡Estoy siendo un jack in the box*! (Linda dice: “¡Jack** algo!” para más risas). (N. de T: *cadena de restoranes de comida rápida que adecúa sus platillos a pedido del comensal **en inglés Jack se utiliza en muchos refranes con diferentes usos de la palabra).

Es la misma vieja rutina. Así que hoy prescindamos de eso mientras se permiten hacer la digestión consciente y empiezan a comer el resto de esa conciencia que están sintiendo, porque es nueva. Tan nueva, tan Nueva Energía que no viene del pasado. No puede ser definida. No puede ser visualizada. No puede ser descrita. No puede ser afirmada. No puede ser meditada. No puede ser rezada. Sencillamente es. ¿Ven qué simple es?

Sé que algunos de ustedes tienen precisamente este deseo. Hay uno de ustedes aquí mismo que de hecho quiere que yo organice algún grupo de apertura de portal en alguna parte del mundo… vamos a ir allá y haremos nuestras afirmaciones y otras cosas por el estilo – no funciona. Why? No que sea malo. No que no venga de algún lugar sincero pero es viejo. Es viejo.

Con tanta frecuencia cuando los individuos o grupos se reúnen en afirmaciones, están afirmando su vieja manera de hacer las cosas. Están orando y rogando por las viejas soluciones. Están usando trucos y están usando clichés basados en lo viejo. Pero, queridos amigos, es tan nuevo ahora mismo.

A veces es más reconfortante sentarse en un grupo y cantar Kum Ba Yah (risas, Kuthumi riendo entre dientes). Sé que a algunos de ustedes les encantaría si Adamus entrara acá con su polvo mágico blanco. Oh yeah! Oh, él debe tener ese polvo mágico blanco. No lo tiene. Porque eso sería fascinante o sería dramático y sería quizá un alivio temporal. Pero no es ahí donde está. Esos son solamente trucos, decepciones. No de alguna naturaleza mala, pero solamente están re-conjurando lo viejo. No es eso para lo que ustedes están aquí.

Sintiéndolo Todo

Así que hoy vamos a movernos a ese nivel más profundo de sentir. Medio elefante dentro, medio elefante fuera. ¿Qué hacen? Un poquito de respiración. Un poquito de respiración, y aquí está el reto. Ha habido un poquito de – cómo decir – energía estancada aquí, porque parte de ustedes está verdaderamente temeroso de sentir, de sentir realmente – se dejan dar una probada – sólo sentir de veras el caos que está ocurriendo en la Tierra ahora mismo.

Por cierto, como Tobías les ha dicho, tienen este hábito maravilloso de que cuando se meten como a esta especie de estreñimiento de la conciencia, luego le dan la vuelta sobre sí mismos y se culpan por no hacer algo bien. No se trata de eso para nada. Hay una tendencia natural – basada en su pasado, de que cuando llegan a un cierto punto de sentir, de percibir, permiti ndose absolutamente dejar que estas energ as de caos, de cambio y transformaci n sean sentidas en cada parte de ustedes de detenerse, cuestionarse si pueden manejar m s. As que entran a esta especie de estado congelado de ser.

Pero hoy vamos a, en la energ a de este grupo, moverlo a un estado completo de sentir. Voy a invitarlos a dejarse sentir absolutamente la energ a de caos de la Tierra. D jense sentir esta falta de esperanza que tantos humanos sienten ahora mismo. D jense sentir la incertidumbre que tantos de los l deres sienten. D jense sentir c mo tantos de los l deres mundiales conocen el fraude que est teniendo lugar, pero permiten que se mantenga teniendo lugar. D jense sentir estos patrones del clima de los que Tob as habl .

Vean, ustedes han sido asaltados por todo esto y luego pararon. El proceso completo se detuvo y estaba atorado en alguna parte mitad adentro y mitad afuera de ustedes. As que ahora mismo en este espacio sagrado, seguro, dejen que todo entre, a su cuerpo. No va a hacer da o, no causar c ncer en su cuerpo. Oh, vean, han estado temerosos. Se han refrenado. Han dicho: Oh, si lo dejo entrar algo m s en m, pudiera destruir mis rganos, mi h gado . D jenlo entrar. D jenlo ser experimentado totalmente dentro de ustedes.

Esas energ as son solamente energ a. Solamente es conciencia. D jense, al nivel m s profundo de empat a, sentir el miedo por el que los humanos est n pasando ahora mismo, pregunt ndose si van a tener su casa el pr ximo mes, si su cuenta de retiro estar ah para ellos. D jense sentir el miedo que los humanos tienen, de que los mismos gobiernos que est n ah para servirlos pudieran desmoronarse. D jense sentir absolutamente una de las cosas a la que m s le teman el miedo de los humanos cuestionando si ciertamente es el fin del mundo. Y les dar una pista lo es. El fin del mundo como lo conocieron, el fin de la vieja manera de hacer las cosas est aqu . No va a esperar un par de a os o un par de d cadas o siglos, est aqu .

Introduzcan eso a su cuerpo a trav s de la respiraci n.


D jense sentirlo absolutamente. No traten de filtrar. No traten nada m s de tomar las partes buenas y no se me vayan mentales. Si ntanlo.


Su mente ha creado este tipo de estado congelado donde todas las energ as se han quedado paralizadas, porque est tratando de explicarse todo. En este espacio seguro dejen que su mente sienta e incluso experimente toda esta conciencia, la otra parte del elefante.


Dejen que sus emociones lo sientan. Se quedaron paralizados, congelados, porque creen que sus emociones ya no pueden manejar m s. Apenas, apenas pueden soportar ver un peri dico, o r cualquier noticia del mundo, porque sus queridas emociones est n tan apabulladas. No creen que puedan manejar nada. Est n teniendo problemas propios, dicen, c mo pueden asumir todo esto? En este espacio seguro, introd zcanlo. Estar n sorprendidos de lo que pueden manejar.


Las incomodidades que han estado sintiendo en su cuerpo, el caos y la incertidumbre en su mente son estas energ as paralizadas, porque ustedes son seres que pueden sentir todo a su alrededor, por doquier en un estado global. Cuando empezaron a alojar algo de ello y luego qued paralizado, atascado, todos sus timbres de alarma se apagaron y se detuvo justo ah .

Entonces, qu hacen? Bueno, o lo escupen, lo cual es casi imposible no pueden regresar, no pueden des-sentir lo que ya han sentido o lo incluyen el resto del camino.

As que, tomen esa respiraci n profunda.


D jense incluirlo el resto del camino. D jenlo fluir dentro de su cuerpo, en su mente, en su esp ritu, en sus emociones y cada parte de ustedes. D jense incorporar absolutamente la conciencia de la humanidad ahora mismo.


Y mientras est n haciendo eso, d jense desplazar a este estrato m s alto o nuevo estrato de conciencia – todos los potenciales para estar con la Nueva Energía – déjense expandir ahí dentro pues es un montón lo que están introduciendo – la conciencia de la humanidad, todo el caos. Por cierto, caos es una palabra hermosa, no una palabra perversa. Caos es vida en movimiento, más allá de lo que la mente pueda definir en sus estructuras. Caos ha llegado a significar algo perverso. Es absolutamente hermoso, y esa es una cosa que descubrirán conforme se expanden al estrato de la Nueva Energía. Eso les permite introducir todo este sentir – empatía, sentimiento, introducirlo ahora mismo a su cuerpo, su mente, su realidad humana- sin estar abrumados.

Y tampoco traten de empujarlo afuera de la puerta de inmediato. Algunos de ustedes están diciendo: “Okey, lo introduciré solamente por un momento y luego lo empujaré de regreso afuera”. Les estoy pidiendo que perciban, sientan, difieran esta cosa llamada conciencia humana, el mundo de hoy. Si es caos, si es miseria o miedo o nuevos potenciales o lo que sea, introdúzcanlo.

Estaba realmente paralizado ahí de una manera muy incómoda para ustedes, y entonces su cuerpo comienza a mostrar sus indicios de cómo están en esta parálisis de sentir. Últimamente tantos de ustedes han sido realmente golpeados fuertemente en algunos de sus miembros del cuerpo. Dolor en las manos, que tantos de ustedes están experimentando – las manos y las rodillas y los pies – esto es porque la energía se quedó atorada a mitad del camino, y entonces su cuerpo reacciona. Problemas con los hombros y el cuello y la espalda y todos estos otros, están todos relacionados con sólo dejarse introducir algo de esta energía.

Mientras estaban permitiéndose sentir a la humanidad y los cambios, y todas las entidades en los reinos cercanos a la Tierra, incluyendo los seres angélicos trabajando con ustedes y los seres humanos que están atascados por allá – también están sintiéndolos a todos ellos – sencillamente entraron ustedes en agobio. Se metieron a tratar de usar herramientas Vieja Energía, para resolver algo muy, muy distinto.

Así que en este espacio, déjense introducirlo totalmente, incluso permitiéndose sentir, digerir las energías de algunos de esos seres en los reinos cercanos a la Tierra que están realmente estancados, realmente atrapados, así como también a los seres angélicos y todo el resto.

Tomen una respiración profunda. Introduzcan esto.


Puedo ver un cuadro tan claro de dónde estaban ustedes hoy más temprano. Se dejaron probar nada más un poquito de lo que está pasando, y luego se estancó. Pero siendo osados y valientes aquí y probando todo ello, probando todo ello, sintiendo cada parte de ello, de pronto se dieron cuenta de que hay algo más entrando ahora mismo, y es esa Nueva Energía de la que hemos estado hablando. También entra.

Respirando la Transformación

Ahora… ahora que tienen todo esto dentro de ustedes, ahora que se comieron todo el elefante; ahora está en su barriga, está en sus emociones, en su mente, ¿ahora qué hacen? ¿Ahora qué hacemos?

Bueno, queridos amigos, nada más se mantienen respirando, porque ahora no tienen que tratar de empujar esto fuera. No tienen que tratar de librarse de ello. Transmuta de manera natural, y va de ser una energía atemorizante o dudosa; va de ser una energía apabullante, de regreso a su estado puro. De manera natural se abre camino fuera de cualquier tejido del cuerpo en el que haya estado. De manera natural se abre camino a través de lo mental. De manera natural opera a través de sus emociones. Y lo que tienen al final de este proceso constante, este proceso fluyente, es nueva perspicacia, nueva claridad y simplicidad.

Tienen un entendimiento más profundo de lo que está teniendo lugar en el mundo, un entendimiento más profundo de su mundo. Vean, su mundo – su mundo personal – y el mundo exterior están tan entremezclados y tan confundidos, que era difícil distinguir la diferencia entre uno y otro. Pero ahora les da más claridad respecto a ustedes.

No pueden hacer esto si sólo están dejándose sentir parcialmente lo que está pasando. La energía se va a estancar si solamente están sintiendo parcialmente. Desde luego puedo entender porqué llegaron a un punto donde dijeron: “Ya no puedo acogerlo”, y ese es el momento de dar otra mordida, de acogerlo incluso más profundamente.

Por lo tanto se mantienen inhalando esto ahora mismo, y vamos a hacer unas cuantas cosas un poco diferentes ahora mismo. Vamos a pedirles que se mantengan inhalando esto y vamos a pedir un poco de guía o un poco de asistencia humana en nuestra respiración, sólo estaría tan honrado de pedirle a mi querido amigo, Garret, que suba acá y haga alguna respiración con ustedes. Oh, y juntos hemos trabajado tanto en el pasado, que sería mucho honor. A veces se aparta pero quiero que vean su brillantez, su manera de introducirlo todo, su manera de sentir todo ello y observar cómo luego el proceso natural lo transmuta.

Así que, querido On, si pudieras hacer un poco de respiración.

GARRET: Estoy tan agradecido por este tópico porque esto ha sido el reto o búsqueda de Norma y mío durante los últimos tres o cuatro años, y tratamos en nuestros seminarios de extender la invitación e invitarlos a esto. Así que sencillamente estoy tan agradecido de que ahora esto esté en el plato frontal, en el mechero frontal.

Así que solamente sientan esto. No se preocupen por el aire entrando y saliendo de su cuerpo, esas son las ruedas del entrenamiento. Solamente sientan esto.


No es que ya seamos los maestros de esto, sino que estamos comprometidos con este sendero. No que podamos decirles cómo hacerlo, sino que podemos decirles que lo vamos a logar.


Así que ahora solamente sientan esto. Sientan esta parte de ustedes que les está hablando ahora mismo, que está diciendo: “sí, podemos hacerlo. Queremos hacer esto. Estamos comprometidos a hacer esto”. Sientan esta parte suya dentro de ustedes, que los está invitando a unirse a ello. Sientan este gnost en ustedes, sientan su divinidad en ustedes que está diciendo: “nosotros – el nosotros de mí – puede hacerlo”.


Y que luego cuando nos alejemos de esto dice: “ahora mis pasos van a incidir en nuevo terreno”.


Inhalen este sentimiento, sabiendo que está ahí cuando quiera que elijan sentirlo.

KUTHUMI: Queridos Shaumbra, la próxima vez que estén abrumados por lo que está pasando en el mundo a su alrededor, la próxima vez que estén abrumado por lo que está pasando en su mundo personal, los cambios en todo – todo respecto a ustedes – en vez de retroceder o en vez de parar, acábense lo que esté en su plato. Cómanse el resto de ello. Ese es el momento perfecto, en vez de retirarse, entrar más profundo.

Ahora, parece ser una contradicción. Parece querer ser la hora de correr y esconderse o cerrar la válvula y decir: “es todo lo que puedo aguantar”. Sólo incluyan el resto. Incluyan el resto de ese sentimiento, esa conciencia, porque lo que sucede aquí, cuando hacen eso, es que ahora la Nueva Energía puede fluir dentro para ser parte de lo que suceda a continuación. Parte de su conciencia, parte de este nuevo estrato del que hablamos. No se contengan, es lo que estamos diciendo. No solamente acojan un poquito y luego paren. Decídanse por ello. No queremos tener que montar ningunas casas intermedias para Shaumbra (algunas risas). Tendremos casas completas para Shaumbra.

La Bendición

Ahora, de vuelta al tema. ¿Qué hacen una vez que acogen todo esto, una vez que van más allá del agobio – más allá del agobio en la mente, en las emociones, en su cuerpo? Oh, hemos oído a tantos de ustedes diciendo: “no aguanto más”. Ese es el momento de aceptar más. Ese es el momento de introducirlo, porque eso, en ese momento, ahí es cuando la verdadera transmutación, la alquimia dentro de la Nueva Energía tiene lugar.

Sus sistemas sí se sobrecargan, por cierto, y qué momento tan perfecto para que esta Nueva Energía se deslice directamente adentro. La próxima vez que sientan hasta este punto de sobrecarga, incluso entumecimiento, introdúzcanlo. Acojan el resto.

Ahora bien, entra a su cuerpo, mente, espíritu. ¿Cómo lo sacan? No tratan. That is the important thing. No tratan.

Tratar es un seguro… para Shaumbra, tratar cosas va a conducir al fracaso seguro. Ustedes ya no deberían tratar nada. Tratar es una manera dual muy Vieja Energía de hacer cosas. Así que no traten de deshacerse de ello. ¿No confían en que el cuerpo, la mente, las emociones, el espíritu saben qué hacer? ¿No confían en que esta energía que han introducido, este sentimiento, es también como un río? Fluye a través después de que ha entregado su regalo y su sabiduría y su expansión. Esa es la razón por la que lo están haciendo, para recibir ese regalo.

Veamos, ustedes también están haciendo otra cosa que es muy, muy, muy importante. Recuerden que dije que los banqueros ya no saben cómo manejar bancos. Los políticos ya no saben cómo hacer política. La gente de negocios no tiene ni idea. Nadie sabe qué hacer ahorita – con muy pocas excepciones. They do not know what to do. ¿Quién sabe?

Bueno, Dios no sabe qué hacer. A Dios en realidad no le importa, está teniendo una época espléndida observando… Ustedes son Dios, queridos amigos. Ustedes son Dios, teniendo una época espléndida experimentando todo esto.

Los extraterrestres – ellos no tienen ni idea. Están tan despistados respecto a lo que está pasando en la Tierra. Todavía están verdes (risas), ¡eso debería decirles algo a ustedes!

¿Entonces quién tiene idea? ¿Quién sabe las respuestas si ellos no? ¿Si estas instituciones confiables y organizaciones confiables no tienen ni idea? Bueno, ustedes las tienen. No creen tenerlas, pero sí las tienen – cuando se permiten acogerlo todo, comer la otra mitad del elefante, introducirlo incluso cuando están en el agobio, porque esta es la transmutación de la conciencia por la que ustedes pasan personal e individualmente. Lo que luego atraviesan también como un grupo de Shaumbra y seres iluminados en la Tierra que emiten los – cómo decir – los rayos o los haces que abren los nuevos niveles de conciencia que entran a los nuevos líderes, los nuevos banqueros, los nuevos investigadores – o los viejos que estén deseosos de cambiar.

Literalmente, queridos Shaumbra, las respuestas del mañana para este mundo están en ustedes. They are in you. Se rascan su cabeza y dicen: “Pero no sé los principios de las finanzas, ¿cómo podría ser yo? No quiero estar en los negocios, ¿cómo puedo ser yo el que tiene las respuestas?”. Ahora mismo todo se trata de conciencia, iluminación, nuevas fuentes. Es por eso que ustedes son la respuesta.

Se convierten en el conducto. Se convierten en la brecha que otros pueden seguir después de ustedes. Ellos pueden ver a partir del ejemplo de cómo ustedes pueden ir más allá de agobio o más allá de viejas ilusiones hacia lo nuevo. Ustedes se convierten en el primero en escalar la montaña o cruzar el abismo o como quiera que lo quieran decir, pero el primero dentro de este nuevo nivel de conciencia. Ellos lo van a sentir intuitivamente. Intuitivamente van a darle golpecitos a su energ a como el Est ndar y luego la van a usar. Usarla en sus profesiones, en su manera de hacer las cosas. Ustedes pueden ser los que los inspiren a trav s de los libros que escriben, la m sica que entonan o cualquier otra cosa que sea su expresi n. Esa es la raz n por la que esos de nosotros en los reinos ang licos en particular tenemos tal inter s en lo que ustedes est n haciendo. No s lo que tenemos tan grande amor y honor por ustedes, sino que tambi n estamos viendo lo que realmente est pasando aqu en la Tierra.

Una Canci n de Amor

Voy a pedirle a uno de mis m sicos favoritos que toque una de mis canciones favoritas, y les voy a pedir a ustedes que escuchen dentro de esta m sica como si fu ramos todos nosotros Adamus, Quan Yin, Tob as, yo mismo y los otros del Concejo Carmes la estamos cantando para ustedes. Y mientras lo hacemos, les voy a pedir que terminen de comer lo que est en su plato. Acojan el resto de esa energ ayd jense sentirla en extremo. Las cosas de las que se han estado refrenando, esta energ a de caos de la Tierra, introd zcanla

Su sistema sabe exactamente qu hacer con ello, c mo liberarlo. No se va a quedar atorado ah dentro. No les va a ocasionar tener mala suerte. No les va a ocasionar tener alguna enfermedad. Quite the opposite. Mientras esta m sica est sonando, queridos amigos, acojan el resto.

(Ralph Nichols canta Tienes un Amigo)

Cuando est s deprimido e inquieto Y necesites un cuidado amoroso Y nada, ninguna cosa ande bien

Cierra tus ojos y piensa en m Pronto estar ah Para aclarar hasta tu noche m s oscura

Solamente grita mi nombre Y sabe que dondequiera que est Vendr corriendo, s lo har Para verte otra vez

Invierno, primavera, verano u oto o Todo lo que tienes que hacer es llamar Y yo estar ah, s lo har Tienes un amigo

Pues si el cielo sobre ti se hace oscuro y lleno de nubes Y ese viejo viento del norte apenas empez a soplar

Mant n la calma en ti mismo Y d mi nombre en voz alta Pronto me oir s tocar a tu puesta

Solamente grita mi nombre Y sabe que dondequiera que est Vendr corriendo, s lo har Para verte otra vez

Invierno, primavera, verano u oto o Todo lo que tienes que hacer es llamar Y yo estaré ahí, sí lo hare Tienes un amigo

Pues ¿no es bueno saber Que tienes un amigo? La gente puede ser tan fría

Te lastimarán, te abandonarán Tomarán tu alma si los dejas Aw, pero no los dejes

Solamente grita mi nombre Y sabe que dondequiera que esté Vendré corriendo corriendo yeah Para verte otra vez

¿No sabes que Invierno, primavera, verano u otoño Todo lo que tienes que hacer es llamar? Y yo estaré ahí, sí lo hare Tienes un amigo

Ahora tienes un amigo ¿No es bueno saber Que tienes un amigo?

Ahora tienes un amigo Aw cariño, tienes un amigo


KUTHUMI: Queridos Shaumbra, se va a poner más intenso en la Tierra. Es natural. Conforme este tiempo de nueva conciencia llega, conforme este tiempo de cambio llega, se pondrá muy, muy intenso y muchos no serán capaces de manejarlo. Ese es el momento en que les decimos como Shaumbra, como pioneros de la conciencia, como líderes de la conciencia en la Tierra, que es de hecho el momento para introducirlo. Precisamente cuando piensen que están a punto del agobio – “es demasiado, no lo puedo manejar” – ese es de hecho el momento para inhalarlo.

Ahora bien, puede parecer ser un paso ilógico, pero de hecho es un paso muy natural. Terminan de comer, lo dejan digerir. Dejan entrar la Nueva Energía y transmutan, y encuentran qué absolutamente fácil es. Y lo que parece ser un caos o confusión o pérdida de esperanza es en realidad un luminoso nuevo día para ustedes y eventualmente para los otros en la Tierra. .

Vendremos para el tiempo de nuestras preguntas y respuesta en justo un momento, pero quiero expresar de nuevo qué delicia estar con Shaumbra.



G8- El Grupo de los Ocho es un foro para los gobiernos de ocho naciones del hemisferio norte; Canadá, Francia, Alemania, Italia, Japón, Rusia, el Reino Unidos y los Estados Unidos.

La Serie del Retorno:
SHAUD 7: “Comiendo el Elefante” – Presentando a Kuthumi Lal Singh, canalizado por Geoffrey Hoppe

Presentado al Círculo Carmesí
Febrero 7, 2009

Traducción: Irma Sztabinski
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