Being a light worker in the new era: The Guardians

Dear friends,

Today I am here with you, and with great pleasure, and I warmly welcome each of you. Our meeting makes a difference. It is not just a dissertation in which you hear the words, but my presence here, which merges with yours, creates an energetic space that helps anchor Light on Earth.

You are the guardians of the Light. You are those on Earth who open the door to the Light, the Light of the New Age. The old world is gradually coming to an end. The old power structures and ego-based consciousness have lost their strength and will gradually sink to the bottom of the ocean. A new society, a new state of being is emerging, which is based on love and heart values.

All of you are largely a part of this transformation. Sometimes, they don't realize enough how closely they are associated with this transformation process. In addition, your contribution is different from what you often think it is. During this transition from the old to the new, it is you (your own body energy) that is changing. In addition to the physical body in which you live, you are also a compilation of energy, partially perceptible and partially imperceptible. You are all walking sources of energy. Each of you individually radiates a certain vibration, an energy field, which has its effect on the environment, often without your being aware of it. It is this radiation or energy field the determining factor in everything that happens around you, in all the things that you attract into your life. You can also call it 'a state of being'. It is this same state of being that allows the Earth's changes to take place. Because if many groups of individuals change or refine their energy fields, this will attract another energy reality to Earth. This is the global transition that is happening now and that begins directly in the individual.

Of course, there are many kingdoms around the Earth - the astral and spiritual realms - that are willing to help you make this transformation, this Illumination. But you are the guardians. You are those on Earth who open the door to the Light. If this door does not open, the Light cannot be incorporated into the Earth. Therefore, it is so important that you believe in yourself, to know and feel inside that you are doing exactly the work for which you came to Earth.

You are all working on the inner level to originate this spiritual transformation in your being. And this is truly what you came for; the inner work of raising its vibration in a world that does not always work according to, or even resists, its purest intentions. You are the Lightworkers, you are the pioneers of the New Age. From love and harmony, you will give birth to the New Age in your own heart. In this way, by doing the inner work, you will attract a material reality that is much more beautiful and prudent than it has been for many eras.

The question is not so much what you do in your daily life or what profession you have. If you are a carpenter or a housewife, a therapist or a teacher, it is not what matters. What is really important is your 'state of being', the energy that you emit, the energy that you are. It is not what you do, but what you are, that is the source of transformation.

Now, I would like to ask you to feel the energy here in this place for a moment, to feel the collective energy of all of us together. I can only be here through you. It is when you accept me in your hearts that my energy can flow in and out of you here on Earth. Every time you open your heart to me, I come and let my Light shine. But you are the ones who open the door and I am grateful to you for this. You are doing the work you came here to do. Earth is changing. From the ashes of the old days a new world will emerge.

I would like to say something about how this New Age feels inside. I do not want to examine external symptoms much, but internal signs. A great transformation is happening in your emotional body. The emotional body is very sensitive to fear, anger and aggression, and all strong emotions that easily take them out of their center. You are all working on the refinement of your emotional body. You are doing this through a process of incorporation: by taking responsibility for the emotions you feel, examining them and going back to your origin (s). In this process of incorporation, you are no longer looking for the cause (s) of your problems in the external world, but rather looking for them within yourself. In this way, you take responsibility for everything that exists within you, you become aware of the blocked emotions and transform them. This is the real issue that you are working on now.

In the New Age the emotional body will calm down. You will live much more intuitively than you are used to. Your environment will also work according to this intuitive way of life. There will be peace and tranquility in their hearts. Do you feel how much you are looking forward to this? I feel and see how much you are yearning for a state of consciousness in which the energy between you and others can run freely, in which you can show your love openly, in the which you can trust in the safety of the world and the people around you. A state of consciousness in which you know that everything is fine, how only you can be who you are.

It is this feeling of freedom and security that you love. And I tell you, once again, that this energy is completely available to you. But you are the ones who have to open the door to accept that divine energy within your soul. Me and many others there are precisely at your side to help and support you. I ask you, here and now, to feel my energy, to feel that my energy is available to all of you. You are really working on a new birth. Feel the silence in your heart, feel the inner space that allows you to release the old energies and make room for the new. The freedom for which you are all imploring is near.

Just before the new comes, there is always a difficult stage: the battle of death of the old. Just before dawn is the darkest hour, when all the old fears come to the surface, all the affliction and anger that you have accumulated during your life and the many previous lives, when there was darkness in the Earth. All this comes to the surface to be integrated. Do not be fooled by appearances. It is a good sign, a sign of progress, when all these negative energies enter your consciousness. This means that you are strong enough to pass the test.

You are all working towards the culmination of a cycle of lives that has been dominated by an internal battle between light and darkness, between self-knowledge and the illusions of power, fear and ignorance. . A plea is made to all of you, that you look into the depths of your soul and find the light, the flame of the divine light there.

Now, I would like to point out the three traps that you can find by releasing the old. All of them have to do with the emotional body and they are also deeply connected with the fact that you are Lightworkers.
1. Spiritual anger

The first obstacle is anger. Here, I am talking about a type of anger that is actually motivated by a desire for harmony and justice. It is what you can call spiritual wrath. I will explain the origin of this.

When you began your life cycle on earth, you all had an inspiration. This inspiration is strongly connected to the energy of Christ. My coming to Earth, the coming of Jeshua (or Jesus), was a beacon for you, a source of inspiration. In me you recognized an energy that you all have inside. In earlier times you all made the decision to anchor this energy on Earth. But in the cycle of lives in which you tried to do this you experienced a lot of resistance. And this has caused damage to the emotional body. The emotional body is nothing more than the child within you. Your inner child is the lively, free part of yourself that spontaneously acts and reacts from these emotions. This child has suffered greatly during the lives in which you sought to carry out your mission of sowing the energy of Christ on Earth.

A part of you is always cosmic inspired and, from the level of your higher being or soul, you know and feel the meaning of everything that happens to you. You can see things from a perspective of light and knowledge. But there is another part of you that is your earthly personality. This is the inner child or his ego, it is his humanity, whatever they want to be called. At this level of you, there may be a lot of fear and lack of understanding about what is happening to you, even if your soul knows that 'everything is fine' and that it serves a (higher) purpose.

During your lives on Earth, you were often inspired to sow seeds of Light in the form of new ideas or attitudes, but often you were misunderstood by your surroundings. You were rejected, abandoned or even annihilated. These experiences of being badly received resulted in a lot of emotional trauma. The child within you does not understand why he deserved disapproval. His soul understood, but his earthly being, his emotional body, had to deal with deeply traumatic experiences that resulted from persecution, violence and disapproval. You all carry these traumas within you as scars on the soul.

All of you have come to Earth to bring Light into this reality, starting from a past story that is totally complicated. (For the full story see the Lightworkers Series, elsewhere on this site). I just need to mention that a type of personal karma was also involved when you decided to begin your life cycle on Earth. There have been times when you yourself were immersed in darkness, living to gain power and control over, among others, the earthly souls. His mission on Earth was to compensate for these previous lives, to return love and justice to humanity.

While this inspiration, this torch of Light, was burning intensely in your hearts, at the same time there was a lack of understanding in the inner child part of yourself. And therefore, this question of spiritual anger arose. The part of the inner child within you had no understanding of your own karmic contribution to the darkness, and projected evil out of itself. The part of the inner child within you wanted to fight for good and justice from emotional impulses. The part of the child within you did not understand the resistance and slowness of earthly reality, and was impatient. Starting from this part of the child, spiritual wrath was born.

Spiritual anger means that you can be immensely affected by the evil of the world, by the suffering of innocent people, by the destruction of the earth, by the destruction of plants, trees and the animal world. All these things ... political and social inequity, the seemingly unnecessary death of ten thousand children, wars, violence ... These are matters that affect you deeply and which can foster anger within you, as a result of which you They feel helpless.

It is a characteristic of the Lightworkers to get carried away by this anger and go beyond their limits in this. They lose themselves in their desire to change and improve the world. This can be passion for changing things on a political or social level, or it can emerge as a desire to help people on a personal level, as a profession or in their private life.

The desire to help and change things often contains a form of spiritual anger, although this may not be noticeable. After all, you seem to simply 'want the best' for someone else or for society. But surely, there is anger within you when you feel inclined to force someone - no matter how subtle - to change your behavior or your emotions. Often, you don't notice that time is not yet ripe for that.

Every time you feel an intense indignation or an enormous passion to change things, or when you have feelings of helplessness and anger towards things as they are, you are in the trap of spiritual anger. You want a lot at the same time. You are not seeing reality as it is, because you are captured by an emotion, the emotion of anger. I ask you to be aware of this and release it, because this kind of inspiration that is actually loaded with anger takes you out of your center. It will not give you the true inspiration, peace and stillness in your emotional body, which helps you to embody your Light on Earth.

You truly embody your Light on Earth by being entirely focused on your own being, in a state of pure and calm mind. In this state you can feel that you are in the world but you are not his. Being of the world means that you attribute values ​​to everything you observe with your senses: violence, war, disease, destruction. If you consider this only with your physical senses, you can easily get anger. Therefore, we ask you to step back and feel internally what spiritual dynamics is taking place in the things that disturb you.

There is a secret meaning in suffering. Every soul, every living being that is here on Earth is here to discover itself, to express itself and to learn more about what it is to be human and spirit at the same time. Each soul follows its course according to its own path of development. And you are asked to respect this, to step back and concentrate entirely on yourself, on your own Light. The energy, the truth, the vibration that you subsequently radiate invites people (or animals or plants) to enter their energy field and experience a healing vibration. This is the work for which you came. There is no need for you to stand on the barricades. There is no need for you to fight for this.

His real spiritual work is not to do but to be. When your spiritual energy is in balance, the healing energy that you emit to others flows easily and smoothly, without physical or mental effort. It feels light and serene, without exhausting them. Things and people appear spontaneously in your path and turn to you for healing.

Whenever you close in indignation and anger, even if this concerns injustice or suffering that you consider unbearable to observe, I ask you to step back and move towards the center of yourself. Enter the silence and accept that things are as they are. Accept that everything completes its own cycle and that it has its own development, including the people you love most. Leave them free too. It is enough to be there for them, nothing more and nothing less.
2. Spiritual depression

The second trap I would like to talk to you about is depression or melancholy. I have just described in a generalized summary a story in which all of you, as Lightworkers, have fallen prey to resistance, persecution and violence. This has left scars on his soul. This may have hurt you so deeply, that you have lost the courage to pour your Light once more into this world. They can often feel depressed and life may seem meaningless. You may feel that you are not welcome in this world, that you do not fit here with your energy class. They feel they are different.

Feelings of depression or sadness result from a lack of self-confidence. On the one hand, you can know very well that you have a spiritual light within, that you are a sensitive, compassionate and wise person. But on the other hand, there is an injured child within you who wants to gain recognition and appreciation of the external world. There is a part of you that implores for outside attention and security. But you never seem to get enough of this, or you cannot find the kind of recognition you really seek, because you are different. Often, your environment does not recognize the real you and therefore cannot admit and nurture you.

Your wounded inner child will never be healed by something that comes from outside, but only by yourself, your own power and wisdom. It is taking care of your own pain and grief, and having faith in yourself in the moments when nobody has it, that you really gain confidence in yourself. Once you have opened this source of power, you will attract another environment, one that reflects you and your deepest aspirations.

All who suffer from spiritual melancholy or depression experience a strong desire to transcend the earthly reality and return to an atmosphere of harmony and light, in which peace and peace prevail. security. I ask all of you, I beg your souls to trust and stand firm again in your inner Light. The Light that provides love and security is available to you here and now. He is burning in his own heart and is just asking you to focus your attention on her again. We (over there) are eager to ease their burden, but no one can help you as long as you do not believe in your own Light and shed light within yourself.

It is extremely important not to get bogged down by feelings of dejection or depression. This is a dangerous trap in which you could lose your way completely, because you lose contact with who you really are: the angel, the creature of light that dwells in you. In moments of depression of nostalgia, it may be helpful for them to remain still and just breathe. You are aware of the respiratory movement throughout your body, and with each inhalation and exhalation you can say aloud (or softly inside): I am who I am. I am good as I am.

I surround you with my Light. Once you have opened the door slightly towards more confidence in yourself, a feeling of dignity that really comes completely from your inner being, the Light will shine within. The Light of our own Higher Self, the Light of the energy of Christ and the Light of all helpers, guides and angels who support and love them from the realms around the Earth.

The time of transformation has arrived. Right now, when the moment is difficult, I ask you to continue with your heads up and focus on the New Age horizon. A reality of harmony and love is waiting for you; It is your heritage and many of you will enjoy this even in this life. The key is to have faith in yourself and trust that you will be given everything you need. Do not fear the darkness, because the Light is stronger. The Light will never be defeated. The Light is waiting in love and patience until you reach out and open the door.
3. Fear of his own strength

Finally, I want to mention another obstacle that causes a lot of shock in your emotional body. I am still talking here about energies that restrict you from reaching inner peace and clarity. It can be anger, it can be depression, but it can also be fear and this is the third obstacle.

Fear mainly has to do with a lack of confidence in their own inspirations, feelings and intuitions. If you doubt your own feelings, you become very anxious and invoke a complete series of emotions that take you further away from your center. When they are full of fear, their intuition is blocked. Intellect and emotions dominate and subsequently create a terrified and chaotic situation. Because intellect and emotions need intuition, the heart, as a foundation. Only then can they serve them in a useful way.

If you exclude the heart, the intellect will work more than regular time and emotions will not have a moment of peace. Then fear can gain dominion over you and manifest in all kinds of situations. You can doubt your ability to do the things that you are normally able to do. They can begin to question the obvious and make a very big problem of everything. There is a kind of nervousness within you that makes it impossible for you to be with yourself in a calm and peaceful way.

The key here is that they become free from all worries and return to their hearts, their feelings. What do you really feel under all those restless thoughts and bewildered emotions? By breathing calmly from your abdomen you can return to your foundation. Then you can feel an inner relief, a point of silence that is beyond your thoughts and emotions. You are then able to experience the thoughts and emotions that you have as a cloud surrounding you, a cloud on which you may or may not focus your attention. You will then have regained your sense of freedom, your ability to choose a certain thought or emotion.

If you believe that your thoughts are true or that your emotions are true, you will be completely absorbed by them and will keep following the imprint of these thoughts and emotions. But it is possible to step back and say: 'Stop, I leave these thoughts and emotions for what they are and go backwards. I am going deeper within myself and I feel what is really happening, why I am now harboring these thoughts and emotions. ' As soon as you take that step back you will find your own strength. Your confidence in yourself will flow freely again. Dark clouds dissolve and peace and clarity return. This step must be repeated frequently, because the intuitive nature, living from the heart, has not yet become apparent to you. Therefore, you experience a lot of fear.

You are releasing old certainties. They no longer trust unconditionally what their father and mother told them, what their teachers taught them or the regulations that their bosses dictated to them. You no longer blindly trust the results of intellect or science. And you also know how unstable your emotions can be and that neither are they always a measure of the truth. Because you have released all these certainties - and that is a sign of strength - fears can come to light and you can feel as if you are dragged by yourself in the opposite direction towards a turbulent ocean. However, it is exactly this situation that forces them to go inside and feel from their deep inside, from their own unique foundation: 'Who am I? What is my point of view in this world? I don't let myself be guided by the outside world but only by my own inner compass. ' It is through this true compass that you will enter the New Age.

Every time you make contact with your inner center and step back, you will find a renewed clarity within your soul. From there you can observe your emotions without being absorbed by them. You can observe his anger and send him love. They can observe your depression and give you a helping hand. They can look at your fear and send you the energy of liberation. You are your own Messiah. There are no Messiahs outside of you. There are thousands of Messiahs wishing to reach you, but only you can open the door of your heart and accept the Light. This is basically what the arrival of the New Age is all about: you opening your hearts. You are the ones who actually live on Earth, we are the helpers. You are the ones who take the action and that is why we can only show the deepest respect. We are always available to allow you to have a part in our love and in our light.

You are brave, you have courage. You are the warriors of the New Age. I ask you to believe in your inner being and in your mission. And every time you feel overwhelmed by heavy emotions, dark thoughts, take a moment of rest and make contact with your inner being, the center of silence within yourself. That is the anchor of the New Age. The anchor has already been dropped. Peace already exists in your heart. All you need to do now is return to you, again and again, to stay anchored once again to that focus of peace and clarity.

Do not believe in shock. She is not going to bring you the truth. Do not believe in drama, in intense emotions. Believe instead in the calm, peaceful and clear voice of your heart and be aware that you are not alone. We are at your side with every simple step you take on this path. I love you, and I ask you to accept my love energy among you. It is my burning desire to serve you in this historical moment and support you in your sometimes laborious path to the Light.

Accept my love.

This channel was presented before a live audience on December 11, 2005 in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. The spoken word has been slightly corrected for easy reading.

© Pamela Kribbe 2006
Translation: Sandra Gusella

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