Message from GAIA: The woman has a very close relationship with nature

  • 2019

The woman has a very close relationship with nature. A wild nature that has no transition is exciting and abusive, as invigorating as it is demanding. Mother Nature loves women so much that she has given her many responsibilities. This responsibility of a severe mother and a sweet mother are the two paradigms they have adopted for themselves in the face of everything else.

The woman must adjust the changes of her body with a certain pragmatism and face the events that occur. It should also welcome beauty and fragility as treasures to preserve . She must be listening to his body to benefit from the magic in him.

Nature asks the woman for such strength and responsibility, she is not only earth, she is alive, conscious, she is love in her hardness and does not seek any commitment. I think about the breeding of my little cat, one of her kittens was not very well, she was sick, but she still wanted to live. She didn't leave him alone at any time, she was on him to warm him up and she couldn't breastfeed him, she waited for him even though he was paralyzed, he could still try to at least reach her nipple and drink some milk. Although we wanted to take him for dead, she didn't want to leave him.

We took him to the vet to find out what were the chances of him surviving. The kitten survived the night, she always knew while we were in denial. Our cat's courage kept her hopeful despite our bad expectations. This is what I mean about the choices that females should make in nature, it's not about rationality, it's about nature itself using the language of love to keep a creature alive.

GAIA knows about all the power that women have

Women must be aware of the strength they possess, and that strength comes from the same nature. For example, the menstruation of women is usually the object of dislike in many cultures, being pointed out or criticized when sometimes it is present unintentionally in their daily lives. These are problems that are usually dealt with in complete solitude, since not all men usually talk about this issue without having any gesture of rejection about it.

The blood of menstruation has considerable power and ancient civilizations knew it. Some cultures have given it a devilish atmosphere, keeping women away from the city or town during these days for many centuries. Since according to their days, they tend to be carriers of negative energies, but we will not touch the history of menstruation in depth, I just wanted to mention the power and strength it possesses, being considered a true shamanic power.

Thanks to all the initiatives of the circle of women that help bring this power of light, they are discovering themselves little by little because the giants of submission have already lost power over them.

To recover confidence in female power is to strengthen the bond of love between nature and women. It is an important love bond because it is fundamental in the spiritual and bodily reconnection . For all traumatic events of the body, you must use the light, bring it to you, using the mantra of "I, nature, love you so much, that I trust you and your love, in the strength to overcome this terrible experience."

Kisses to all.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Emeline

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