Who is Master Lord Lanto?

  • 2015

Ascended Master Lord Lanto, Teacher of wise men and philosophers, represents the divine qualities of enlightenment, discernment and understanding ; He dedicated himself from an early age to keep the Presence of the Father burning in hearts and firmly set the Triune Flame on him to teach us to achieve freedom through knowledge.

He has developed a tireless work of teaching in the spiritual field and the awakening of higher consciousness in Asia and especially in China, where he had several of his incarnations and where the Flame is centralized of the Illumination that gives impulse to that country, and from there it is radiated to the world.

He incarnated as high priest in the Temple of the Divine Mother on the lost continent of Lemuria and several times in Atlantis. Together with other priests of the sacred fire he took to other parts of the Earth the spiritual flames that required to be sustained by the great initiates.

Approximately in the year 2074 a. C. incarnated in Huang Di, "Yellow Emperor", ruler of one of the golden ages of ancient China, also known as the god of Architecture, alchemy and creator of Taoism. While he lived he was considered a model of wisdom.

He wrote a revealing work, The Yellow Emperor's medical canon, which exposes the principles of macrobiotics, a feeding method that indicates what benefits certain organs and how the domain of behavior and physical and mental health follows.

As Duke of Chou (1105 BC) he was the ancestor of the Confucian tradition, because although Confucius incarnated centuries later he saw the Duke as his model and thought that his mission was to restore the principles and culture that he embodied.

Lanto dedicated himself to perfecting the evolution of this planet through the golden flame of illumination of the Cosmic Christ, the golden flame he carries, loaded with his momentum of divine victory for the youth of the world.

Master Lanto is the director of the Second Ray of the Great White Fraternity, Golden Ray, which represents divine wisdom, enlightenment, love and peace.

Calm, strength, patience and resistance, love of truth, loyalty, intuition, clear intelligence and serene temperament, to acquire Love, Compassion, Altruism, Energy.

The second ray symbolizes the intelligence or second person of the Holy Trinity. It is the ray of Wisdom, Enlightenment and Understanding . It has influence on students, teachers and on all those who want light, information, intellectual help, wisdom and peace.

He has great love and expertise in the arts and music. He was in the construction of Shambala, being the Venusian heart of Lanto, one of Sanat Kumara's first efforts to rescue humanity from its dark descent.

The Lanto Master tells us that the destiny of the soul is to reach understanding through the knowledge of ourselves and for this he offers us his gifts and qualities, talents acquired in all his lives that make him a wise Ascended Master.

Gifts of the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Science

Master Lanto, great light of ancient China, now serves as one of the most important scholars on earth. The devotion to the word of wisdom and the word of science of this silent and bodhisattva (holy) sage of burning eyes has truly qualified him to initiate the evolution of the Earth in both gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Only through creative Intelligence, Intelligence and impersonal Discernment, can man open his eyes and leave a world wrapped in the darkness of ignorance that keeps him away from Wisdom, which is the path to the realization of Truth and Liberation.

Divine qualities

Lanto lowers the power of the precipitation of knowledge through the spoken word (oral). Precipitating is an activity that represents the materialization in the physical plane of what we want, it is the ability to act as a crystal prism through which the blessings, virtues, radiation and gifts of the Seven Rays can flow to the mental strata, emotional, etheric and physical where most of humanity lives. Through this activity we show the truth that God desires: our growth and wealth, whether material or spiritual.

The Lanto Master teaches us the art of the precipitation of knowledge that leads us to the truth that is carried out together acting in the crown chakra, which works with the Golden ray and represents the maximum degree of Illumination, Buddhaic degree, and the Chakra of the heart, green and pink to channel his teachings with love.

The source of wisdom

Only he who has learned to penetrate Silence becomes a conductor of God's benefits within the world of man.

True wisdom comes from the understanding of the Laws of Life and its application. You need to hear the Voice of Silence in humble and silent reverence. The wiser one becomes, the quieter the tongue is, the more peaceful the emotional world, the less one thinks with the brain.

Wisdom does not consist in the possession of knowledge acquired over time, representing knowledge and culture in general; A person can have culture in general and lack wisdom. The wisdom in the human being begins in the love that manifests for the neighbor.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that if we get used to criticizing, judging without mercy, without even knowing the cause, the deep or dramatic motive that may exist behind the determined performance of any being, by behaving in a negative way, we will not reach WISDOM, since we lack even experiences and love to be able to manifest the universal love that is based on love the pr Comojimo as themselves .

The teacher Lanto, next to the arc ngel Jofiel which means Beauty of God and his elioim Cassiopeia, since the retirement of the Royal Teton invite us to wake up and increase the action of the golden yellow ray in the daily life, whether invoking the flame, using precious stones such as yellow topaz, dressing in this color or listening to music of string instruments that stimulate the crown chakra.

His tonal key is O du mein holder, Abendstern, pera Tannh user by Richard Wagner. Its day of manifestation is Monday.

May through the Ray of Wisdom happy hearts be equipped for the mission of the Secret Star of Love. Since Lanto's wisdom is surpassed by few beings ascended to the service of this Earth and since he is the personification of the Second Ray, his flame must be invoked daily in favor of himself, our family and the youth of the world.

Nobody says that the road is easy and for this reason the servers of this Llama are always attentive to our requirements, to help and enlighten us.


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Author: Margarita Londoño

GHB Editor

Who is Master Lord Lanto?

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