The world as you have known it is a real world material concept

  • 2018

Greetings from the Arcturian Group. We are a group of advanced beings of light who have chosen to work with the people of the earth in this powerful moment of ascending energy, to help those who are ready and willing to go beyond the third dimension and enter into a consciousness that He no longer understands duality and separation.

We are love and our job is to help you understand that you are also Being of Light, but that you have forgotten it. You can call us whenever you want. The world as you have known it is a material concept of the real world. The real world is a spiritual idea in the spirit of God . The material world is the interpretation of a Consensual Consciousness entangled in beliefs of duality and separation.

The material meaning of the earth will change as false beliefs begin to dissolve. Humans are the only species that desecrates their own nest . Those who do not know that they are spiritual beings are experiencing varying degrees of panic. For this reason, some act with violent and thoughtless reactions in a futile effort to maintain the status quo.

The awakening to a new level of consciousness occurs when the individual is spiritually prepared, not when he thinks he is ready. This is the reason why many rituals promoted to change someone spiritually are really useless. If something in your life is a spiritual reality destined to be there, it will reappear in increasingly better ways as your consciousness evolves.

Remember the most devastating event of your life. Did he leave you in the same place as before ? Did it make you feel more compassionate or did you become resentful and angry? External experiences always reflect a person's belief system. Experiences, painful or useless as they may seem, serve to teach the evolving soul, what must be learned through its own creations.

No one is punished for indiscretions of the past, as many still believe. Karma is simply the balance of energy created by the person involved . Revenge, retribution and punishment are human concepts that have never been and will not be qualities of Divine Consciousness.

Most healing professionals do not yet understand that a person is not only physical, but also has an emotional, mental and spiritual body . Therefore, " treatments " with chemicals that are used to cover up a problem, only cut one limb and do nothing to get to the root.

The student awake to the truth often finds himself without friends to share, without having anything in common with many of his classmates. If this happens to you, never believe that you have failed or that living the spiritual life means living a lonely life. Gradually, your consciousness will automatically and without conscious thought attract those with whom you are aligned.

This does not mean giving up on those who do not think like you. It simply means that as you move towards new levels of consciousness, you automatically move away from many things that you don't want to participate as you did before, being that a good thing. Many choose to leave this moment without knowing consciously that they can give a better service elsewhere, so don't worry or be sad when a loved one decides to leave . Remember that there is no death.

When most understand death as the " return home ", it will no longer be feared, but will be perceived as the choice of a person who knows their work is over. Some serve and learn here, while others learn from the other side.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Marilyn Raffael

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