The essence of light from your central heart in the plexus. Lady aurora

  • 2016

Beloved being of light I am Lady Aurora, the healing of your physicist goes through their conscience, they are now, in this portal of light, in which Gaia finds herself, becoming aware, of the expression of their being in all areas, and how they use and manage their energy.

You are feeling physically, food, habits and environments, and as above all, you yourself abused your physical body, relegating it to the utmost oblivion.

It is time for intense purification, that is, to open your cells to nature, to expand oxygen in them, so that they can integrate their light bodies.

The liver in their physical body is the largest multidimensional portal they have, in it the memories of all external resonances are opened, which are understandable by the Hara, and assumable by the gallbladder, also called the navel chakra. As you express your being, this field opens to the light and the supreme consciousness of your solar being, radiating more and more in you.

When you postpone your lives, or abandon them, this field closes, showing you the spiritual drowning you are feeling.

We know that many of you already take care of your bodies, in conjunction with food, etc., but there are other habits, which are not taking into account, not only food is physical health, but rest hours, which have to be much more higher than normal in these days of such intense ascension to be able to filter the incoming energies, and the increase of breaths , by chakra, which allows them to carry out cellular respiration, which allows ancient memories to heal consciously.

The physicist is more present, every day, even for those who walked on tiptoe, in the denial of being human and trying to live here with their cosmic memories.

Not so, in Gaia one lives through the sacred physical vehicle, he is the most spiritual body, manifested that they possess, and it is time to restore the fatigue of thousands of incarnations, and of complete family lineages, it is time for deep physical integration . He is your ascension vehicle.

The mer ka ba, mer ka na, and other vehicles of light, are the structures of their bodies of light, in their auric field or electromagnetic field, but that they see them in light, does not mean that they are not physical on the contrary, they are physical structural structures less dense, but very physical, light is matter, and it gives heat and has form and form waves.

Attend their physical bodies, they are in very deep remodeling, in very interesting restructuring, and listen to their calls, to be healed, of the emotional patterns and DNA that drag their experiences, they are asking to be attended in the greatest existing emotional reform, in This time, the divine love .

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus


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