Offer of spiritual guidance from 10 to 25 of each month Argentina

  • 2016

For us, it is a pleasure to keep all our dear brothers informed of those free spiritual activities that take place around the world. Today we want to talk about the spiritual guidance offering at the Kadampa Argentina Meditation Center.

This activity is being carried out from the 10th to the 25th of each month, it is one of the most precious practices that you can enjoy in Argentina . As spiritual food and activity to get out of our routine is perfect.

We still do not have the exact date, but you can check and be part of this beautiful activity, which we can assure you, you will start enjoying from now on.

The only thing you should do in this case is to take time and start enjoying this excellent alternative that you have at your fingertips to start enjoying now.

If at this moment you are asking yourself the place of the activity, let us tell you what will be in Serrano 1316 (two blocks from Plaza Serrano), you can attend with your friends, family or just your partner a.

We can assure you that you will find excellent options so that you can enjoy them and take advantage of this beautiful initiative full of love and with which you can allow yourself to have connection with people from other places and get your beautiful energy.

As an international community, we always motivate all our followers to be part of these beautiful initiatives, which are created so that you can enjoy them from this spiritual guide offering.

We can assure you that you will have excellent alternatives that you can start enjoying.

Offering of spiritual guidance: what can you expect

We will tell you that this beautiful offering of spiritual guidance is perfect for you to make the most of and enjoy these beautiful activities that we share with you all today .

This is a practice that helps us strengthen and deepen all our confidence in a Spiritual Guide like Yhe Tsongkhapa and Shakyamuni Buddha, which will give you the steps and advice to fill your soul with love.

This is an offering of spiritual guidance that you can enjoy now.

Which will help us raise our meditation and increase compassion, wisdom, spiritual power and leave the earthly world aside.

We are all free souls who need to fill our path of light and know what our real purpose in this life is if you enjoy this Offering of spiritual guidance.

Be part of the organization

But if in addition to participating in the activity, you want to collaborate with the Center, you can go a few hours before the appointment and help with the preparations for this beautiful activity.

As we mentioned before, this is an event where all the people they want can attend and begin to be part of this beautiful movement that has been created to feed our spiritual area.

That which we sometimes neglect due to lack of time or earthly distractions, begins to take advantage of each of these options that you have at your disposal to start enjoying this Spiritual Guide Offering.

Any type of significant offerings that will help improve our Guru are accepted .

The Kadampa Meditation Center is a place where we accept all those brothers who want to be part of this beautiful activity .

So do not hesitate and start taking advantage of these unique options that you have within your reach to use now.

Every month we carry out this type of activities, which you can enjoy and take advantage of these beautiful options that you have available to feed your spirit.

Do not hesitate to be part of this spiritual guidance offering that you have at your fingertips at this time.

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