Message from Master Hilarion: experiencing peace in all facets of your life Through Marlene Swetlishoff

  • 2016


His desire to experience peace in all facets of his life requires letting go of everything that impedes her experience. However, you are the ones who must make the observation and the necessary introspection of the patterns that still remain and that need attention. Do not be discouraged if they seem difficult to eliminate from your mental processes. Many times, it is really the energy of mass consciousness that has an effect on your senses that triggers everything that has not been completely purified from within . That is why we have previously warned you to take time at least once a week to carry out the process of total energy release to maintain a high energy field around you.

Also use some time each day to simply stand on Earth with bare feet and imagine roots that grow from your body towards the center of the Earth. Our scribe has acquired a ground anchor mat, which she uses under her bare feet while sitting at the computer to lessen the effects of excessive electromagnetic energy. Each person has to take firm action on their behalf in a way that gives benevolent results and keeps their physical body healthy and full of a feeling of vitality and well-being. The use of a “Shungite” quartz pendant is also very useful since this stone provides a deep cleansing and purification of various negative thinking forms and difficult or destructive energies that are changed in vibration to a higher level.

This is a time of new beginnings that asks you to act to work towards achieving your dreams through self-determination. Put aside all doubt and reach for the stars! The worst is now behind you and there is a stern wind ahead so it is a good time to move forward and take the next step. Focus on what you want instead of what you don't want and can achieve anything you set out to do. Accept only the best for yourself and without compromise, there is always a peaceful solution to any challenge that blocks your path, open your mind to perceive it from a higher perspective because we, your guides always seek to inspire, elevate and support you!

Take time to participate in relaxation activities that nourish your soul. Giving rest to themselves is a necessity every day so that they can recharge their body, mind and soul . If they do not do it themselves, they will be too exhausted to give to anyone else. Setting respectful limits for themselves will help them maintain well-being in all facets of their lives. This assistance brings a smile to your face and elevates your energy field to a positive and higher level and this in turn has a positive effect on everyone around you!

Along with the total purification of energy once a week, it is also important to keep your chakras system clean every day. There is a lot of "sticky matter" in the air waves at this time that can cling to your energy field, which in turn requires more of your energy and personal effort to eliminate them from you later.

Take some time each morning to visualize each of the seven main chakras quickly turning clockwise, so you keep them at optimal operating levels and this protects you from the lowest energies since they only automatically bounce away from you because your Energy field is not creating an attraction to them. And so dear, the practice of spiritual hygiene every day is very important.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff


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