Love has conquered! Message from El Morya

  • 2018

El Morya, channeled by Genoveva Coyle, September 20, 2018

The Nova Tierra and the new Kingdom of Heaven have been definitively and permanently anchored on Planet Earth ...

El morya

Good morning dear friends! I AM El Morya, I am your brother, greeting you on this glorious day!

I am Chohan of the first blue Ray of the Divine Will. I am here to bring the Will of the Father to restore light and sovereignty on this planet Earth . But, I am also serving the Mother in implementing Her Plan, being here with you today and at any time you need strength, a firm stance and the assurance that the victory of love is here.

You still cannot see it outside, in your physical world, but the truth is that the New Earth and the new Kingdom of Heaven have been permanently and permanently anchored on Planet Earth. They just need to believe it to see it, and then start celebrating it at every moment of their trip, even if it means just smiling with a flash of happiness in their eyes, consciously walking around, and spreading love and joy to everyone they meet on their way. .

You need to believe to see.

But they need to look for evidence that everything has changed . And no matter how small those signs of change are, be assured and know with all serenity that love has won !

They have the human tendency to look for what is wrong, or what needs to be fixed, and that is why they tend to see less than what they so strongly wish to see manifested . It may take some time to clean and remove the scum, but you don't have to stay in that low vibration until everything is purified, even when there may be parts of you that require attention and tender love.

This is what they have to do ... love everything, and I mean everything that comes to you, and that restores inner peace . As you have seen many times, the harmony will follow outside as if by magic.

Love it all. The harmony will follow you as if by magic.

So many times we see you fighting and resisting, arguing and getting angry and altering when the negative energies come to you from the "outside." And although it is perfectly fine to set limits and ask that your sacred space be respected, and in fact we highly recommend it, that does not mean that you cannot focus and then listen carefully, listen with your heart, what others have to tell you.

I have come here many times to suggest this channel, and all of you, to fight less, even when you are warriors ... and I know that my brother Miguel agrees with me. I have said that they need to talk less and try to listen more to what others may have to say. Most of the time they have messages and information that they try to give them, consciously or unconsciously, verbally or not, the way they are offered is not important.

Setting limits is important, but also listen with your heart.

We know that you feel you need to help and teach others, protect them or cure their discomforts. But, if they don't pay attention to the energy fields, the interactions, the feelings they exchange and the body language of others, how can they adequately help someone? Communication occurs in many ways, and it is up to you to collect the information that is given to you, and then to join it, so that you can say and do only what is needed.

Talkative and convoluted conversations do not contribute to a better understanding or prove to be more scholarly. The essence of the transmission of your heart and the truth that the other will hear from you is what counts most. Each one in an interaction has a gift and a teaching to bring to the table, it has to be a balance and you, as masters of the Nova Earth, have to tune into the whole story.

Talking more does not mean communicating better. The transmission of your heart is what counts most.

Talk and do less while listening and paying attention to every detail, to every atom and nanoparticle that comes to you, while we reflect and contemplate every facet and meaning of the messages. That is what I call an energy efficient behavior, a New You, a being similar to a teacher in human form.

Can you then focus on those pending issues on which you have stopped working, delaying them until you feel ready to address them ... and for those who are never ready? Can you see that these are your personal tasks that will not disappear until you face them and work with them?

Can you devote a little attention to listening to your physical vessels and the whispers of your home, to your pets or to the trees in the backyard that call them? These are all parts of who they are or would not be attracted to their reality ... and all of them need to be in balance and alignment with their high vibration.

Dear ones, you are doing a phenomenal and unconditional job! Go on and on! There are no limits to its brightness and beauty!

I am with you in love and strength! Goodbye!

El morya

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) El Morya Declares, Love Has Won! .

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