Bach flowers one by one

  • 2018

Next, we will elaborate an extensive compendium in which we will know the Bach flowers one by one . In total, there are 38 flower remedies discovered by Dr. Bach now more than 70 years ago, which serve as an alternative therapy to balance the emotional state of human beings.

Do you feel that fear grips you or that trust escapes in your hands as if it were water? This is one of the most used alternative therapies and the one that has benefited the most from millions of patients.

And it seems if we know Bach flowers one by one so you know what would be ideal for your problem? If so, do not lose detail, because here you will find each and every one of them and a brief summary about their uses and benefits.

What are Bach flowers?

Bach flowers are infusions that taken individually or in combination with others provide emotional balance to any patient .

It is known that Dr. Bach discovered a total of 38, although many have a 39; remedy, called Rescue Remedy, something like the urgent remedy, which would combine various essences to solve the discomfort in situations l Mite It is also known as the crisis formula .

What are Bach Flowers used for?

As we have said, Bach flowers are used to turn negative emotions into positive ones . In a complicated moment of our life, before the appearance of situations that attack our balance, this floral therapy has proved very useful.

Benefits of Bach flowers

Let's look at some of the benefits that can be obtained with Bach floral therapy. Among the main ones we find:

  • The transformation of negative emotions that bring out the worst in us.
  • They are compatible with other treatments and can be combined with various medications, even homeopathic.
  • There are no side effects in this alternative therapy.
  • Never create addiction.
  • They can be used in humans, but also in animals and pets, and even in plants.
  • They are suitable for all types of people, from children and pregnant women to the elderly.
  • They restore any imbalance of the human being.

The origin of Bach flowers

Bach's flowers were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1940s, and he was the one who formulated the benefits and uses of each of them.

Bach can be considered as one of the great precursors of holistic therapy thanks to its formulations considered within humanistic and psychosomatic medicine.

For this doctor, the disease usually results from the emotional imbalances that occur in the energy field of living beings. If they persist, they manifest in the physical body of the individual, animal or plant. Hence, Bach flowers act directly on the causes, so that they can correct emotional imbalances.

How Bach flowers are classified

Bach flowers are a total of 38 natural floral remedies that are divided into seven groups . In addition, you can introduce the Rescue Remedy, which could be the 39th remedy, although it really is a combination of five of these essences:

  • Group I: remedies for fear and the environment: here is the group of remedies that act on unknown fears and fears, such as superstition, for example.
  • Group II: uncertainty remedies: this group includes floral therapies designed to create and instill security in the individual.
  • Group III: selflessness remedies: they help to combat abstract states and reluctance, when an individual shows no motivation.
  • Group IV: loneliness remedies: this therapy is used to fight against loneliness and isolation.
  • Group V: hypersensitivity remedies: this is the group of flowers that act in people who are not able to be honest with their feelings, so they act cynically and hypocritically, or even excessively shy.
  • Group VI: discouragement remedies: group of remedies for people who do not have enough energy and have lost motivation and have fallen into discouraging states.
  • Group VII: remedies for excessive worry: aimed at people who care too much for others, or for themselves to excessive selfishness, and even sin of being overprotective.

Discover Bach flowers one by one

And now, we will begin to know the Bach flowers in the total of 38 remedies that are known today to solve emotional problems and imbalances. Do not miss it, because we start now.


We started with the first of the 38 Bach flowers that Dr. Bach discovered over 70 years ago, and is called Agrimony.

This plant is mainly used in people who show an appearance of happiness and pleasure, but who keep a good number of problems and suffering inside . This anguish is about hiding under a soul facade of the party, since it hides even its closest friends and people.

It is common for these profiles to maintain their cheerful appearance to avoid the loneliness that ravages their mind and their heart, so they will seek to plague their life from moments at parties and with friends to whom they hide their true reality. They can even fall prey to addictions such as alcohol or drugs.

Thanks to the Bach flower of Agrimony these people can accept their true reality and be more aware of the darkest and saddest aspects of their lives. Thus they face their true selves and become more honest people with themselves and with their people. They are more complete and their happiness, sense of humor and joy become real and sincere, as they learn to face problems without hiding them.


If you have some kind of vague fear, that is, those of those who do not see the real cause that causes it, Aspen is the Bach flower you need. Any disturbing feeling that causes you anxiety can be cured with this natural remedy.

Maybe you think something terrible is going to happen, which will cause you physical symptoms . It is as simple as the night terror of something not visible, for example, or irrational suffering because something bad can happen to someone in your family, without being able to specify. There is no concrete explanation.

You may even feel a certain fear of telling this situation, but the truth is that it is inexplicable, but palpable. There is no logical reason, but it ends up affecting your life, your way of proceeding and your own organism. Hence the treatment with Aspen is so useful.


Within the world surrounding Bach flowers you can also fight against intolerance . For this, nothing like Beech, especially diagnosed for those who should be able to see more goodness and beauty as there is around them.

There are people who barely have compassionate ability, and have serious problems to understand. They are indifferent to the circumstances of others and have a very reduced empirical capacity.

These people tend to be irritable, suffer outbursts and are recognized for their lack of tolerance and understanding towards others. But this does not mean that they cannot develop a greater capacity to observe how much is beautiful and good in the world. So Beech is fantastic for them to discover their own inner world and that of other people, which makes them more tolerant, understanding and forgiving people.


We still know all the flowers of Bach, and now we focus on Centaury, especially focused on the treatment of people who are unable to say no . If you are one of those and you need to draw strength from weakness to learn how to refuse, do not hesitate.

You do not have to have anything wrong with not knowing how to say no, as long as it is not used by other people for your personal benefit. If someone tries to take advantage of a similar situation, even using guilt, it is clear that this flower is indispensable for the victim.

This flower serves to strengthen the character, so that determination and courage are found to find a space of freedom without fulfilling the orders and desires of anyone. So, if you feel anxious to even serve others, do not hesitate to try the Centaury flower to forget your excessively servile attitude.


Now we go with Cerato, the Bach flower that serves to help people determined not to be overwhelmed by a sea of ​​doubts once they are clear about how they want to act . That is, if you make a decision with total confidence and without thinking of more and then you begin to feel insecurity and restlessness for that decision, this is the flower you need.

Sometimes, after a clear decision, we feel uneasy, as if we were wrong. At that time, we need other people to confirm our success, we seek opinions and external advice, since the doubt takes hold of us, confusing us and believing that we do not do the right thing.

If you feel that way, it is clear that you are a Cerato person, that is, you need this among the many flowers of Bach to acquire security in your decisions and look to the future with tranquility and confidence. So you will listen to your inner voice and you will not receive advice that is not always necessary or accurate.

Cherry plum

Cherry Plum is the remedy that is used, along with some other Bach flowers, for fear. However, in this case we talk about very specific fears, and it is that the good doctor diagnosed it for those people who fear losing their capacity for self-control and doing something terrible, even getting to hurt themselves or hurt someone.

Also once control has been lost or a lot of fear has passed, certain symptoms may appear, such as hysteria or frenetism . If this is the case after a start of irrational fury, this is a good solution.

Cherry Plum is very useful in children, since an outburst of anger that can even harm you unintentionally is not uncommon. Therefore, in front of minds that suffer a lot of tension and can lose their mind and do something terrible unwanted, it is good to use this flower.

Chestnut Bud

We go now with another of Bach's many flowers, and in this case we focus on Chesnut Bud. Here we find a remedy for those people who repeat patterns over and over again and end up constantly falling into the same mistakes.

Someone who lives an eternal spiral of job changes by purely unimportant dissatisfaction, for example, can be a good patient for this flower. That is, it is a good way to learn the lesson definitely .

For Dr. Bach, leaving the step behind definitively and looking forward was an obligation and a necessity. If mistakes are made, it is good to learn from them, but not to look again and again until they fall into excessive guilt. We must learn from the lessons of the past to live the present well and have a promising future.


Love must be something that is given selflessly, without expecting anything in return. When done in anticipation of any kind of reciprocity, it can produce great regrets, since sometimes, even the most loved ones, such as close friends or family, are willing to do so.

If something like this happens to you, don't expect it to be returned, give it without expecting anything in return. And if you have trouble changing this way of being, one of the best Bach flowers for this remedy is called Chicory. In this way you will avoid the oppression that can make you suffer such a situation . So you do not suffocate those people who do not give you as much as you want, because you can make them become selfish and possessive in excess, to finally end up rejecting the love you give in excess.

If you are looking for emotional and emotional freedom, this is the flower of Dr. Bach you need, do not forget it.


This is the Bach flower that is recommended for excessively fanciful people . There are people who get far from their reality, so that they lose all evidence of their present.

Many dreamy people totally forget that they live here and now, and let themselves be swept away by their dreams of overly fantasy success, which leads them to a deep depression by being aware that they live in a fantasy .

That is why it is recommended that you take Clematis. This flower helps them to anchor in their reality and work to carry out their dreams, not to live in them before reaching them.

The so-called Clematis personality is creative and artistic, but with a tendency to fantasize and little interest in her present. Hence, it is necessary to find the anchor that returns them to reality so that they concentrate and do not get too distracted.

Crab apple

We continue to know all of Bach's flowers, and now we focus on Crab Apple. In this case they focus on the treatment of people who have something in their physical appearance or personality that they do not like at all .

The condition of these people can be very serious, hence early treatment is important. In fact, in some profiles it ends up becoming an obsession, with repetitive behaviors that touch even paranoia, constantly washing their hands because they believe they are not clean. They are fussy beings in terms of hygiene and trivial regarding their way of thinking.

It is worth remembering that the Apple Crab is also part of the crisis formula, which we will see later, at the end of this complete text about Bach flowers.

The M

We continue to know more about Dr. Bach's flowers and we focus on Elm, diagnosed for those people who suffer from a lack of temporary confidence in times of enormous pressure and burden.

This type of profile is usually successful in itself, and they carry out their objectives, however, when the responsibility is excessive, it can overcome them, ending in depression and doubts about their own ability to overcome various vicissitudes.

Thanks to Elm's flower, feelings of doubt can be dispelled, thus discovering their true limitations, but also their abilities. Thus they find the necessary strength to overcome the proposed challenges and dissipate the feeling of failure.


We continue researching Bach flowers and now focus the study on Gentian, which is especially suitable for people who get discouraged when things do not go as expected . Many people may soon resume their spirits and avoid defeatism, but there are many profiles that fall easily and quickly into discouragement. And it is right there, at that precise moment, when you must take this flower to recover and return to the path of success, not only as a desire, but as a consciousness, the assurance that you are capable.

However, Gentian people, as Dr. Bach called them, always end up returning to the path of encouragement for many failures they suffer . They want to return and try again when everything calms down. However, thanks to this flower, they manage to return much faster and with renewed energy.


Following the study of the various Bach flowers, we now focus on Gorse, similar to the previous one, but with a very important particularity. In this case, a person who has failed gives up, loses all hope and shows no desire to return to the right path. That is to say, it does not find energy to resume its purposes, nor does it want to be encouraged to try again.

This profile of a person believes that his illness is incurable, that his destiny is inherited and is doomed to evil or that his goal is unattainable and not worth it, since no matter how hard he tries, he will never succeed. They are very negative people.

According to Dr. Bach, their loss of certainty makes them act like this. But they can be persuaded to find nuances and renew faith in life and in itself. And that is achieved with the Gorse flower.


It is important that people focus on themselves, but not to the point that they are not interested in the problems of others . If you know someone with a similar problem, the Bach flower known as Heather will be a very effective alternative therapy.

This type of profile is easily recognizable, since they usually have a certain 'hook' to others. How is it possible? Because they need people close to whom they can constantly comment on what their problems are, mainly being alone, as is usually the case.

In this way, with Heather therapy, these people do not focus solely on their problems. Thus, they will know how to contextualize, listen and become support for others, who will also let them talk about their needs. They can become good listeners, understanding and unselfish people.


We continue with another of Bach's flowers. In this case we focus on Holly, especially for people suffering from anger and rage . However, these pictures must have been caused by particular reasons, such as hate, jealousy, envy or suspicion.

For anger caused by other reasons, there are other flowers, but for these particular situations, this is the necessary one. It must be distinguished from the anger caused by impatience, for what Impatiens is used, or anger over injustice, for which Vervain is taken. And, as we have seen, if someone gets angry at ingratitude, he will take Chicory.

However, Holly has to be consumed when the feelings are excessively aggressive and negative . They may be for lack of love, for example. Thus, this remedy encourages generosity and openness.


We're going to get to know more about Bach's flowers, and now we focus on Honeysuckle. This is what the doctor indicated in his day for people who are unable to adapt to the present and have lived in the past .

This flower is recommended for those who cling to the famous saying of 'always past time was better' . They consider that their best years are years ago, and the present seems uninteresting and the future is not promising. That is, they have been stuck and enjoy their past joys. Moreover, even the misfortunes of yesteryear are now pleasant, and are even a cause for positivism, although in reality the strong nostalgia does not let them be truly happy. They always miss something.

This is a perfect floral remedy for them to learn not to relive the past over and over again . In this way they can adapt to their present and continue living in today with hope in the morning.


If you are going to make some effort, and before you even start you already feel very tired and have a terrible exhaustion, it is obvious that you need the floral remedy of Bach from Hornbeam.

People who need to consume this flower feel they have no energy at all . His life is pure tiredness and even leaving the bed every morning is complicated. In fact, they prefer not to move because they do not believe they will be able to unify the energy needed to move and do something.

However, if they really do something, they will be able to bring it to fruition . It means that your problem is more mental. So, if they manage to lift their spirits, they will have no problem meeting their goals. And that's the help they get from Hornbeam. In this way they will be able to abandon the feeling of dejection.


Knowing the next Bach flower that concerns us, we imagine that you can already assume what it is commonly used for. Its name suggests just what it is, a great remedy against impatience . However, its effects go a little further, since it is also excellent for alleviating irritability and frustration, consequences of lack of patience.

In addition, it is also useful for what is known as a Impatiens person, that is, people who are constantly in a hurry . A human being who seems to live quickly and lives in perennial irritation when he is late can find calm, relax, empathize and some understanding with this floral remedy.

It should not be forgotten that a mood in constant haste causes stress and tension . In addition, going too fast results in the ease of making mistakes or having accidents, which is why tranquility and balance are so advisable.


We continue to know more Bach flowers, and now we focus on Larch. This remedy is used in people who have the conviction that it will fail in any goal it sets. That is, he lacks confidence in his own possibilities, he is not aware of his abilities and often does not try because he already imagines that he will not succeed.

This flower does not work for those who get discouraged when they try something and cannot, or for those who try to have so much responsibility and encompass so much that they fail. It is for people who do not believe in themselves and directly or try to do anything because they take their failure for granted before they even start.

Thanks to this remedy, Larch people will be able to accept risks and try new challenges . They will get involved in their goals beyond that they believe they can reach them or not.


When the cause of an anxiety or fear is known, the Bach flower for treatment is Mimulus. But remember, it is very important to know what is the origin of what is causing the problem.

Be that as it may, the fears that are treated with this floral remedy are related to normal terrors, everyday ones such as fear of darkness, to take an exam, to speak in public or even to dogs or other animals.

The list of phobias that can be cured with this remedy is quite long, such as heights, spiders, closed places, very full places, etc. In all of them the origin of fear can be known, but if it is vague, without a clear source, this will not be the flower to be taken. For this there are others, as we have seen Aspen, or soon we will see Rock Rose.

It is also a good remedy for people with a tendency to nervousness, who are shy and reserved. With this remedy they will bring to light their courage and strength.


Sometimes we feel sad and we are unable to find an apparent reason. It is a feeling of depression that appears suddenly without a specific reason. In this case, within the Bach flowers, it is recommended to take Mustard.

It is relatively common for these types of sad people to make lists of everything in their life and that should make them feel alive, happy and full. However, no matter how conscious they are, they cannot see another horizon that is not black, hopeless.

With this remedy you can dispel that darkness and make the future look much brighter. It also brings a lot of peace to your life, and you get a state of joy and exceptional serenity.


We continue to know all the Bach flowers, and now we focus on Oak. In this case, we find a recommended remedy for people who never give up in the face of adversity . So, it's easy to ask yourself that, if someone has a strong and stable profile, why do they need help? Because their noble and gentle spirit leads them to help and work to exhaustion, and they may feel some frustration if they get too exhausted.

Being people with a lot of mental strength, people tend to rely on them. This is a good thing that makes them proud, but it also causes them to carry more weight than they can sometimes, the logical frustration coming to appear.

Therefore, because they are also somewhat stubborn and overly determined, the Oak people need common sense and eventual rest. That way they will always remain strong in the face of adversity and will not fall apart if there is a lot of pressure.


Let's now look at another of Bach's flowers, and we refer to Olive, which is used for physical, emotional or mental fatigue . It doesn't matter if the person is more or less strong, we all have our moments of weakness.

It may be that someone has suffered a long illness and is convalescent. It is also possible that the workload may exceed, or even that during a time of various exams or sufferings it seems that we will faint from excessive efforts .

No doubt, we all need a restorative at some point . But this is not the same as another Bach flower that we have already mentioned, Hornbeam, which is used for tired people before even making the effort. This is to confer forces upon exhaustion, to restore sensations and faith to move forward.


There are many people who spend their lives blaming themselves for a mistake and are not able to forgive it and leave the past behind. For all these individuals it is advisable to try this Bach flower, called Pine.

It may also be the case that someone usually feels guilty or responsible for other people's mistakes. Given this situation, this floral remedy is also recommended.

Once this remedy is started, the person will begin to recognize their mistakes, but will not stop at them. He will assume them, learn from them, apologize and move on without repeating them.

The Pine people assume their responsibilities and bear the burdens well, even from others if that will be useful. But he will understand that it is a help, not the responsible one, so he will behave humbly, with perseverance and common sense.

Red chesnut

Let's see another one of the many Bach Flowers. We are currently focusing on Red Chesnut, especially indicated for people who are afraid of the welfare of others . Does it sound strange to you? Actually, it is not so much, since many people feel fear when someone close is out.

To see it more clearly, it is important to know examples. It would be the case of the mother who cares when her children are away, or the husband who does not sleep well if his wife has left alone, to speak of a couple of quite typical situations.

It is true that these concerns are perfectly normal. However, many people take them to the extreme, and that's when they become a serious problem. If the situation is exaggerated, the individual who feels this fear loses his own security and undermines his self-confidence.

The remedy is very simple, since this Bach floral remedy will help calm him, provoke more positive thoughts and offer him the security he needs. A perfect way to reduce your high concern.

Rock rose

We will learn more about Dr. Bach's floral remedies for the various conditions that individuals may suffer. Now we focus on Rock Rose, which, in addition, is included in the crisis formula of this German doctor who serves for emergency situations, as we will see later.

This flower serves to offer the person who takes the most courage. In addition, it also provides calm, so that it is able to recover and regain its value and forget about the fears that bind you and prevent you from developing properly.

The fears that are treated with this Bach flower are similar to those suffered by Mimulus people or Red Chesnut individuals. However, in these cases they become pure terror, an incomprehensible panic that prevents them from reacting and even making the simplest decision.

Rock water

Now we continue to know Bach flowers focusing our attention on Rock Water. This natural remedy is especially suitable for people who judge themselves with extreme severity . That is, his way of being is very strict, to the point of being deeply inflexible.

Rock Water people commonly set themselves excessively high ideals, to the point of being absolutely selfless. Their life is pure sacrifice for a model of behavior that they consider correct and healthy. They are treated with an iron hand.

However, it is true that these people do not interfere or try to dominate anyone. They go their way, and care so much about their own perfection that they are not interested in anyone but them.

However, in almost all occasions, these high ideals cause unhappiness, since they cannot be achieved. These excesses and that way of being so inflexible make them miserable and too hard on themselves.


We go now with another of the Bach flowers that you have to use for certain problems, and this is called scleranthus. In this case it is especially indicated according to the famous German doctor for undecided patients who are not able to select between two or more options .

The person who is not able to decide, usually suffers a lot, and is something that happens to the minor elections even, not to mention the major and especially serious. The more weight the decision implies, the worse it will happen.

This uncertainty ends up becoming chronic and manifests itself in various ways. Moods become oscillating, almost like a depression or the attitude of a child, which passes from joy to sadness in a short time. They can also show signs of apathy, pessimism, crying, etc. They could even get dizzy on trips in different vehicles.

With these indicators, it is clear that the person is Scleranthus. Alternative therapy with Bach flowers can be very helpful.

Star of Bethelem

We continue to know Bach's flowers and now focus on one of those belonging to the famous doctor's crisis formula. Normally, it applies to people who have suffered a shock or some kind of shock, both physical and psychological. That is, it is indicated for those who have experienced bad news, or who have had an accident. The fact is that they have gone through a big scare or something unexpected and unpleasant.

This Bach flower called Star of Bethlehem is useful even for treating people who suffered shocks or traumas of children .

In addition, it is used in those people who suffer from a feeling of emptiness and are not able to get rid of the loss of a loved one, either because of their death or because they have gone away. Es una flor que act a como reconfortante para que encuentren consuelo en su dolor ante las adversas circunstancias.

Sweet Chesnut

Vamos ahora con otra de las flores de Bach con excelentes efectos terap uticos. Hablamos de Sweet Chesnut, especialmente indicada para personas que han alcanzado su l mite y ya no resisten m s .

A veces, una persona ha explorado todo y piensa que no hay soluci n posible. Todo son dificultades y por m s que lo intenta, no encuentra posibilidad de salida. En ese momento, su mundo se torna en vac oy en desolaci n .

La persona en estado Sweet Chesnut no es capaz de encontrar posibles caminos para seguir. Son seres que consideran que han llegado al final del trayecto, por lo que ya nada tiene sentido. Su sensaci n de desesperaci n es muy amplia.

Ante tal desesperanza, es necesario que estas personas recuperen su fortaleza, y ah es donde entra en juego esta flor de Bach. As podr encontrar una soluci na la desesperanza que atora su coraz ny su mente.


Entramos ya de lleno en las ltimas flores de Bach que nos quedan por repasar en esta gran entrada con toda la informaci n que necesitas conocer. En este caso, nos centramos en Vervain, especialmente indicada para personas con una mente excesivamente activa y perfeccionista .

Ser perfeccionista y tener gran energ a mental y sentido de la justicia no parece algo negativo a priori. Sin embargo, pese al gran entusiasmo que demuestran, que puede ser positivamente contagioso, podr a acabar por tornarse en un problema si se lleva al exceso . Es cierto que invierten mucha energ a en aquello en que creen, pero si se pasan de frenada, acaban por convertirse en fan ticos.

Las personas Vervain tienen serios problemas para desconectarse, y ello genera una cantidad de estr s enorme. Por eso necesitan tomarse un respiro ocasional, y con esta flor de Bach, lo pueden conseguir, orientando adecuadamente su energ ay conocimientos.


Y ahora, vamos con otra de las flores de Bach, esta llamada Vine. En este caso, el doctor la indic para personas que se conocen muy bien as mismas, son muy seguras, y ello podr a llevarlas a querer dominar a los dem s .

Este tipo de gente se suele asociar a padres excesivamente tiranos y jefes con demasiada necesidad de que todo se haga justo tal y como ellos desean. No escuchan y creen llevar siempre la raz ny saben qu es lo mejor para los dem s.

Una persona Vine espera total obediencia de los dem s. Buscan la disciplina total y que todo sea cumplido letra por letra tal como lo ordenan. Adem s, tratan de hacer a los dem s que piensen como ellos, creyendo que es la nica forma correcta.

Sin embargo, esta gente se puede convertir en gu a amable y sabio si se calma y es tratada con la flor de Bach de Vine. En ese caso, la fuerza se convierte en cari oy amor.


Contin a este extenso caminar por las flores de Bach y aterrizamos ahora en Walnut. Este remedio floral recetado por el doctor alem n est especialmente indicado para que las personas se defiendan de los efectos de las influencias externas . Son gente que cumple con su propósito en la vida, pero que podría dudar de su verdadero camino bajo ciertas opiniones, teorías o circunstancias.

La persona Walnut no es alguien que busque conscientemente la opinión de otras personas. Sin embargo, sí que puede ser influenciable ante cierta presión externa incluso a sabiendas de ello. Se pueden ver afectados por más que les pese.

Este tipo de flor es muy útil ante el cambio y la transición humana . Durante la dentición, la pubertad, el matrimonio, el retiro o cualquier otra circunstancia clave, sirve para liberar las ataduras y los vínculos pasados para continuar adelante sin sufrimientos excesivos que vengan de fuera.

Water Violet

Continuamos ya con las últimas de las flores de Bach que nos quedan por analizar. Como hemos visto, este buen doctor pensó en muchos problemas, especialmente psicológicos. En este caso, con Water Violet, diagnosticó a aquellas personas de gran talento y seguridad, pero que les lleva de forma mal entendida a ser excesivamente despectivos y orgullosos hacia los demás .

Las consideradas como personas Water Violet son seres reservados y muy dignos . Sin embargo, en muchas ocasiones prefieren la soledad incluso antes que estar con buenos amigos. Son discretas, pero mantienen tanto las distancias que llegan a pasar apuros por su falta de accesibilidad.

Son seres naturalmente reservados que tienen serios problemas para romper barreras. Por ello sus dificultades para comunicarse les hace sentirse solos. Así pues, esta es la flor perfecta para equilibrar su poderosa personalidad.

White Chesnut

Esta nueva flor de Bach es White Chesnut. En este caso nos encargamos de comentar un remedio floral ideal para personas que tienen sueños y pensamientos indeseados, pero no pueden luchar contra ellos.

Muchas personas entran en discusiones mentales que se dan en su propio cerebro. Sin embargo, esta especie de guerra hace que no se centren en otros asuntos, a veces bastante importantes.

Hablamos de personas White Chesnut cuyos pensamientos repetitivos no llevan a nada . Siempre dan vueltas a la cabeza como una especie de disco rayado sin salida. Por eso, para que controlen sus pensamientos, esta es la mejor de las muchas flores de Bach para evitar que sufran y vuelvan a discurrir con raciocinio y calma.

Wild Oat

Veamos ahora otra de las flores de Bach, en este caso, llamada Wild Oat. Este remedio floral es muy útil para aquellas personas con gran talento, pero se encuentran perdidas. Es decir, saben que pueden conseguir algo valioso, son conscientes de que pueden hacerlo, pero no tienen idea de cómo lograrlo.

Podríamos decir que las personas Wild Oat no son capaces de encontrar su verdadero destino . Así pues, acaban por ir tumbo a tumbo, pasando por diversas ocupaciones, sin dar nunca con la que realmente sueñan.

Evidentemente, una situación así puede acabar en cuadros depresivos y de profunda frustración. Es decir, que necesitan un pequeño empujoncito para no caer en situaciones de tristeza e indefensión. Por eso Wild Oat les ayuda a dar con su vocación verdadera y les conecta con su vida real para mostrarles el camino a seguir de forma clara y diáfana.

Wild Rose

Vamos a centrar ahora nuestro interés en la penúltima de las flores de Bach, Wild Rose. Y es que ya llegamos al final de nuestro repaso por todos los remedios florares del Dr. Bach.

En este caso, Wild Rose se recomienda para personas que aceptan cuanto les pasa en la vida, pero no luchan por realizarse . Es decir, se han acomodado y han decidido dar la espalda a sus sueños.

Las personas resignadas a su destino que ya ni se quejan, necesitan un pequeño empujón. Parecen desdichadas, casi como si sufrieran indefensión aprendida . Es más, incluso pueden parecer felices con su situación, pero realmente no lo son.

Con este remedio floral, este tipo de personas pueden recuperar la emoción por la vida. Así, volverán a ser vivaces, felices y plenos, abandonando su apatía habitual y sustituyéndola por gozo y alegría.


Vamos ya con la última de las Flores de Bach, que tiene por nombre Willow. Igual conoces el film del mismo título, pero en este caso, la referencia es hacia un remedio floral destinado a personas resentidas . A veces, perdemos tanto el control de nuestra vida que acabamos con un sentimiento de amargura hacia cuanto nos rodea muy fuerte.

Aquellas personas que sienten envidia insana de los éxitos de los demás, necesitan tomar Willow. Si las alegrías de otras personas son un sufrimiento para ti, está claro que algo no anda bien en tu vida.

La persona Willow en estado negativo se queja por todo, es un paciente difícil y se siente molesto por todo. Este remedio, similar a Holly, se centra en el resentimiento y la autocompasión, mientras que el otro mencionado lo hace en el odio.

Gracias al remedio floral Willow, el Dr. Bach logró que las personas retomaran su fe y se volvieran más generosas y menos envidiosas.

Fórmula de crisis

Para finalizar, es importante hablar de la fórmula de crisis que formuló el Dr. Bach. Esta incluye una mezcla que cinco remedios florales, que son Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem y Clematis .

Gracias a esta sofisticada combinación se pueden hacer frente a situaciones de extrema gravedad en momentos de emergencia . Cuando no hay tiempo para un diagnóstico, esta fórmula calmará la crisis mientras se piensa la mejor forma de actuar.

Este es un remedio de rescate para solventar problemas inmediatos. Luego, una vez la persona está estabilizada, se podrá personalizar un tratamiento.

Además, esta misma fórmula fue mejorada por la aprendiz del Dr. Bach, Nora Weeks, añadiendo Crab Apple y diseñándola en versión crema.

Igualmente, se pueden realizar otras mezclas para distintas afecciones variadas. Por ejemplo, para luchar contra el insomnio a través de remedios que incluyen Aspen, Agrimony, Red Chesnut, Vervain y Mimulus .

No obstante, recuerda que la mejor forma de hacer un tratamiento acertado con las Flores de Bach es por medio de un diagnóstico individualizado y personal.

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