Message of the Archangel Michael: The evolution of the soul

  • 2019

You must increase the love and light towards the Creation: nature, humanity, animals, enemies and towards yourself. You are part of the Creator; expand the God-consciousness, the auric field and the light you radiate, it will be so powerful that it will have positive effects on those around you.

Watch what happens around you. Do not turn your back on everyday events, but face them with emotional and mental discipline. Vibrate with harmonious frequency patterns.
Logic is a function of the mental physical body and its intellect . With knowledge you get wisdom, but inspiration is provided by the higher self or your sacred mind. Pay attention to your impulses, you will communicate better with other beings and you will acquire wisdom.

In principle, communication with spiritual guides was fluid ; over time this gift was lost, because humanity was attracted to the material; He abandoned the connection with the higher realms of consciousness, getting used to living between the third and fourth dimensions. The ego is an aspect of the physical personality that develops a sense of identity and individuality; when it is excessive, it creates a reality based on fear, selfishness and scarcity.

Humanity is awakening the soul . As they move towards higher levels of the fourth dimension and lower levels of the fifth, their cells, the etheric body and auric field begin to purify themselves; recovering the light, obtaining more confidence and security. The soul is an extension of your Being, God or I AM Presence . Handles the intuitive awareness of the brain connected to the sacred mind and spiritual will. Focus on the inner; open yourself to subtle senses that were numb. Let yourself be carried away by intuition and divine wisdom .

Your God or I AM Presence is your first individual identity . Your soul is divided into twelve rays of God-consciousness; Recover your divine being, activate these rays and use them to do good.

How does the soul evolve?

* The Soul is an extension of your Being . It is not spirit or matter, it is light. Reside in your sacred heart.

* You were programmed to look for that sacred heart, your divine cell.

There are advanced beings who incarnated, contributing ideas and instilling in you new qualities and attributes . They inserted their wisdom, conscience and even physically merged with selected members of the human species, to expand the DNA codifications of humanity. In the Fourth Dimension you free yourself from all conditioning of the past. To master it you must be sensitive in nature.

The ego and personality dominate man, he seeks satisfaction and happiness in the external. Focus your thoughts towards higher levels of the fourth dimension, harness your inner power and you will know what you want.

Live the present, the NOW . When you move away from the brain domain, part of the past memory disappears. The ability to observe and ingenuity of thoughts, words and deeds arises. On the Path to the light, they reveal truths. Keep open the communication channel between the soul and the brain through the mind . This reactivates the pineal gland and opens the portal to the sacred mind. Increasing vibration patterns.

With the fifth-dimensional vibrational patterns, the cells, the etheric body and the auric field begin to purify . You acquire spiritual power and wisdom. You manage to calm down. With the sixth dimension you gain immortality and soul awareness. In the seventh dimension you evolve completely. The first sub-level of the eighth dimension is the portal of infinity, where divine light flows to your auric field and soul.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Ronna

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